While Mmhm.’ passes the time well enough. and has some sweet melodies to choose from. the Venue are not exactly pushing the b0undaries.

(Doug Johnstonel


JULIET ROBERTS Beneath The Surface (Dune) COO

Juliet Roberts will be familiar to followers of artists such as Courtney Pine and Jazz Jamaica. The jazz scene is over- populated by female singers in the standards- oriented Diana Krall mode. but Roberts takes a very different tack. She has more of a soul and pop-influenced approach to jazz singing. and choses to explore a fairly diverse range of material on what is her first solo album.

Roberts is accompanied by a piano trio and a long list of guests. including the aforesaid COurtney Pine on one track. and many other luminaries of the current London scene. An accomplished and enjoyable debut.

(Kenny Mathieson)



Music and Movement 2 (Mumo) O...

Following the huge success of Japanese jazz aficionado Nik Weston's compilation for Jazz FM's Climate label. now known as Mumo. broadcaster Mike Chadwick pulls together more divergent strands of sow. jazz. Latin and broken beat.

It's another fine package containing some very niiice jazz moments. but the real Winners here are those aimed at the dancefloor. Tokyo's UFO conjure up a phenomenal piece of Latino drum & bass. while New York's Osunlade flawlessly marn/ Latin rhythms to house. Credit should also be paid to Ouant

and Wai Wan. West London's Neon Phusion. and Manchester's Sasso and Mettle MUSIC. while Frederic Galliano and Agent K (aka Kaidi Tathaml also straddle the years with class. (Andrew Richardsonl


Afternoon Tales the Morning Never Knew (Arena Rockl O...

Ah. The moody New York based Singer songwriter a muSical type that is virtually synonymous with the word ‘twat'. White college kids from the mid-West usually arrive in the big City with dreams of being Greenwich Village troubadOLirs and getting nice studio apartments. Dan Katz is different. There's an almost British modesty to his lyrical and melodic simplicity married to an understanding that you are better tempting peOple into yOLir acetistic world rather than railing at them with your chest bared. The gothic romance of ‘Empty Boat' is the first track to make yOu realise that the wanky album title is an abberation and the Birdwatcher has in fact got a popular take on the freguently dour world of US country rock. (Tim Abrahamsi

COUNTRY NEKO CASE Blacklisted (Matador) COO

Damn. I wish I had a cool name like Neko Case. This is the sultry American country Singer's third album. and a strange thing happens when you listen to it. Initially it sounds like a slightly

corny. slightly cliched piece of grand ol' opry. but gradually. osmotically. the darkness underneath the veneer seeps into your sow. A neat little trick.

When the songs are at their slowest. and arrangements at their most ragged. things work best. such as the understated twang of ‘Tightly'. the weepy torch song vibe of ‘Look for Me' or the gentle. confused. porch- swinging finale. 'Ghost Wiring'.

(Deug Johnstonel

HIP HOP VARIOUS Extra Yard mixed by DJ Excalibah (Big Dadal 000

Extra Yard is not just another compilation. it comes with a manifesto on the convoluted language of music genre.

As manifestos are want to do. instead of clearing things up it throws further contusion into the pot by announCing the arrival of bouncement. a broad riff on hip hop owned exclusively by Britain's freshest black artists including Roots Manuva. Ty and Gamma.

Made up of completely new tracks and mixed by DJ Excalibah of BBC's tExtra fame. Extra Yard contains several fine examples of the genre. none better than Ty's thumping ‘Killer Apps'. Expect pounceinent to be the next byword in cool for those in the know. (Kaleem Aftabl

ROCK POP VARIOUS Gordon Raphael presents: Top Hits Volume 1

(More Protein) 0.

After 'discovering' the Strokes and tWiddling the knobs on /s This It. New York producer Gordon Raphael corrals Boy George's More Protein label into showcasing nine bands


r " f {’9‘ '1’. e ' m - .1 W. fa... ,, 3 .

53w 3

new album 28/10/02



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distributed by Vital

available from: onc up (.tlicrtlccn) avalanclic and voila music (Cilinliurglt)

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