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politica? on":>anassniont than national horoos. lbstoad. ()f§(?£tl'~‘.‘.’llilillit) filii‘iitakor .Jan iKo/vai Syorak takes his cue from Pearl Harbor and concentrates on the rather unn‘oinorablo ron‘anco. iColunibia l‘istar VHS rontal: DVD rotaili iMilos; l-ioldoi'i



(PG) 178min See full review next issue

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()ii iiaiioi tliis. Deep South 'irzii";i Hoii'wfs; lkr: ‘IV l"(,-,"f: o" tt‘r; nook ’i")‘$‘i. fti‘ Afrwan [\i'l‘f:'l’.21" .'.I','i‘aii tal's, ll‘i

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120 THE LIST "

who is; not only a racist but as a death rov-r prison guard o\./orsa\.'-./ tho oxooution of her husband. Yot Hallo Berry and Billy Bob Thornton are utterly (:oiivrncing as tho unlikon lovers.

'l hointon once again proves to ho a n‘osn‘orising screen. presence. acting with tho n‘antra that loss is more. And thankfully Berry follo'.'.i's suit iand subsoguontly \xront down in history as; tho first black actress; to win an Oscar i. Moanx'xhilo. ‘.'.‘l'lt(‘:l'~(ill'OCIDT Mari: Forster undoi‘iilays tho itiotontially ()l‘i’ inoodrania and Et‘.’()l(lf3 s;ii“i>iisti(‘ black and '.-.rnito :;‘iiar'a<:torisations. 'E‘littfl’iétlf‘ll‘Oll’. VHS rental; DVD rental and retail iMilos; Holdori


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The DVD t‘.'.'o disc sot (:on‘pris; as; six hours; of n‘atorial including a ‘oatiiro 'ongth cori‘n‘ontaiy fron‘ God. l rroan George lucas. as; .'.’f;-'|(if;(1()(thll‘(3lli£i!‘lf}fs and eight new scenes. the VHS il‘(:|li(f()53 f;()ll‘.() of the nor; scenes; and a dooun‘o'itary hosted by C BRO and R? D? that explains; tin baby talk?i bow ali tho fllll‘f; fit together. it six VHS and DVD rotail. ~Milos; l :oldori

IJl INA/1. TAPE (15) 86min 0..

.loi‘ Salter lRobort Sean l o/inardi hooks up ‘.'./liil his; vaguely iis;j,/';hoi;attii<; best friend VIP-(1:4 tnaii llawkoiina Michigan iivitoi room. they ‘.'/|ll(i each other up about an old girlfrioiid. Any Randall 'lJiiia it‘ittl’ll'étl‘ii, and then she 'lriii‘is) by. '.'.’lIfl a tow

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startling allegations. Innovator Richard l inklator follows up his Hair Boar Bunch cartoondissertation l"/aking Life mth this disappointing sub-Sam Shepherd drama. shot ()l‘ digital video and adapted fron‘ a play by Stonhon Belbor. It gets fairly {IT{BS()H‘O. but tho performances are great ai‘d l inklater at least gots to 'no out some of his Fassbinder obsessions. iHub VHS rental: DVD rental and retaili iPaul Daloi


(U) 74min 0000

' Biggest 8m in Adventure LITTLE a

Hands; up. who forgot to send round the memo? You knox'r. tho one that reminds cast and crew of tho rule that soguols inust Eli‘.‘.’£t\,’53. Etl‘.’.’£t\/S. always be bale imitations; of tho originals.

Well. good on you. u-rhoovor you are.

h x:aus;o this second tale of tho inouso who takes; his; place in tho {)rllttétr“y/~(I()|()tll'(}(i family home of Coona Dawes and Hugh laurio is every bit as; onioyablo as tho first. Put together V/ith a light touch. novor too knowng. never too schinalt/y. it's; as; (:lovorly plottod as it is brilliantly animated.

And how (:lovor must a film he to make you care so much for a scrawny. t‘.'/o inoh rodent? iColuinbia iristar VHS and DVD rontali lMark l ishori


Channel 4, starts Thu 31 Oct, 11.40pm CO.

There's something abOut The Comedy Lab that makes the whole programme feel like a trailer for something bigger. Under the Lab umbrella falls an unrelated series of comedy sketch shows. i)seudo-dOCumentaries and post—modern pasticnes. The first instaln‘ent. 'Shoreditch Twat". rips the arse Out of modern yoof culture. gives DJs a good pasting and takes down self-obsessed fashionable types with its droll Wit. It's charmingly amateurish but limited In its purely observational direction. The second slice of comedy comes from dOuble act Cram and Meeten. Their "Matthew and Tone' half-hour depicts the friendship of two gormloss West Ceiintrv seiil mates. It's all rather Stan and Ollie- osgue but Without the laughs. Save from some

clever editing. it’s unoriginal. self-indulgent and silly.

As this Channel 4 series acted as the launching platform for

Peter Kay and Dom Joly.

the segments are somewhat hit and miss. Ultimately it's akin tO eating popcorn for a main meal: tasty yet insubstantial.

(Maureen Ellis)


Great. loads of revelations about the Goldie years. ecstasy. swan dresses and bonkers behaviour in Cannes. all honed from the clippings Liquid News couldn't use. Surprise Surprise - folks Channel 5 seems to have finally got its act together in terms of the documentaries it programmes. InSide B/Ofk IS a genuinely arresting look at the creative life of the pop world's one genuine innovator.

With intelligent soundbites from John Tavernier. Beck. Thom Yorke. 808 State's Graham Massey and. most Surprisingly. Sir Elton John. this is a lot more than an MTV sponsored hagiography.

A claSSically-trained musiCian. Biork emerged from Iceland's punk and avant garde movements

Big time sensuality: C5 gets its act together

courtesy of her excellent band the Sugarcubes. and this programme follows the passage of her work from screaming harlot to orchestrater and wide eyed pantheistic composer. You are left in little doubt that she is one of the few communicators between ‘outsider' art and popular musc. (Paul Dalei

DOCUMENTARY YOUNG NAZI AND PROUD Channel 4, Mon 4 Nov, 9pm 00.

Let's not beat around the bush here Nazis make great teleVision. Something about their irrational hatred. their blind bigotry and their idiotic fear makes for compelling viewing. The good thing about this skilful documentary is that it absolutely does not glamorise any facet of the lives of the extremists it portrays. and in fact shows them up for the immature. small-minded little twats that they are.

The focus of the programme is Mark Collett. a 21 -year-old university graduate and right-wing activist who runs the Young British National Party. Although seemingly articulate and intelligent to begin with in front of the cameras. gradually through surreptitious covert filming Collett's true colours are exposed. As he pontificates his ugly theories on Hitler. AIDS. immigration and all the other usual right-wing subiects. his previous media-friendly persona crumbles and the nasty. stupid wee shit that he really is comes shining through. Nothing to be proud of.

(Doug Johnstonei


Channel 4, Thu 7 Nov, 9pm .00

Sorry. I dozed off at the back for a bit is hist0ry still the new rock'n'roll’? I know it was comedy for a bit. then golf. football. cooking. gardening and kids telly presenting. but is it still history? Funny, cos I can remember hist0ry sucking at school

Anyway. if it is still the