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Initially. the format appears farnrlrar enough. in hounds young master Oliver to y-rhrp up "a little cheese on toast'. ‘\.".r’.'tere‘s the old cheddar"? he asks of no one in particular. But sornethrng's arnrss. The iviarrnrte doesn't spread agreeably and he chucks the slice rnto the brr‘. muttering a 'fuckrng s'nrt' under his breath. .Jarnre soldiers on. toaster positioned sideways. but rt all goes a brt pear-shaped. ‘l'uckrng bollocks.‘ he says.

Steady on. rr‘ate. What's happened to our check, ct‘appre’? Well. the anxrety of expectant fatherhood. the backlash of ()‘.(}l‘-(}Xl)()f;lll'(} and the raison d'étre of thrs new show: taking to kids aln‘osI irterall'j. off the streets. turning then: rnto chefs and opening a new restaurant. It's Trading Places vneets Popstar's \.'.r:th a dash of P‘.'g”‘a/C’r(>r‘ titr'r1'.'.'rt r".

‘If they're all doughnuts. | hater"! got a chance] he confesses. And to Judge front the parade of chancers who shox'x up for the frrst tryout. odds aren't in Oliver's fa‘rxour. The freduently bemused lock on hrs face as he attempts to turn “rookies rnto professronals' f(>"eslra<l()'.'.'s a potential rnid-lrfe breakdox'xn before thrs series ends.

He's after passion and they’re listing fa\.'()urrte foods sucn as scarnpr. spag-bol. and mashed potatoes. He seeks 'rnner rnstrrrctrx'eness'. He gets one short listed candrdate '.'.rho rnanages to top the asparagus and tlrrox'.’ a‘.'.'a‘, the tips. Another is askeo rs she's ever cooked fzsh before. 'I arrt't.' she plur'ts. Oh dear.

While it's not exactly Pennebaker. the cinema ‘.(}."ri€‘: rs fff?f§l§i"(?fl tr. expose our naked chef 'nore tltar‘. ever. I‘. cant be pleasant bong skex'rer'ed on a live Xfrn r‘ad:o broadcast. under no: tarnps ‘.'.’!'.ii carner'as rolling as ‘-.'.re|l. But there rs a disconcerting brt of noblesse oblige to our star. too. 'l'rn offer ".g to do thern a faxour. {.o.r knox'.’ n'xhat l rnean’f he pleads. Haxe a good garider at the faces of those who farl the rnztral audition. rece‘; ng s gr‘ed recipe books for their troubles: these teens -- nonz'ex'er‘ .irtgrateful are already. no strangers to <iasapr)orntrnent. By comparison. Oliver's life rs a skoosh. lBéii'i“, Shelby.


mono is an exciting new project opening in the old ‘cantina del rey’ premises in Kings Court, Glasgow on Friday 1 November 2002 and promises to bring something very new to Glasgow that will allow you to relax as in a cafe, socialise as in a bar and dine as in a restaurant. You will also shortly be able to browse in the specialist record shop or pick up some last minute organic calvados, shoyu, or Fair Trade coffee from the specialist store. Reviving an old Scottish pub tradition. there will also be a free lending library operated on trust.

The menu covers a wide range of international Vegetarian cuisine designed to suit all tastes, whether omni or herbivore! Food is available from 11am for breakfast through lunch, tea~time, dinner and late supper (last food orders at 11.15pm (12.15pm Fri/Sat). Children are welcome in the restaurant area, most of which is non—smoking, and have their own menu as well as being able to have smaller portions off the main menu.

The bar has a really interesting range of drinks on offer, many being organic. You will find some famous brands amongst an array of drinks rare in the Glasgow bar scene. mono has also teamed up with Heather Ale, brewers of ‘Fraoch’, to produce a couple of delicious in—house beers as well as two botanical soft drinks to complement the nice selection of unusual soft drinks behind the bar.

To help you to discover mono for yourself why not take advantage of this generous offer . . . take along the voucher during November 2002 and your food bill will be halved. Valid for an individual or group of up to 6 people.

This voucher entitles you to 50% off your total food bill at mono for November 2002.

mono King’s Court King Street Glasgow '

General opening times are 11am to

midnight though you will be able to ‘dine and drink’ until 1am Friday and Saturday (Sundays open 12.30pm).


Terms & Conditions: Offer valid for one to six people on food bill only. Offer excludes alcohol.

0U 0" “DEDWW‘” There is no cash alternative.


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