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RESTAURANT DESIGN SOUTHBANK Graven Images Ltd is no newcomer to bar and restaurant design. haying made a splash with Tun Ton. halsa and a few others that are actually still trading. Seuthbank. owned by Alex Knight. at Glasgow's Eastwood Toll is the latest one added to the Graven Images portfolio. Style-conscious but still comfortahle thanks to neutral tones. this bank conversion has room for 80 covers across two levels and includes a small pri rate room as well as a cosy kiddie-play /one. Skylights and high ceilings dominate the rear (lining space. while the principal art work food photography hand-painted in China was sourced by Knight himself. iBarr‘, Shelby.

I Southbank. 2 Mains Avenue. G/asgow. 074 7 62/ 2288.

LAST GOOD MEAL Actor ALLISON MCKENZIE plays Joanne Rossi in BBC Scotland’s soap/drama River City.

Where did you eat your last decent dinner? Strata on Queen Street. Glasgow. The foods great - all freshly prepared by the chef -- the SOWICO is excellent and the layout is very comfortable.

What are your favourite bars and restaurants in Scotland? Arta. Bargo. Espionage. Baha/a. Strata. Mao and the Corinthian.

Why them? creates a mood which attracts a good crowd. Location is essential. I don't like to travel far. Livmg in the Merchant City. I'm spoilt for choice.

Where would you prefer to go if someone else was picking up the bill? Any of the above or mayhe somewhere I've not yet tried out. I i.'./ouldn't leave

t's a mixture: amhience is important; it

them with a huge hill and have them \.~./ashrng the dishes!

Finally, where you would like to go for your last supper if tomorrow was your final day on earth? Vama. It's on the King's Road in London. It's the most beautiful restaurant . . . sorry it's not in Scotland. IBélI’I", Shelhyi

I River City is every Iue and The at 8pm on BBC l. f— l i I l K 5 t t 5 1 _.__. __J k x-


man Sit/Ell MUN-10pm e mm 827 lliUlllii/lililillitilll [BIB BUY A 2 pm SIII "I a an A fair; nuunMirsAl - = r. HIIIIIEIIIA IEIBHENE PS 57mm .: 7 NIB—ms 52040733 tel.0l4l334 9682

3 course xmas dinner with coffee £21.95

3 course xmas lunch with coffee £18.95

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87 Kil'marnclrlta‘éumii)” 649 I355 Argyle Street. KBIYIHEFOVE- Glasgow G3 8A0 WWWBBHJNH] opposne Kelvmgrove Art Gallery

124 THE LIST in ()ct tr‘. Nov 2002