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Hahitat's dooision to ll‘()\."(} out to tho (:ity (:ontro poriphorios nioans that. liko IKEA's sprawling Braohoad and Loanhoad sitos. it's suits only (:ar-ox'xnors. Back in ton-3n. Pior and lntornationalo aro good for accossorios. hut thot 'ro not kit-your— ontiro-homo-out ossontial. Thank goodness for BoCon<:opt. Tho Danish homo interior design company is tho Sollridgos of tho homo world: it's Wide- ranging. varying in affordability. and unhoatahlo in dosign. And it’s chosen Glasgow to houso its first Scottish storo.

Looatod on tho ground floor of Prinoos Sguaro. tho 9.000“ so storo xvill ho mado up of a serios of stylod studio sots. Thoso :llustrato tho

Great Danish design

company's rolianoo on modular furniture and holp you tisualiso tho difforont spacos and options €1‘.’Etll£ti)l(3 through tho four aroas of tho homo trying, dining. \.'.'orking and slooping.

lts tradoihark FllflllSil Pro studio allox'xs oustonzors tho (:hanoo to sit l)£l()k‘.'.’llil{1(Ztlt)l)ét and tho (:oniputor-l)asod intorior dosign progran‘ to (:roato lll(ll‘.’l(ltl£t|lS(}(l lwing spaoos.

It all this seems too good to ho truo. one look at tho cataloguo will ho onough to (:ontinoo sceptics that BoConoopt is as good as stylish (IO'liOll‘pOl'Etl‘, non‘o furnishing gots. \"Vhilo its designs and idoas n‘ax. ho frosh and original. tho (:on‘pany oridos itsoit' on (:on‘n‘itmont to (ltiéllll‘, ahoxo all olso. So forgot tnoso solf—assomhly hoalth ha/ard ‘.'.'ardro'oos.

Tho Glasgo'.'x storo t'xill no ono of t it) outlots l'l 1%) oountrios. and tno brand ‘.'./as introduood to tho Glasg<>‘~.'.' l)Ui)|i(I through its sponsorship of tho Arno .Jaoohson oxhihition at tho Lighthouso l)l'()‘.’|ll{} that for (l()ll‘(353il(; dosign. you can't boat a groat Dano. iMauroon Ellisi I BoCom:opf oporrs on F"! l x\"o‘./ Ill Pr/noos Sguaro. But;/>a/r.'1n Stroot. Giasgott’. 0747 204

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STYll l ll F TWISTED GENERATION Crossing the T‘s

If Twisted Generation’s new T-shirts aren’t adorning the bodies of RI:SE presenters before the end of the year, then I’ll eat my TV licence. That’s in no way to demean the new collection from the Glasgow entrepreneurs, merely to illustrate just how fab the designs are. Twisted Generation made its mark on the T-shirt landscape through brightly-designed, clever, yet simple styles. The company owners, Austin Rattray and David Gilmore, have taken that mantra one step further. Designer Gilmore takes inspiration from architectural drawings, music and street art, then harnesses these ideas through simple lines and 3D shapes to bring T-shirts to life. ‘Our T-shirts depict the stuff that everyone sees everyday but never really thinks about. For me these things have a hidden curiosity, a story to tell. What are they made of? Who made them?’ says Gilmore. At £40 a pop for the customised lines, they’re not cheap, but if this is indeed the future of the T- shirt, then you could be investing in a little bit of history. (Maureen Ellis) I {)o'Cour't;oi,/os, 7') 2/ ()Io:;'.'/o// / (Hit), Glasgow, OH I (313’!) USN-iii, or ‘.‘,/‘.'.i".'./,f'.‘./i'f{?t)(Kflfi’l(?/t'1l/()Il.tIt)Ill

126 THE LIST ’, ,'


$99.04,. §P?n_d:_ $99? :3. r.

I THE MANTELPIECE of Tiso’s Glasgow store will be buckling under the weight of awards bestowed on the outlet. At the recent G0 Outdoors Retailer of the Year Awards in Harrowgate, the Tiso Glasgow Outdoor Experience took home the award for best retailer in the region, and also the award for Retailer of the Year overall. With the UK’s confirmed best outdoors retailer on your doorstep, you’ve no excuse for not popping in and making full use of our Winter Sports Guide. For a quick look at its range, go to

I REMEMBER THE days when a dress resembling a pair of curtains was a bad thing? Well no more. It's one of the stranger fashion statements paraded at this year's catwalk shows, but Paul Smith used a wallpaper design by Cole & Son in his autumn/winter Show. The 'Hummingbirds’ design was used on a feminine ballgown (pictured) because it reminded Smith of

aristocrats and homes in the country. Watch out for gingham-teamed— wuth-paisley patterns next season.

I WOULDN’T YOU know it - less than 1000 shopping hours left till Christmas. Time to start panic buying. Or not. If the idea of battling through the once-a- year shoppers fills you with festive dread, get on the web and request your Christmas catalogues. Habitat

and Boots have already released theirs, and there’s plenty more where that came from.

I HAVE YOU detoxed recently? And we don't mean a teddy diet. Charles Worthington has brought out a range of haircare products to put your tresses in rehab and put the life back in your looks.

OK. we sniff a marketing gimmick. but the product names and designs are rather groovy. 'Get Clean' with its detoxifying shampoo. ‘Get Fixed’ with the super-strong hairspray. ‘Get Messy‘ with the texturising paste or “Get Sleek‘ with the shimmer pomade. The range is available from Boots. priced 23.49.

I FIRST THERE WAS the wind-up mobile phone charger, now London-based company Nearplay Systems has launched the first recharge kiosk for mobile phones. You need never be caught short of the four-bar peak if these kiosks are introduced throughout the country. Apparently there are 45 million mobile phones in use around the UK so we imagine it should catch on.

I DID YOU KNOW. according to Marks and Sparks (the spiritual home of knickers) the high leg is the best-selling brief Shape, the g-string is the fastest growing. and the average woman buys five pairs of pants a year? Fancy that. And it's not just facts and figures that the company does well - it’s just teamed up with much-feted underwear designer Agent Provocateur to produce its Salon Rose lingerie collection.