I Learn Greek with fun. ('all Kick the (ireek on (llil or»? (il 36.

I New! Figurative and animal ceramics e\ening clam starting l4th .\‘o\'. Ill \seekx L")() inclusi\e. ('ontacl Ilelen or

Stisie. (ilttxgtm ('eramic Studio.

()Hl 55” SUN).

I Cello and piano tuition h} e\perienced. l'riendl}. prol'essional teacher and pertormer. (‘hildt‘en and adult beginners. re-learnerx and adxanced students all \selcome. (‘reati\ e. fun and supportix e learning. 'I‘el: (llfil SSI 45.”. I Private singing tuition. Imprm e )oltt' \‘ocal technique with experienced professional singer. Beginners \selcotttc. Tel: 014] 943 54M).

I Handmade greeting card workshops. Silk. paper. lahric. d) es. halik. Take home 2“

t‘itl‘LI\ lor £30. Starting .\'o\emher

Sunda_\s or exenings. I’hone l‘or details. 'I‘el: (H41 572 255].

Arabian Drums tuition I’rhate tuition and \sorkshops l'or oriental dancers and heginners. ('an supply tIl'lllltx. .'\\ailahle for performance also.

Tel: 0141 357 5122

I Learn to sing in a rela\ed. supporth e em ironment \\ ith an experienced \oice practitioner. (’urrentI} running group L'Iit\\c‘\ and indix idual tuition. .'\l| Iexels \ielcome.

'I‘el: lll3l (67 3702.

I Learn Italian for \Hit'lx or pleasure. lixix'rienced language teacher oll'ers indi\ idttal tuition in a rela\ed. eii_io_\ahle atmosphere. .'\Il IL‘\ L'I\ \\ elcome. Reasonable rates. 'I‘eI: (ll .il .ilfi 343i).

Mayfield Music! Piano/Kc}hoard/Violin/I‘iddle lessons. :\II \I} Ic‘\ :tlltl :tgc‘\ catered for? ’I‘heor} /Standard (irade and Higher t‘e\ ixinll. (luttlttc‘l Klein‘s llilid Ilotts \Itlsicl Tel: 0131 672 2834

I English as a I‘ot'eign language. Indixidual tuition

\\ ilh e\perienced teacher l‘or all le\els. Reasonable rates.

Tel: 014] 331 170] or

e-mail: gilli‘aew hotmailcom

Ways into creative writing lor personal grim th or a \\ ider audience. 'I'uition and constructh e l‘eedhack in person and h_\ mail. (‘omplete beginners especiall} \sclcotttc. Tel. 0131 623 5534 or writeyourself@ blueyonder.co.uk for information leaflet.

Piano tuition li\perienced professional pianist and teacher. 'I‘eachex piano at degree Ie\el l'or Iidinhurgh l'ni\ersit_\ I‘acult} ()l' .\lll\lL‘. 'I‘rained at Rt)}itl Northern ('ollege ()l' .\lll\lL'. Manchester. All Ie\cls. An} age from (i upwards. Beginners. adults and restarts all \selcome. Free coltsullalion lessons. lixcellent Yamaha grand piano. (’it) centre location on Hillside ('rescent. Free local parking. Peter Bream GRNCM Tel: 0131 556 8567

I Kung Fu classes. Sell \lc‘l‘c'llc‘c‘. lllllc‘\\. L‘tllllltlc‘ttc‘c‘. health. .\Iarco\ Leisure (‘enlre. Scottish Wing (’hun ()rganisalion. \\ \\ \\.\c‘0lll\ll\\ ingcltutt.cottt

4th le\el black sash instructor I’aul. Tel. ()7833 I44 905.

I Spanish lessons with qualified l'emale bilingual instructor l‘rom (‘osta Rica. :\II In cls. (’all Natalie ()7‘)47 27] 078. I Drawing Using The Right Side ()l'l‘he Brain. \Veelxend drau ing Ctttll‘xc‘ \\ ilh artist Jenn} Smith BA (lions) in Iidinhurgh 9 R It) November. All \selcome. particularl} beginners. Tel. 013] 554 199‘) or email jean} (0 jenn} \tttillt.ot‘g

The Reiki Centre (‘lasses in Reiki that oll‘er cornprehensix e teaching.

certilication. lull manual and lollou -up support. 'I‘reatnients also mailahle. For more information please call 0141 334 0582

Novel Writing - The Basics .r\ nine \seck online creative \\ riting course co\ ering the essential principles of nmel

“riting. .-\ll \s‘clcottte. Ring Marianne on 0131 554 1857 or email marianne© writingclasses.co.uk


Don't Miss Out on Fun Dinners and Events for Single Men and Women with


0141 333 1321

www.supperclub.uk.com eomauncu a. cusoow


- adventure sports 0 parties 0 pub-nights 0 dining

0 hill-walks 0 films 0 theatre

0 dancing & lots lots more.

Glasgow 07050 248164

Edinburgh 0131 332 1342


Scotland's foremost Multi-Activity

Adventure, Social 8 Sports Group This month: ‘.'.st-.-r. if)" '- .4301. “It 5-; ,'- :'°.-".’l,( :. Cater} S‘ "g; 7' :"';, f i; Jr's" .113, Unix-s,

In Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Stotland SPICE - tor the time of your life! for it!!! into park tel 0131 311 8822

Or visit wwwspitesrotlandxm



small flat move specialists

Moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361

enquiries@small-tlat-move.co.uk www.5mall-tlat-move.co.uk cslttltlisltcd I‘ll):

Your heart’s desire? (it) for it? Stop the excttses and start living )our dreams. \tith the help of a life coach. You'll he truly ama/ed at \\ hat _\otl can achiex e. lit‘ee initial session. lace-to-l'ace or by phone. Call Heather on 0131 476 2585 coach@enlighten.uk.com

Reiki for Life Would you like to enhance your life. health and relationships'.’ Reiki therap) relaxes and restores mind. body and spirit. Ilealing \c‘\\it)lt\ and \seekend courses at all Ic‘\c‘l\. ('all Ilc‘ttlIlL‘l'. Rc‘lkl Muxlc‘l‘. Tel: 0131 476 2585 reiki@enlighten.uk.com

"euro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: (NLP) \\ u \s .( iettc'lit‘ccco.ttk Behax ioural I’rohlemfl'.’ Bad Ilahits'.".’ Stt'c\s'.".’ .\'I.I’ can puxxlltl)’ help )ou to help _\oursell' www.ceneTree.co.uk Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Photography _

Photographer specialising in modern hlack ck \xliite portfolios for ilL‘l()l\, models & pc‘l‘lttl‘lllcl'x. ()n—Iocalion pltolosltools I't‘ottt £35 inc pt'oolis.

Tel: 0131 653 0682 www.manhattan photography.co.uk

Articles Wanted

I (.I)\. I)\'l)\. records. lttpc‘s. Videos wanted. liait' prices paid. \'iri_\| Villains. 5 Iilm Rt)“. ()l3l5581l7ll.

Buy & Sell

Deco Freak? Original Art Deco suite. Sol'a. two chairs. I‘ah curs}. coml‘ortahle ()deon style. lop condition/recm et‘ed. £800 ono.

To view cdl 07879 225 702






- GLASGOW: Part-(k Burgh Halls.0.‘f Dumbarton Rd Second Saturday of the month 8 009m "til 12 00am - EDINBURGH Marco's, 55 Crow Street.

Last Saturday of the month 8 00pm “til 1 00am

- ABERDEEN: Aberdeen Deaf Society. Smithfieid Rd Third Saturday of the month 8 00pm 'til 12 003m

WEEK-END WORKSHOPS: - REGULAR week-end v.0rkshops for all levels, ncludinq complete t)eq.nners



0 Learn to partner dance to any music. Jive. Latin. Charts... 0 Come alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). 0 Complete beginners welcome every week at all nights.

SPECIAL OFFER: lst NIGHT £3.00 ONLY WITH THIS AD. (incl. FREE membership)

Mondays: Maryhill Community Hall,

304 Maryhill Road.

Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni. Union.

32 University Avenue. West end. Mondays 8i Thursdays: Marco's. 55 Grove Street. Tuesdays: St Stephens hall,

St Stephens Street. Stockbridge. Wednesdays: Ollie's cafe, The O leisure centre. Earl grey Place. Tuesdays: The Culter Mills Club. Cairn Road. Peterculter. Aberdee Thursdays: The Loft (<3 0'0 16 Justice Mill Lane. Aberdeen.

For all classes doors open at 7 l5 Beginners' class at 7 30pm Admission is {5 00 «f4 00 Membership is {I 00 payable on ll'SI night

Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail: hi@cerocscotland.com Web: http://www.cerocscotland.com



(t. «XXL? THE LIST 129