Escape to the snow-capped Highlands with

Get; ready “if I "WinterrirSkills affordable way of getting amongst the L " beautiful snowy Highlands. And in the new year, look out for our special snow-bus a . service, whisking you away to the finest skiing r H { Ski" and snowboarding Scotland has to offer. n' " '

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Edinburgh Ski Club

ski | snowboard | outdoor l social


Discount coaches every Snday

o ski holidays to top resorts

0 weekend trips & days up north from Glasgow

- biking, walking & outdoor trips too to SCOttiSh Ski centres

- friendly atmosphere and social events Non members welcome I, '. o

0” Ye‘" '°""d-- - ) hotllne: 0141 616 2363

Meet us for a drink and a chat at the RAEBURN HOUSE HOTEL, STOCKBRIDGE

every Tuesday evening from 9.15pm,or call 01 31-220-3121 for an info pack.

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