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If you’re going to be precious about it - and director Danny Boyle is strictly speaking this is not a zombie movie. For that to be the case, the raging blood-crazed freaks that run amok in this film would have to be dead or rather the undead. But they’re not. They’re still technically alive, just infected with a rage virus that turns them into superhuman, fast-moving killing machines. Which makes them scarier than zombies because you can’t stand there pointing, laughing and looking at your watch as they stagger slowly towards you to eat the brains from your skull.

Fear factor firmly established, then, the latest project from the filmmakers who brought Trainspotting and The Beach to the big screen, opens with some rather careless animal rights activists who army boys who claim they have a documentary feel to the footage, DV unwittingly unleash the rage virus cure. Salvation’s a slippery fish, is at its most effective in capturing on the British populace. Twenty however, and when the plucky crew the rapid staccato movement of the eight days later, cycle courier Jim arrive at army headquarters, they ‘infected’. Despite some genuinely (Cillian Murphy) wakes up from a discover that the worst is yet to terrifying scenes, the script does coma to find the streets of London come. however lack coherent eerily deserted. That is until the Shot entirely on digital video and development, and the dialogue ain’t ‘infected’ start chasing him. 80, using the talents of Anthony Dod exactly Shakespeare. teaming up with a group of fellow Mantle (Festen) as director of (Catherine Bromley) survivors, Jim heads north to photography, 28 Days Later looks I (Je/rmt, 't>.:,=;.2:;<,= /' I. 7 f‘ee Manchester to hook up with some fantastic. Giving a grainy, mge Re.

Fear factor firmly established

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Our Friends in the North-lite

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Santllerf Pete! llanr‘m'. ann (ltreetni 'Slll‘fll‘. (Zeltan Jones. n? that “to subtle-t3 that sewed ()apl'a :gt, we; ti; tyre. then. :;.it;<:(::;:;‘t;' telex :unn 53(;l'l(}f3. l .an'ter“, '5; t;<:r;;:t ntnxinees; tune

replaeeft '31th the /\n‘en(:an ex'etyn‘an'f; nea‘., ltél'l(l(}(l nnlfiapp. r:<:;.;:i<:t;. ll()[)ll‘, ‘.'.'IY(: Stexle -.Jt:5;tt'te ‘.'..t’::lell» a'tti 'nerntsgn: .n t'nts; t'e'.'.'<)r'i<|n<_; of a r‘e-.‘.'<)r'kt'tt; pf l'ft: David and her Ital a". fi :01:qu s;ta!l.<>n SU'lll‘. :.Jt)llgill‘;ll‘ (:(liflh .tnn' Gellatn narratl‘.'e. Against all the midst. t'ne <:<>n"t‘<).'t ntan Mfume," ’llf.” Nel 'H-‘(l‘u’iHl llnxhtuglt. anti nit; tern‘tnalh. tnnn‘pnt‘,eve"(:prper'ate{)leetl !.'l Illt:l1'()<:tkf;f; .'.'v!nt}t't<; a 1.;utlttl‘t .'.'f<:- ,Jt’:l"l‘, r/\::;I!H(_; ()'E\‘,-.lllt\.'an . glliil t‘ten t‘at; one “337 lilllillts; {rein tne neck; ()1 E;Lll)f5(il'll)(3."f; 1'; Int.- Henri; aw: n‘en‘hm (,5 till/ll fall In |<>‘.'(:- ‘-.‘.‘!Y't the (mm a? ll':;t Sight. 0? {Dumper when} of filéllfliilfik. r(}allter:lie flu/“lug «muse. ai; Mani). (:()np;<‘: slntf‘, Stella vi); tr‘u. Kearnt and

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Cartoon comedy Capra remake I (13 m me man new I r >._

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