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Too much integrity from Tavernier

Bertrand Tavernier’s a filmmaker with a curious sense of integrity: his work gives the impression of decency over a single-minded sense of vision. He once said: ‘A fear I feel as a director. . . sometimes [it] seems that everything you see you immediately unconsciously transport into terms of filmmaking.’ But while Tavernier’s ethical sense is undeniably a virtue, sometimes you feel his notion of real life’s importance can get in the way of aesthetic purpose. His last film, It All Starts Today, wanted to be so fair in its depiction of poverty in northern France that it seemed predictable next to Bruno (La Vie de Jesus) Dumont’s radical approach to similar material.

In his latest, Tavernier’s problem lies in a respect for the people he wants to pay homage to. Set during WWII, with Germany’s occupation of France, Tavernier follows the paths of assistant director and family man Jean Devaivre (Jacques Gamblin) and womanising scriptwriter, Jean Aurenche (Denis Podalydes), and while he admits he took a couple of liberties, the film never quite comes together. Yes, there’s an interesting contrast here between Devaivre’s combo of selling out to the Nazis in his career but fighting them with resistance activity, and Aurenche’s artistic refusal to compromise but unwillingness to do anything that would put his life at risk. But more fictional shaping - a more singular vision would have given Tavernier’s film a richer texture. (Tony McKibbin)

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