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Men in Black II ll’(il 0.. tIiat‘I‘} Sonnenleld. LS. ZtNL‘i Will Smith. 'l'omm} .lonex. l.ara l"|}itii lio}|e. lthm. ‘l‘he tagline tor Men in Ii/ml lI xumx up the lilm quite xuccinctl}: 'Same planet. New xcum'. ()r. to put ll another wa}: Same lilm. New xpecial el'l'ectx, ()nce again we are introduced to the quaxi ollictal goxernment agenc}. .\llli. which xeeretl} poheex the multitude ot' alien immigrantx \\ ho. unhekuown to Joe l’tihhc. ha\ e made a home on Iiarth. And once again :\geltlx Ja_\ (Smith) and lx'a} tJonexi don xhadex and hlack xttitx to xa\ e the world Ill cool. laconic faxhion. The gagx cotiie thick arid laxt. the chemixtr} hetw een Jonex and Smith remainx and Sonnenleld directx \\ ill] the kind ot' Ilare he completel} ont on the dreadlttl Wild ll’ili/ ll'exl. Ster ('entur}. Iidinhurgh.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream tcet‘t the) (Jiri 'I'rnka. (U'ech Repuhlic. I‘IS‘I) 76min. 'l'he world'x lirxt puppet animation in eineiuaxcope. l‘ilmhouxe. lidinhurgh. Minority Reporti III 0.. (Ste\ eti Spielberg. LS. 3002) Tom (‘ruixe. Samantha Morton. Max \‘on Sydow. l-Hmin. Submerged heneath Spielherg‘x patented layer of xentimental xchmalt/ and another \‘igorouxh xelllindulgent perl'ormancc lrom (‘rttixe ix a hall-decent lutut'txttc thriller. The .xcrihex get tlte credit tor thix: xcreenwriter Scott Frank and the late writer Philip K. Dick. In the }ear 205-1 the murder rate iii America‘x crime capital i\\'axhington l)(‘i hax heen reduced to NW through the introduction ol tlte contro\ ei‘xial pre crime police an ixion. l’x} chtcx predict murderx before the) happen. ('ruixc'x l)etecti\e John Andertou arrextx l'eloux tor crimex the_\ w ill (or ratlter won'ti commit. But when Morton'x ‘pt'e-cog' pi'etlictx a murder committed h_\ Anderton himxell'. the l)etectt\e goex on the run. Adam Smith. Kirkcald).

Mission to Mars (PHI 0. ith-tan De l’alma. l'S. 200th (iat'_\ Sinexe. 'l‘im Rohhinx. ('onme .\'etlxeu. lltimin. The _\ear

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tonoa SOPHIE BRUNEI vii-,1 A. z a nun EMILE GHIGO

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ix Still) and .\‘:\S.-\ hax landed on .\lat‘x. htit a m_\ xterioux phenomenon w ipex otit the axlronatttx and a t‘cxcltc ititxxiott tx thxpatchetl. \leloth'ama tx pt'ioritixetl o\ct‘ xctcncc lictton thrillx and ititicli ol' tltc hlanie hex III the appalling dialogue and gtiii ho patriotixm. \Vorxe xtill. l)e l’alma optx lor xtunmngl} oh\ ioux e\poxition: at hix Iihn'x quaxi t‘cligioux chma\ _\ou'|l

lIllIlI'xI ‘So w hat'." .v\rtx (’entrc. liaxl Ktlhritle.

Monsters, Inc. it» 000. ilk-it- l)octer. LS. Itltll I .lolm (iootlman. Bill) ('1') xtal. Stexe litixcemi. 02mm. The latext

(‘(il animation lrom Im Shirt makerx l’i\ar

ix xet largcl} in .\lonxtropolix. a cit} inhahited h} the Ioiilext ol' heaxtx. 'l‘he monxterx power their cit} h} xending ‘xcat'et'x' Iltt'ottglt tloot'x which lcleport them into children'x roomx. ()uce tltere. they pull liztcex at the kttlx. producing xltt‘iL‘kx OI. terror. which are hottled hack in .\IUII\II'U|IUII\ illltI ll\L‘tI :tx tt xolll'L‘L‘ til energ}. lt'x a neat idea. hot what real|_\ Mix the tilm ix the xenxe ot' tun that penadex the whole mm ie. .llniixlt'rs. lm~ runx ax xmoothl) ax a latrground xlide. that no one ix loo hig to enio}. ()deon. Dunlermline.

{3 Morvern Callar t IM .00” tl.}nne Ramxa}. l'lx'/('anada. 20021 Samantha Morton. Kathleen .\lcl)ermott. ‘me. Small town hedomxt and check otit girl .\lor\et'n ('allat' t .\lortotti awakex one morning to lind her ho} triend hax committed xuicttle. \thn xhe tindx the limxhed manuxci‘ipt ol her ho} trientl'x noxel xhe putx lter name on ll. xellx II to a puhlixher and goex on hohtla} \\llII her hext l't'iend Latina i_\lcl)eruiotti. Initiall}. the \acatton ix little more than a taunt to lhi/a.

hut (‘allar xoon tindx her c\pectationx ol Itle

change c\ en ax her tricnd remamx tle\ottt to her xhitheel hlc in a dead end tow n. Ramxe}. co xct'ecnwriter l.iana l)ogmm and Morton ha\c done .i remarkahle loh ol tt'anxpoxmg thix quirk). dixtant character and her awkward xti'atige iourue} to the

xcrccn. In an age ol xaccharme and xptce

.’ - w . JEAN cosmos o ' VALERIE 90110 [)I nonco- .-

utitMAiir i’VER ~

and all thingx pi'edictahle thix ix xtirprixingl}. hra\e cerehral lilmmaking. See I'L‘\ IC\\. L‘ICL‘IL'LI LL'IL‘QI‘L‘.

Moulin Rouge I ID 0000 max l.uhrmann. ['8. Jill)! I liwan .\lc(iregor. Nicole Kidman. .lim liroadhent. l()tx'min. l.uhrmaim'x lollow -up to Rmm'u A” .luli't'l ix a wildl} uni'extt'atned. gloriouxl} camp. lewd ax hell mtixtcal lo\ e xtor} that re- tmentx the l'oi'm. lrom the (iolden .-\f—'e lloll_\\\ood xong and dance xpectacttlarx up. l.uhrmann hax tranxl'ormed the eponymoux Wth centur} l’arixtan daneehalI-cum-hrothel into the ra\ e capital of liurope. “em ing 20th centur} pop muxie hitx into the HT} tltztlttgtlt‘ (II. the lilllt xU tltat tl hecomex almoxt opera. .-\nd xpiralling around a fairytale rotnance between .\lc(iregor'x idealixtic poet and Kidman‘x dance girl i.x a harrage ol‘ riotoux imagery and design. 'l‘here'x no middle-ground with l.uhrmann'.x lilm; il‘ )ou ahandon )ourxell to it it'll leave )iiti intoxicated \\ ith pleaxure. MacRohert. Stirling.

Mr Deeds t 12A! .0 (Stu en Brill. ['8. 2002) Adam Sandler. Winona Ryder. John 'l’utturro. 96min. Sandler getx to heat the crap out ol a lot of people in thix cartoon coined) remake of l-‘rank ('apra'x .llr Dem/x (ion In liltt‘ll. ot'tgittall) a gentle and xomew hat xentimental yrrn ahout a xmall-town poet who inheritx a \'a.xt lortune and turnx New York on itx heelx with hix dow n-home country \aluex. Iltllx. the xuhtlet} that xer\ ed ('apra xo well ix gone then. replaced with the American

e\er} man‘x hemyhanded heroixm in thix reworking ol a reworking ol' the UM id and (ioltath narratne. :\gamxt all the oddx. the common man triumphx o\ er corporate greed. iii the procexx wringing a few laughx lt'ttttt tlte ttcclxx til xltltxct'tlk‘t'x In IIIL‘ “NIH/t (UNI Hum/HT xchool ol' xlapxtick. See in iew. (icncral t'L‘lcuxc.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding mm 0.. tJoel /\\ick. 1'8. 3002) Nia \‘ardalox. John (‘orhet. (ii ('ai‘idex. ()(IIIIIII.

(ieek) (ireek-American 'l‘oula t\'ardalo\) ix never going to get a man. A heat} girl with httge glaxxex. xlte ix dextined to work away her xpinxter lite in the lamil} ‘x rextaurant. ‘Dancing '/.orha'x'. ller lamil) are ready to dexpair all the} want ix for her to find a nice (ireek ho} xo xhe can CUUI\ lolx ol' lood and pop otit more little /.orhax. 'l’hen xhe lindx a git). lan i(‘orheti. But he'x not (ireekff Oh no. \\ hat are the} going to do?! The lilm'x iokex and itx exploration of croxx-culture ix \aguel) in the xame \ein ax Iain! Ix lain] Ul' Iii'm/ Ii li/u' link/tum. I‘lll without an} ol the hard edge. S)I'llp_\ meet in partx. momentx are ax hard to xwallow ax a xhot olUtt/o. (ienet'al releaxe.

My Little Eye I lxi O... iMarc liVitttx. l'K/I'S. 2002) Sean (‘w Johnxon. Krix Lerneehe. Laura Regan. 95min. The simple premixe. which riffs on TV xhowx xuch ax Big Brother. .xeex live

tw entyxomethingx attempting to xtay for xix monthx in an i.xolated houxe ax part of a

w eh-haxed realit) xhow. the caxh pri/e IUI‘ which ix 3! million. The unxeen hoxtx do their hext to xeare the contextantx out of the houxe and the mile money. htit thingx going hump in the night l'ailx to tale the ohnoxioux kidx . . . until. that ix. the) find out wit} the) 're reall} there. The action Ix prexented \‘lu xp} camx dotted all oxer the houxe. ax though we were the w eh xhow ‘x audience. atid the huildmg xenxe ol’ ixolation. malign ohxervation and paranoia makex lor chilling Viewing. (ieneral t'eleaxe. My Sassy Girl tcert thci tKwalx Jae- .‘otlg. South Korea. 300] I IZRmin. A romantic coined} ot' mannerx ahout the realtionxhip hem een a mother-dominated tweiit).xtiiiietliitig and a xtrange. xell? CL‘HIL‘I’L‘tI girl he Ittllx lot on IIIL' \lthua}. liilmhouxe. lidinhurgh.

The Neverending Story it'i COO i\\'olt'gaug l’eterxen. l‘S/W. IUXSI Barret ()lixer. .\'oah llathawa). .\loxex (illItlI. 04min. Lonel) young ho} Baxtian .xtartx to read a myxterioux hook. and ix ltttl';IL‘llI()lth}‘

WINNER 2 Silver Bears BEST ACTOR - Jacques Gamblin REST MUSIC - Antoine Duhamel

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