H l ClRONICA UNDERWORLD Barrowland, Glasgow, Wed 13 & Thu 14 Nov.

You can Hyde but you can’t run

Underworld are one of the proto-dance music crossover acts, from the days when Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and Orbital ruled the roost. Indie had finally relented and found a space in its heart for dance. Not surprising considering the dextrous use of beats, samples and atmosphere on Underworld’s debut Dubnobasswithmyheadman. A darkly gothic take on the house formula with spiralling lyrical content. Live they came into their own with whirling dervish Karl Hyde acting as a focal point on vocals. A world away from two shadowy men twiddling knobs (but Darren Emerson and Rick Smith filled those roles perfectly).

Then Emerson left two years ago, and many thought this spelt the end. As Hyde explains, sounding far saner than his onstage presence and rambling stream of consciousness lyrics would have you believe: ‘I don’t remember it being unpleasant, just suddenly there being no conversation, and it was all dealt with through lawyers, which was unfortunate, but some people like to deal with things that way.’ Never ones to be beaten by adversity, Hyde and Smith carried on and are back with new album A Hundred Days Off.

As always it will be a live show to behold, leaving many of their peers in their dust. ‘It really is coming together, the two of us back up there improvising, no set list, no tapes, deciding on the first song as we walk up on stage. For us we need to keep it improvised or we get bored in the first five minutes.’

Sounds pretty special, and the Glasgow show should blow away all comers. ‘Glasgow is defiantly one of the cities we judge the rest of the world by,’ he says with genuine enthusiasm. ‘We had a day off and said: “Can we play two nights at Barrowland . . ?” It’s that important to us. Amazing energy - if you describe it to anybody they think your mad but when they see it and that floor starts moving its like: “Yeah, this is the vibe!”’ See you down the front. (Henry Northmore)


Barrowland, Glasgow, Fri 8 Nov

Real deal. big name. US hip hop is so rare in these here parts it's a surprise us Scots can even remember what it SOunds like. And Xzibit is one of the real heavy weights. playing the massive Anger Management and Up In Smoke t0urs where the biggest names in rock and rap congregate (Limp Bi/kit. Eminem, Papa Roach and Snoop Dogg to name but a few).

His latest Man Vs Machine features the likes Of MOP. the Doggs (Nate and Snoop) and the aforenientioned Mr Mathers. A real rarity in the world of hip hop. a ‘concept album' exposing his human side versus. as the X-Man himself puts it. ‘everything I go up against and struggle with as an artist and a man'. An album of hard—ass beats. intelligent samples. difficult truths and seamless production (all courtesy of executive producer Dr Dre nuff said).

'I trained for this album like I was training for a A new contender for the crown fight.‘ lime to get knocked out. (Henry Northmore)



Various venues, Glasgow, Thu 31 Oct-Sun 2 Nov

Why jet off in search of the latest Antipodean hype when we can hunt out the weird and wonderful right here. Musicworks might be for the industry beds in the daytime but us plebs can fill our boots in the evening as they have concocted a stunning three-day roster of live events as part of this new music convention and festival. It may rope in many a familiar name in the Scottish scene but here's hoping some industry tops see sense and make off with the rock'n'roll cream. The question for you however is how do you fit it all in?

Catch Belgian sleazy-rocking trio Starfighter as they kick off Thursday night's proceedings at the Cathouse. flanked by up and coming Edinburgh space rockateers the Silver Pill, before dashing down the front to King Tut‘s as the blood-splattered cacophonies of Lapsus Linguae take on Torgamada's rabid thrash ranting. Then head to the Renfrew Ferry to see if glam punk August81 are better at applying the eyeliner.

The Silver Pill get bargains while LA Chunky get jack

Diversity rules Friday's selection so swoon to the soaring melodies of Eva at Nice'n'Sleazy before LA Chunky's madcap mixture of comedy. art. and music and X-Tigers' explosive rock thrills at King Tut's. Then Off to Barfly for Stapleton's set of wiry hardcore before rounding things off on the dancefloor with the pretentiously mulleted as queen of chill-out Dot Allison and hip hop growler Princess Superstar take to the School of Art.

Finally. camp out at King Tut's on Saturday night for feature stars this lSSUe ballboy (see page 16) backed by sensitive rock beasts Degrassi and the Starlets' jangly melancholy. You could even head to Nice'n'Slea7y to see ex- Sleater-Kinney drummer Laura MacFarlane's off-kilter keyboardry. more skewed pOp from Ninetynine. alongside Sons and Daughters. Adele of Arab Strap and crew with their Smog-esque outfit. A veritable plethora of talent is set to take the crty by storm don't miss a second of it. (Camilla Pia)

I See rock and pop listings for fu/I details.

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