Analogue, Edinburgh, Fri 18 Oct 0...

(SARAGF ROCK THE ELECTRIC 6 Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow. Fri 25 Oct com

The brg grg venue rs dead. long lrve the basements. attics and shops that erl becon‘e the front lrne for the terror cells of new electronrca. Somethrng specral happened on thrs cold F rrday nrght rn a sn‘all art bookshop near Edrnburgh's Grassmarket. lwo men. Prer Mechanrc :Jules Rax'vrlrnson. and Auantronrca «Scott Lahrlfr linked up two laptops and three monrtors and entertarned a small crowd wrth a mainly rrnprovrsed set. burlt on loops and samples.

Sparse soundscapes rr‘elded rnto the garrulous and heady on a gurrky musrcal Journey Thrs was sorr‘ethrng very Independent from the Ia/y corporate rnvestrture of most musrc perforn‘ances. It rs hoped that thrs wrll be the begrnnrng of a regular spot for electronrc artrsts who have scant opportunity to play. (Paul Dale)

An oasis of all that is not Oasis

ROCK PAUL WELLER Braehead Arena. Glasgow. Wed 16 October 00

Cocked and ready to go lrte husk, a"a Heart‘elt 'r‘:><if;ttl\(3r. source of !l‘f3l)l'<’lll()ll for generations and

srtr‘rgrrt'y svl‘.e" "arrerl gee/er {>(;L."(lf; cnto tric- stage. hopping about. arms flailing. Yet

Ho—ho-hold rt rrght there! Anyone whose trts have been thoroughly bored off by the lira/n "(rt/o" nrorr‘et-ng se'. to'rrgl‘t. nea. I. o" acoastrc campfire tracks. farls to pasty-faced rndre no-marks sneerrng and unrearrng therr gurtars low and gorng all 'r‘press eze" t"e 'r‘cs'. (it"KE’". ‘."’.’el'e" '.'.'c's.".lpr‘,-::-". A rhytnrr‘ c rendrtron of the Who's garage on us. don't turn the page Just yet. Magic Bus "rfsrrr'es Tlélfl at a .‘.’(‘::lft"‘g dance "txrtrrres. as dc a s'r‘oxx, ar‘d soulful

For. not only have Detrort's Jack White blessed Electric (3 crossed over to the ‘Broxer‘. Stc"es' and 'it's ‘.‘.""'.tc" " fine Stars'. z'rhrch teases at sparklrng pop promise dancefloor vra the mightily funky ‘Danger! Hrgh Voltagef'. they also proved here rtefcre MOP coredcr" sets a'r exceptiona‘ back cata‘ogae sach as hrs. Weller that they're sexy lsrnger Dick Valentrne cornrng over all C/ock'n/or‘k Orange rn hrs ccald :lr) bette' ‘.“a" ‘."‘r accas c'fa. 'r‘agrc "torr‘eet. rCarr‘««.a Pia, bowler hatl. rronrc lOueen's ‘Radro Ga Ga' rs essayed as a beatrfrc fu/x rock drrgel and more drrect than a John Leslre chat rur: lrne Icheck the hedonrstrc sguall of 'Gay Bar'r.

If they're not huge very soon. then pop n‘usrc rs offrcrally dead. r[)avrd Pollockr



Queen‘s Hall, Edinburgh. Fri 18 Oct .0.


ANTHRAX coco Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow. Mon 14 Oct

Surnn‘er single 'Yot. (Set the Style' 5;tHl l()£illlf3 {tilt l l)lll)l)l(?f3 xfirrtlr l<)r)rrrri (}X(le(?l‘l(3lll. i>rrt r) xtsr trrr‘(> /\trri(2t(>3; il"(?(? r>zrrt lrzrrrrrr>rr.(>:; zr'rrr x'r<)t)l>lyr ll(?£t(lf; frr‘rl t‘rté'rr <>r‘ly gr §;r‘r zrl;( r s;t(>r) zrx':;ryr lltlll‘ l)(><:()rrr:rrg; gtr‘ I!l(l|(? l3<>r> (}(2(>5;. l lit} ll:ll(}f§ (1"(l l‘<)<)l<§; rrrgry' r>(> frrrrrly l)<>'t( (l rrttr) r;';r(:(3 l)tll (}\’(}')'Illllt§) f(>(>ls; :t llllltf t()(> littlrtxa/(agrlrt.

l5r()r\trrr;tr‘ .J<>(>ltrgtt; llt(} lil()(l(?f;l (:lrztrrrt étlltl (l(}lll(}£lll()tlr ()f ;r rrrr>r<> lllll(}ltll F§rHy l%r;r(;(;. l)tll s;gt(lly'()rflyrzt lrzrrrrl‘rrl ()f tlrerr :;()rrg;5; lr;t\/(é lll(? f;ztrrr(3 nrtrr<)r ()r rrrrr);rr:t (is; tliz):;(2 ()f tlr(> l>zrrrl

Anthrax are posrtrve young pups alongsrde l enrmy brrstlrng with energy and certainly makrng up for a seven year gap beta-seen vrsrts. A vrolenti‘. exuberant rendrtron of 'Antr Socral' followed by then metal tear-up of Publrc E nerr‘; 's ‘Brrng the Norse' threatens to tear the place apart.

Then the mighty Motorhead take to the stage « no fanfare. rust strarght down the lrne rock attitude. l en‘my as always a rabble rousrng lrgurehead. even; rnch the rock god. gurte literally. warts and all. Fvery tune a trash along anthem, wrth a truly apocalyptic readrng of ‘God Save the Queen. and how else could they end but With a double header of ‘Ace of Spades' and ‘Overkrll' as a bomber descends from the rafters. srrens blarrng and strobes flashrng. Long may the drnosaurs rule the earth. rHenry Northmore.

Nice boys don’t Bragg

of Barking. lragrcally Athlete are Just a Irttle too nrce. rl‘vlark Robertson)

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

.. Glasgow: Virgin Buchanan Galleries. 31%;? .'..1()li ° Credit card bookings from: l'IiKi‘T l wk: 98 fvfi‘ l 2% \."\.’a‘. Ahead: 339 83,83 5 Edinburgh: Virgin Pences Street. 19283234 0 Ripping Records S(:..‘ll‘ Brdge. .‘Pf: 77'1" - Way Ahead {i‘c'o‘ 14,39 838:1,

I Fishbone (iaragc. (ilaxgou. 15 .\'n\.

I The Stranglers ()Ml ’. (ilasgtm. l() \(n.

I Hothouse Flowers l'xhcr llall. lidinhurgh. lo Nm.

I Alison Moorer ()nccn'x llall. lidinhurgh. 18 .\'m.

I A and Goldfinger

Barrouland. (ilaxguu. l8 .\'u\.

* Dawn of the Replicants liquid Room. lidinhurgh. l8 .\'u\.

* In Me The (iaragc. (ilil\}_’()\\. l‘) NHL

I Doves and the Delgados llarrou land. (ilasgtm‘. l‘) 2() Nov

* Femi Kuti Arches. (ilasguu. 2() \m.

I The Levellers ()Ml '. (ilaxgtm. 2l \(n.

I Alice Cooper(‘l}tlt'

.'\udilorium. (ilaxgrm. 22 \m.

I Badly Drawn Boy liarrmxland. (ilaxgtm. 23 .\'m. I Ryan Adams l‘xhcr llall. lidlnhnrgli. 24 \m. S()l.l) ()l'l I Richard Ashcroft liarrmxlarul. (ilaxgou. 2-1 \m 801.!) ()l "l‘; (but lixcliangc. lidrnhurgh. 25 .\’o\.

I Foo Fighters Sli(‘('. (ilaxgmx. 25 \m. S( )l .l) ()l ‘l I Fun Lovin Criminals l'drcr llall. lidrnhurgh. 25 NM. (illngnu. 20 Nm.

I Gomez Barre“ land. (ilasgnu. 23 \(H.

I Alabama 3 ()fxll '. (illl\}_‘0\\. 23 NHL

I Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Barron land. (ilaxgmx. 2‘) \(H.

I Moby SH '( I (ilaxgmx. if) \m.

I The Streets Ilarrou land. (ilaxgmx. l I)“.

I Stereo MCS llal'nm land.

(iltl\f_'t\\\. 2 l)L‘(.

I David Gray Sl-.(‘(‘. (ilaxgtm. 2 M )l ,l) ()l "l. «K 5 “CC.

I Shed Seven Barre“ land. (ilaxgmx. 3 Um:

I Manic Street Preachers Sl{("('. (iltl\}_'0\\. -l Dec.

I David Holmes and the Free Association (‘).\tl '. (iltlxgnfi. 4 “Ct.

I The Cranberries (lulu .'\ll(l|l(tl'llllll. (ilaxgou. -l Hm:

I Disturbed Barron land. (ll£l\_‘._'0\\, -l Du:

I Blondie and INXS llr'achcad :\rcna. (ilaxgmx. 5 Hut * Lambchop Quartet ()uccn'x llall. lidrnbin'gh. 5 “cc I Beverley Knight Barrmxland. (ilaxguu. 5 l)u‘.

* Glassjaw ( 'raragc. (ilaxgrm. (l l)L'L',

I Groove Armada

llarr'rm land. (ilaxguu. (l St )I .l)

()l "l. t\ 5 “cc.

I Spunge (‘).\tl ‘. (ilihgtlfi. "

Du: Rl-ZS(‘lll:l)l'|.lil) l).-\'l‘l:. I Royksopp Barron land. (il;l\:_!tl\\. l5 l)L‘L‘.

* The Reindeer Section (‘).\ll 2. (illi\f_‘()\\. l-l l)CL‘.

I Madness Sl'.( ‘('. (ilaxgtm.

l5 l)L'\'.

I The Saw Doctors llarrmxland. (ilaxgtm. [5 Dog. I Primal Scream ('or'n li\t‘hang_'c. lndinhurgh. lb Du“. Barron land. (ilaxgmx. l" Dec S()l,l) ()l "l‘.

I ldlewild Barron land. (ilaxgtm. lb l)cc S( )l ,l) ()l "l". ('orn liu‘liangc. litlrnhur'gh. l" “cc S( )l l) ()l “l'.

" Millencolin Bar-um land. (il.i\)_'ti\\. l‘) l)t'(

I The Music Barr'mxland. (llnl\“_:(l\\. l2 .lan.

" Tori Amos (luk-

\udrtnrrum. (il.l\;jl\\\. l2 Jan.

I Flaming Lips liarrouland. (ilasgou. l4 Jan.

I Counting Crows Sl-;(‘(‘. (ilaxgtm. l5 Jan.

I The Flaming Lips liarrmx land. (ilaxgmx. 15 Jan.

I Sophie Ellis Bextor (‘l}dc .r\lltlll0l'llllll. (ilaxgou. 1‘) Jan.

I John Squire Barrmxland. (rlaxgou. 2\‘ Jan.

I Reel Big Fish Barre“ land. (il.t\:_:t\\\. ~l l't‘l‘.

I Bowling for Soup liarrmxland. (ilaxgrm. l5 l‘ch.

* Stone Sour Barron land. (ilaxgou. l5 l'i‘l‘.

" Teenage Fanclub

liarrtm land. (Elaxgou. 2| lich; liquid Room. lidrnhurgh. 23 l‘ch S( )l .l) ()l “l'.

I Feeder Barre“ land. (ilmgou. 22 l’ch.

I Red Hot Chilli Peppers Sl:('('. (ilaxgmx. 5 «k (w .\lar

$01 1) Oil.

‘-'- \ ‘. .‘ THE LIST 51