\xhich launches lidinburgh songuriter .\'eate\ I’IuIIer/n' ('I).

I Dead Fly Buckowski ’l‘chai ()Vna. 42 ()tago lane. 357 4524. 8pm. l’x}cliedelia-tinged rocking.

I The Counterfeit Clash the Vale. 5 l)titidit\ Street. 333 0946. 9pm. I-‘ree. (‘laxh and other co\er.\.

I Day of the Dead Nit-(limits. 40 High Street. 552 2H5. l0pm. l‘ree.

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise MacSorle} \. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 S5Sl. (rpm. I-ree. Residenc} for the R&B \eteran. I Roost .\IacSot‘Ie_\ s. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 8531. 9.30pm. Free. Ilard RNB.

I Canvist Samuel l)o\\ 'x. ()7 9| \itlixdale Road. 423 0l07. 8.30pm. liree. I Open Stage The Hall Bar. IIlI) Woodlands Road. 564 I527. 4 Spin. l‘ree. \Veekl} session for local littt\lcl;llt.\.


I Garner and The Vectors Bongo (lab. 14 .\'e\\ Street. 558 7604. 7.30pm. £5 19.8 combined entr} to Ileadspinl. .-\\ clubs \\ itli bands tex er take\ hold in the capital here‘s another new spin on the tried and tested Ileadspin formal “Illt Illl\ lixe double bill of Itink} acts before the main club e\ent.

I Huckleberry, Macrocosmica and Torqamada Ilie Venue. I? It (‘altoti Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £4. I‘ull on rock'n'roll shenanigans as the punk hanunond organ cra/inexx ol' Iluckleberr) once again rears its head It) help promote the launch of local bands compilation Ruck .l/t'u .l/ultm’n.

I Lee Paterson l-‘airmile Inn. 44 Biggar Road. .il2 8243. 8pm. £5 to. Iidinburgh based singer/song“riter performing tracks from his albtiiii 'liulnn.


0 Morrissey Barron land. 244 (iallongate. 552 4601. 7.50pm. £25. The .\Io/ returns after wars in the (‘alil'ornian v. ildernexx enio} ing adoration from the nest coast's I.atin .v\merican population. \ttlh recording contract but \\ ith a clutch of neu tunes. He comes back to the IR looking to regain a commercial foothold. lle'll haxe no problem here \\ ith “hat t\ bound to be a partisan ct‘tm d.

I Catfish Keith liarll}. 260 ('l_\de Street, 0870 ‘)(l7 099‘). S.5(lpttt. LN. Iiccentric blues} \eteran “hose master} ol the National steel guitar llth \kolt him plaudits \xorldu ide. His latest releases being licensed for the [K through l’erth'x out] Bli/l Record»

I Snowboy and the Latin Section ('tiba \orle. 17 John Street. 552 3505. l0pm. L'l2.50. Latin/acid ja/l taxourites pla_\ the Si ('uba fiextiuil.

I Lightyear, Captain Everything, the People’s Alibi and Versity King ’I‘ut'x \Vah Walt llut. 272a St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). Spin. £6.50. ()\er- l4\ shou. Ska punk from l)erb_\

\\ ith \llppot‘l from their Household Names records labelmates (‘aptain lixer)thing.

I Sad Karaoke \ice'tt‘Sleal}. 42I Sauchiehall Street. . 53 9037. 0pm. All e\ening ol' morose introspection hosted b} Arab Strap'x \tllltttt of' \LttlltL‘\\ ;\iden Moll-at.

I Brutal Goose and Holmes The l3th .\'ote ('ate. 50 ()0 King Street. 553 we. 0pm. U. Ileaxioxit).

I Jam Session Mitc‘Soi‘le}\, 42 Jamaica Street. 248 85M. 2 5pm. l’ree. \eu \ieekl} jam.

I Battle of the Bands .\IacSorle\\. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 85M. (rpm. l're'e. I The Cobramatics 'I'he Scotia.

I I2 ll-l Stock“ ell Street. 5.52 Shh’l. 5.30pm. I‘t'ee. Residency

I Big Blues Jam Studio ()nc. (ii'tmenor Ilotel. (it’t)\\ellt)l' 'l‘errace. HI ()5 to. 0pm. I’ree. lloxled It} the .\'e\\ Blues Surfers \xith contributions from regulars such as the \immo Brothers.

I Phil’s Sunday Session t'ixge Beallta. 252 \Voodlattdx Road. 504 I590. 0pm. l‘ree. Bring _\our oun tthlt‘tllltetit.

rock & pop listings Music

Musicworks If you had a big stick to shake there would be more gigs here than you could . . . oh you get the idea. the cream of local rock heroes assembled for your land the lvtusrcworks ‘meeja folks' obviouslyi delectation. See Laeto. Closer IDICIUFEXII. the Day I Snapped. Ninetynine. Eva. LA Chunky. Deleter. Carson -- the lot. See prevrew and listings for details. Various venues. Glasgow. Thu 3/ Oct—- Sat 2 Nov.

Morrissey Down but never forgotten. the vansome wonder brings his label-less butt swinging back into town to hold court for the still slrockingly-devoted. It's like he never went away. Barrow/and. Glasgow. Sun 3 Nov.

Bright Eyes Connor Oberst might not strike you as the sanest of bunnies but he's a dead cert to reduce you to tears with his tales of woe and wonder. See prevrew. King lut's. Glasgow. Thu 7 Nov.

Xzibit Eminent was the last US rapper to appear at this fine venue. XZIDII. another Dr Dre protege. will hope to have the same explosive effect as Mathers. See prevrew. Barrow/and. Glasgei'v. Hi 8 Nov.

Girls Against Boys, Swearing at Motorists and Enon Here's one band who could out~stroke the Strokes for debonair cool and sleazy riffs. one who could out strip the White Stripes for pared—down rock energy and another who could out weird everyone. These Yanks know how to do R'n'R in style don't they? King Tut's. Glasgow. t 9 Nov

Underworld l lyde and Smith do the big. beautiful. pulsrng live techno beast like few others can muster. See prevrew. Barrow/and. Glasgow. l/Ved l3 8 Thu 14 Nov.


I The Listening Room The Blue Illa/er. 2 Spittal Street. 22‘) 5030. 8pm. £2 suggested donation. Acoustic I‘ndergrotmd‘x l’eler Michael Ron an I\ Iloxl \\ ith gllL‘\l\ to be confirmed.

I Starsky, Elkin and Frantic Chant I.;t Belle :\ngele. ll;t\lte\ (lose. 225 7530. 8pm. £4. ()iialit} triple bill including \pttltk} rock from Slitl'xk).

Monday 4


I Chris De Burgh (‘lytle Auditorium. Sli('('. I‘inniexton Qua). ()87” (HI) 4000. 7pm. b2()/£25/fl‘).5l). .\Ionobro\\ ed .\I()R balladeering.

In .ixmt Lition \‘Lllll SIM l‘x arrangement Will] I I ll

Richard Ashcroft



fir amusws rr ALL. BACK Homem By arrangement with 1TB 5.0.. ES EDINBURGH 05 E MAE O 5 Liquid Room BA Monday llth November



rarest: 'fir ~=


EDINBURGH LIUUID HUUM Wednesday 27th November

BLHSGDIII UMU Thursday 28th Nouember

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Set 2 We 5 Wed 6

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