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Glasgow ’Barrowlands 1st December 2002

Credit card: 0870 90 33 444 iii Nina

+ The James Orr Complex Tuesday 3rd December Glasgow Nice n Sleazy

“A beautiful voice and a train at thought that encompasses the complexities at real life” - Steve Albini


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Glasgow Barrowlands 17 Dec Credit card 0370 90 33 444


Wednest 5 January 2003,'G|osgow Barr - Ticket Hotline: 0870 90 33 444

All tickets available irom‘credit card 0870 90 33 444,

on-line at< and from Virgin 8. Ripping and all usual outlets.


56 THE LIST 31 Oct-~14 Nov 2002


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Edinburgh Corn Exchange 16 December




While giving tracks from his latest album I Phantom, their first Scottish live airing Boston’s Mr Lif (pictured) is only one of the many rappers letting flow their wares at the Def Jux Records tour which premieres a mix of quality, underground US hip hop. Also on the bill are the label founder El-P (formerly of Company Flow) and DJ Shadow’s latest touring buddy RJDZ.

I Def Jl/X Prose/7!}; Is a! [a Bel/t) Ange/t}. hm2:):ugflg8ur: 7t) {Vol.2

I Barbara Morgenstern and Elbow Wobble \Vest l3th. l3 Kelxinhaugh Street. 57o 5()l8. 8pm. £4. Morgenstern's eomhination oi sequencers. samplers and \ intage organs and lse} hoards has been described as -llltiiL'[l'UlllC..

I Who’s Who Strauherr} l’ields. 5o ()suultl Sll'L‘L‘l. 23] 737 l. 7.30pm. Ell). .\lod eluh l‘rida} Street present a Who tribute band \\ ho perform the Qmu/mplu'nm album [this the major ilils.

I Alternative Nation The (‘ulliousu l5 l'ltitilt Sll‘c‘c‘l. 24H (i(i()(). 7.30pm. £4. ()\er- l4s shou.

I Dieselbone Niec‘n‘Sleax}. 42! Sauehiehall Street. 333 0037. 0pm.

I Mendieta, Myopia and Three Days l‘ur} .\lurr_\s. ()(l .\la\\\ ell Street. Ill (i5l l. 0pm. £4. including entr} to poslv‘glg eluh.

I Nevada (irand ()Ie ()pr}. l’aisle} Road Toll. 42‘) 5506. 7.30pm. £4 lt‘.‘ members). (‘ountr'x sounds.

I Fresh Evidence .\IaeSoi-le)s. 43 Jamaiea Street. 248 8581. 0pm. l-‘ree. Ror} (iallagher tribute.

I The Duvets Samuel Diva's, ()7 ill \ithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. iii-CC.


I Vacant Stare, This Girl, the Blueprint and Tyler Studio 34. ('alton Road. 558 3758. 7pm. £7 ([5 in adxaneei. ’l‘he Roels Sound Re\olulion lotlt' stops \\ ith a line—up ol great edg} British rock. Vacant Stare ha\ e been making a name l'oi‘ themsele on the London metal seene \xhile the Blueprint leature menihers ol' l’itehshil‘ter and liarthtone ‘l.

I Crazy Penis the Beat .la/l Basement. l ('hamhers Street. 407 253‘). lllpni. tell hel'ore midnight; to alter. :\ lull |i\ e shim l'rom this L’UllL‘Cli\t‘ till Nitlllc‘llt‘\lt‘l"\ l’aper Reeordirigs \\ ith ia/Ied up house heats tlllti lllsll \tlL’;l|\,

I August81 , X-Tigers and Annie Christian The Liquid Room. ‘le Vietoria Street. 235 3564. 7pm. [the lidinhui‘gh's all.roe|\ linesl in a triple hill ol' guitar hashing heaut).

I My Electric Love Affair, Sugardaddy, Tin Rokit, Calvin and The Young Hips ('ommple\ ll'ormerl} ('luh .la\ai. Jll (‘ouimereial Street. l.eith. 555 5022. 8pm. £5 (Ur. Another eeleetie lineup tor the l.eith iigllltl \lglll \\ llil lllL‘ its} L‘llL‘tlL‘llL‘

st} lint-N ol' .\l) lileetrie l.o\ e Allan as headliners

Saturday 9


0 Girls Against Boys, Enon and Swearing at Motorists King has Wait Wait llut. 2-3;: St Vincent Street. Ill 537‘). Spin. £8.50. (iirls Against Bo}, “ere an indupitahl} eool .4\iueriean hand hel’ore all those other cool American hands came along to euro) greater sueeess. See panel lor Soearing .~\l Motorists. aka l)a\e Doughnian \\ ho wants to challenge the \VllllL' Sll‘lpLN i-Ul' lilt‘ llllL‘ til ‘( il'c‘;IlL'\l i.l\L‘ Band in lllL‘ \Vlll'lti: (itltlti lllc‘is In him.

I Midi Mode and The l\es 'l‘he lilh \tllt‘ (Kilt. SH (ill Klllg‘ Sll't‘t‘l. 555 l(i5«\'. 0pm. L5. .\laehhie-generated madness.

I Boots and Saddles (il'dllti ()le ()[ll'_\. l’aisle} Road lo“. 43‘) 55W). 7.5“;‘111. (-1 IN memhersi. ('ounlt'y

I Abba Tribute Bourbon Sti'eel. Ill.\' (ieorge Street. 552 “Ml. "pm. £5 (No.50 \\ ilh dinner).

I Open Stage Blues Jam Nit'e'n'Slea/y ~l3| Sallt‘lllt‘llilll Sll'L‘L‘l. 555 «)M". 2pm.

I The Splitters \it‘e‘n'Slea/y JJI Sauehiehall Street. 3 i3 Uhi". Upm.

I The Counterfeit Clash \let‘huills. ~1lllllg‘llSll'L‘L‘L55: I“). lllplll. i'lt't‘. SL‘L‘ Sal 2.

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise \laeSorle} s. ~12 Jamaica Street. 3le .\’5.\’|. opm. l‘ree. Residene} lot the Rtklt