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Edinburgh I Catfish Keith Pleasance Theatre

('abaret Bar. the Pleasance. Spin.


'l'ickets lil‘oltl Ripping Records. 230 .‘ 3“; a R.

7()l(). Information ()l73S (i3Sl-ltl. White acoustic blues from a great perlortttet'.


OOrquesta Dinamita The Arches. Argyle Street. ()‘)()I ()22 (WK). Spm. L'l l (£9). lidinburgh-based Salsa ('eltica trumpeter 'l’oby Shippey and salsa stars from ('uba. Vene/uela and New York put together some traditional rh}thm\ \\'llll urban beats. .'\ ptmerliouse ol Salsa-Soul-l’unk fusion. Part of Si ('u/m and Big Big World

I Georgie Gajjic (‘art- (‘tmaehok RthSlttlt ('ultural ('entre. King Street. 553 ()733. S.3()pm. 'l‘raditional liastern liuropean music l'rom accordionixt. (iaijic. OYusa 'I'ron 'l‘heatre. 'l‘rongate. 552 4267. 0.30pm. £7.50 12.550). Yttsa is a leader of the new. young music ot’ (‘uba. the old forum joining “illt western pop and jal/ inlluences in an no\ cl \_\nthesis. and articulated b) her original and \ottllttl songs. Part of Big Big ll'nr/t/ and Si ('u/ni.

7.} Snowboy and the Latin Section (‘ulia .\'orte. John Street. 552 3505. l()pm. L'l3. llighl} danceable. \eteran London—based Latin iaHers. l’art ol’ Ii’ie [fie H'ur/t/ and Si (’u/ni.


I Kieran Halpin \Vee l‘olk ('lub. Ro}al ()ak. lnlirmar} Street. 557 2976. Spin. [5. l’ungent Irish singer/guitarist and \ottg\\ritcr. \eteran ol' a do/en albums.

Wednesday 6


I Allan Taylor lidinburgh l-‘olk ('lub. ('abaret Bar. the Pleasance. 050 23-1. ('1th singer par excellence. a \t)!lf_‘\\t‘lllllf_‘ guitar pla_\ing \eteran from the late ()(lS.

I Absolute Beginners Ceilidh Dance Boroughmuir High School. View l‘orth. Brtmtslield. 337 5-1-12.

7 0pm. £2.50 (U50). lnl‘ormal ceilidh dance for all ages. instruction given.

Glasgow I Davy Gibb l.i\ e at the Star. St

The Carrying Stream Festival The most effective supporter of the Scots song tradition since Robert Burns. Dr Hamish Henderson tpicttiredi is remembered by the Edinburgh Folk Cltib tone of the the institutions he helped found: others include the lit‘linburgh Festival l‘ringe and Edinburgh University's School of Scottish Studiesl in a weekend series of events. talks. workshops and concerts featuring wonderful singers like Ireland's rarer heard Frank Harte from all over the British Isles. Various venues. Edinburgh, Fri 8—-St/n 10 Nov

Martins 4 Celtic Connections expands into autumn with its ambitious series of Friday concerts. and a spectacular grouping of great Martins. all masters of the acoustic guitar, from folk to flamenco: Martin Taylor. Martin Simpson. Juan Martin. and Martin Carthv. Rova/ Concert Hall. Glasgow. Fri 7.

Big Big World and Si Cuba A middle-aged Cuban lumberiack discovered singing in a restaurant. and now a recording star: a young woman singer fusing contemporary

Catfish Keith plays the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 2 Nov

l.i\e titllste l'rom Meantime. See (iaelic in the Square. Sat 2.

I Ceilidh Dance Ri\L‘l‘\ltlL‘. h} llallpenn} Bridge llothe. ol't' Keb in l)ri\e. 34l l)S-l-1. S ll.-45pm. U). \Veekl} ceilidh dance it ith the .\lhari ('outts Band.

I Journey 'l‘ramua}. Albert l)ri\e. 03.15 3_§(l35l)l. Split. L'S L'lll (£2 Ur). See Thu 3 l.


I Spirit of India Nether-him .v\rt\ (‘entre. High Street. 55o 057‘). 7.45pm. £7 ([5). Indian .\lu\ic And Dance ('ollectne presentx music. dance. \oltg. raga and \lot'}.

I Carol Laula 'l'he l’leaxance ('abarct Bar. the Pleasance. (i23 ()loS. Spin. L7 in ad\ance; [S on door. the clear \oieed Scottish \itlfJL‘t'/\t)ltf_‘\\t‘llL‘l' lottr\ a lie“ album.


I Michael McGoldrick and Alyth McCormack 'l‘olliooth 'l‘heatre. Jail \V} nd. lll7So 27-1000. 7.30pm. L'lll (£(i.5lli. ('apereaillic little pla_\er and uillcan piper \\ ith lll\ band the picked up a Best Instrumentalixt Award at the 2l)l)2 Radio 2 liolk

Auardsi. and the litnpid (iaelic \(iL‘ill\ ol

l.L‘\\ is singer/actress accotupauied b} the turn talents ol l)a\c} ’l‘roughton. piano, and ('apercaillie l3;t\\l\l lattan Vernal.


7.)Jorge Luis Prats ’I‘Iie Ro}al Scottish Academ} ol~ .\lu\ic and Drama. Renl're“ Street. 7.30pm. 'l’ickets UlilL'Stilll. \Vorltlclasx pianist trom the (‘uba'x National Arts (‘ollege. l’art ol' Si (ii/m and li’ie Big World.

I Gaelic in the Square St Andrews in the Square. St Andre“ ‘\ Square. ('alton. lnl'ormation ()Sl)S l()() ‘)()l)l). Iliatn 4pm. l‘rce. Sabhal .\lor ()staig lSk_\e\ (iaelic ('ollegei and learndirect Scotland present a da} de\oted to the language and culture with concert perliirtnaucex. lixe sessions. children's animation \\ol‘l\\ltop\. Utililte learning. stor}telling. (iaelic tasters and drama. I Journey 'lranma}. Albert l)ri\c. ()S-l5 33()35l)l. 2.3t)ptn tk Spin.

L'S fill) tL'2 Uri. See Thu 31.

I Ceilidh Dance Ri\el'\itle. ti} llall'penn} Bridge House. ol'l' Kel\ in l)rl\e. 3-ll llS-H. S l l.-l5pltl. U). See l'ri l.

i30rquesta Aragon (in Hall. (‘andleriggy 353 Slllili. lllpm. [l4 (L'l2i. l'ortned in l‘)3‘). the group has performed e\er_\ .\lo|tda_\ lol' o\ er -l() _\ears in the \ariet} Slit)“ .rl/eerim (Ir lu Sub/mum”. blending ('uban classics \\ ith e\ol\ ing contemporary rh_\thm\. l’art ol' Si (ii/m and [lie li’ie “Ur/(l.

Andre“ \ in the Square. (’alton. 5~lS (\()2(). Split. l‘ree. Humorous songs and guitar picks.

I Starting Point: Zero The Arches. Argyle Street. ()‘)()l ()22 ()3()(). S.l5pm. £5 (£3). The Working l’art} present a lusion ol'ja/I. Scottish and Italian folk and contemporar) perl'ortuance. I’ru'l ul .'\I'('/I(’\ Lire.’


I Out of the Bedroom Waterle} Bar. St .\lar_\'\ St. 557 l()5().

9pm midnight. l‘ree. See 'l'hu 3|.


I Session l-alkirk l-olk ('lub. the l’ttlhll (‘lub. .r\rnot Street. ()I 32-1 (il 3305. t; |. lnl'ortnal night for lllllSlL'ittlh and



I Allan Taylor Ho“ den l’ark. llo\\dell. oliuo 45.3054. Split. {S ([5 l. See lidinburglt. \Ved o.

Friday 8


I Brian McNeill and Dick Gaughan Ro}al (‘oncert llall. Sauchiehall Street. 353 S000. Split.

f; l 2.50 t L‘ Ill). li\—Battlelield bandxman and ltlltlli~ill\ll'lllllL‘lil;tli\l pel‘ltil'lllx

\\ ith the great Setilx \t)L‘i;tlt\l troubador

Africa. Madrid and Havana: two pianists one bringing his astonishing open—ended ja//. the other an awardWinning. refined classical technique: Latin DJs: wrld international salsa bands and much more. Var/Otis venues. Glasgow, l lit (3.7 Oct A Sun 3 Nov.

and l’ounder member ol‘ protot) pe Scots folk rock outlit l-‘i\e lland Reel. I Ceilidh Dance Rl\L‘l’\itlL‘. ti} llall‘penn} Bridge House. ol‘l' Kel\ in l)ri\e. 34l ()S-l—l. S ll.—l5pm. L‘o. Mttxic lrom the l’entland (’eilidh

I Starting Point: Zero The Arches. :\t‘f_‘_\ le Street. ()‘)()I ()22 0300. S.l5pm. £5 tL'3l. See Thu 7.

7.} Donny O’Rourke and Nancy Nicolson Nether-ho“ x\l‘t\ (‘t-ntre. High Street. 550 057‘). S. 30pm. to ((5 I. l’oel l)onn_\ O'Rourke and lhurxo singer \anc} Nicholson lead art exciting ol poetl‘). stor)tellmg and inusic in celebration ol l'olklol‘lxl. acadetntc. poet and \onguritcr. the late llillllhll Henderson. l’arl ol the (tuning Stream

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