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Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Drama 8. dance listings compiled by Anna Millar.


“A = \VllL‘L‘lL‘llitll' .-\L‘L‘C\.\; \\'.r\.-\ = Wheelchair Access \\ ith .-\\\l\lttllL‘L‘ l’ = Parking l’acilitiexz we = Adapted 'l'oiletixl.


'l'icketx for major \enuex in (ilasgon are a\'ailah|e from the 'l’icket Centre. ('andleriggs. .\Ion Sat 10.30am (i.3()pm: Sun noon 5pm in person or until 9pm h} phone on (ll-ll 287 55| I. An} 'licketlink box office can sell Ilc‘kclx for other


Tl indicates \enuex \\ here 'I'heatre Tokens can he exchanged lol' llL‘GClx. Tokens can he bought from the Ticket ('entre. ('andleriggx. (ilaxgon. (ll—ll 287 59H); most branches of \\'.ll. Smith. John Men/ies and Jillllc‘x 'l'hin lltltikxcllch; or h} credit card from 'l‘okenline. ()1?! 2-10 8800.

Glasgow Drama


253 :\rg_\’le Street. ()‘)()l ()22 ()Rtlt). |\\'(’. \\'.-\|

Joy of the Worm t’niil Sun 3 .\'o\ inot Sun). 7pm. £(i i£-li. .'\nd_\ Arnold directs the Arches 'I‘heatre ('ompan} in llllx dark and satirical de\ ised exploration ol the pursuit of happiness. Shoun th douhle hill \xith l Licked a Slags I)eodourant. .\lu\ic from in itch t()ptinioi \x ith Janis Murra} on li\e cello. See review

I Licked a Slag’s Deodorant t'niil Sat 2 .\'o\. 8.30pm. £(i (£4). 'l'am Dean Burn and Julie Duncanxon \tar in Jim ('ai'turight'x \lot‘} of a crack-addicted street walker and a \ ulnerahle man. And} Arnold lll‘xl directed the pla_\ \\ ith a dit‘l‘erent caxt and collaborators l‘)‘)7

\\ hen it came ilL‘l‘tixx as enjoyihly dark and tll\L‘UllL‘Cl'llll:_'. See review Dancing on the Moon Thu 7 a lit 8 Nov 7pm. £5 (£3). .r\mcrican dance/theatre artist Laura llope Steekler kicks off. the Arches Live? performance lt‘xliutl with a multimedia \Ult) piece haxed on poems \\ rittcn h} her mother. l)C\L‘l'llk‘tl in it \Cl'lL'S oi~ llltn‘lllg paintings. the piece is accompanied h} a \ ideographic collection h} John .\IC(JCUCI1. l’rll'l (lfixll’t'ln’s I.I.\'(’.'.

Dido Thu 7 & Hi 8 .\'o\. 7.10pm. £5 (£3). Scottish theatre compan} 'l‘heati'e .\lodo presentx (‘hrixtopher .\larlo\\e\ play \\hich l'L‘-L‘\itlllillC\ the ancient \tor} of Dido and her tragic lo\ e al‘l‘air \\ ith the L‘Xilc Aeneas. l’ill‘l (ll/Ift'llt'S /.it'(’.'. Starting Point: Zero Thu 7 a lit 3 .\'o\. 8.l5pm. £5 t£3l. The Working Part} pl‘Cw‘lllx a fusion ot'jaH. Scottish and Italian folk and contempoi'ar} performance in this real time composition. l’iirl (thin/1m 1.1112,.

The Chicken Has Left the Basket Sat ‘) & Sun H) .\'o\. 7pm. £6 (£4 l. “U l\C(I ttlltl [)L‘l‘llll‘lllL‘Ll l3) \II'L‘L‘I theatre guru Ian Smith with Mischief" l.a- Bax. a one-hour ‘collage' \hoxx featuring short scenes and unrelated \ ignettex. l’ur/ follt'lHW /.t\'('.'.

The Universe in Reverse Sui ‘) a Sun It) Nm. 8.15pm. £5 (£3). .'\ rehearsed reading of Quiet Production! comical pla} about a group of pcnxionet‘x \\ ho escape from their old people'\ home in a hid for freedom. I’m-I HI gin/1m l.i'\'e.'.

Your Hand on my Skin and the Earth’s Still Turning Sal t) a Sun If) \m. 7pm. £5 t£3i. .\ lieu performance h} Reader which L‘\plot'e\ e\er_\thing from hon to conduct a storm

to ho“ to \a) goodh} e gracefully. I’ui'l of xll't'ltt'x /.i\‘t’.'.

Mixsh’d Wed 13 & 'l'hu l4 .\'o\. 7pm. £5 t£.‘~l. In 'I‘enxion presents thix de\ ixed mixed media ‘har shilt‘ \\ here the audience is invited to pull up a \tool and experience an e\ening‘\ \hilt through the cyex ol' the stall. l’url ufxlre/iihx I.i'i'e.’.

BISHOPLOCH RESIDENTS HALL l5 Auchingill Road. ()845 3303501. The Derry Boat Thu 3! ()ct. 7.30pm. £2 (U l. .\ t‘unn} and moving pla) about four generations of migration hetueen Ireland and Scotland.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4‘)()(). |\\'('. WA]

Annie Sprinkle: Herstory of Porn - Reel to Real Tue 5 tin: 7 .\'o\. 8pm. £10 (£8). (('('.-\ 5). ()\er l8x onl}. The prostitute/porn star turned performance ttl'll\l/\c\ educator presents a \tilt) performance and film diar) tracing her and \UL‘lL‘l} \ 25-}ear evolution through the sexual re\o|ution. Part of (i/uyeiii. See (ia) section.


ll‘) (iorhalx Street. 42‘) ()()22. [l’. ll. Tl. \\‘('. \\'.-\l

The Trials of Oscar Wilde t‘niil Sat to .\'o\ tliol Sun/Mont. 7.30pm: ‘) .\'o\ 3pm & 7.30pm. £l2 t£4t. (Slilllx Studio). ('ompiled from the original ll‘;tll\L‘l‘lpl\. Ill/1U Trill/x HI (}\i'ur lit/(Iv l'CL‘t'L‘;th\ IllC L'\ L‘llh \xhich lL'Ll It) \VilddS imprisonment for gross indecenc). Adapted. tlil'L‘L‘lL‘tl ttlltl tlL‘sigttCtl l1_\ Juli l’ope. :\ prelude to (i/ilu’ilt. SL‘L‘ I'C\ lL‘\\. Britannicus t'niil Sui to .\‘m tnol Sun/Mont. 7.30pm; ‘) .\'o\ 3pm ck 7.30pm. £12 i£4i. t('ircle Studioi. l’hilip l’rou \e directx Jean Racine'x l7th centur) ti‘aged} about the l’le‘ ol' the limperor New and the tall of" hix pouerl'ul mother Agrippina in a translation h} Rohert l)a\id .\Iacl)onald. SL‘C l'C\ lL‘\\.


lie I Licked a Slag’s Deodorant Andy Arnold's production of Jim Cartwright's social and existential speculation grips throughout and makes for an intelligent and entertaining evening of theatre. The Arches //Il rep with Joy of the Worm. G/asgow. unti/ Sun 3 Nov.

at Taming of the Shrew Two compelling central performances from Meg Fraser and Jimmy Chisholm make Tony Cownie's production of Shakespeare's frankly difficult comedy a delight from end to end. Royal Lyceum. Edinburgh. uiiti/ Sat 76 Oct.

The Importance of Being Earnest Giles Havergai's production of Wilde's most loved comedy is a faithful. and thoroughly enjoyable. rendition of a familiar repertory favourite. Good performances from Stuart Bowman and Jay Manley as Jack and Algie set up the central dynamics nicely. Citizens Theatre. Glasgow. until Sat 76 Nov.

Cottier Theatre 7

VGllmorehllll-ilzl ' _. -_ - PaislevAm

Pavilion Ramshom RSAMD

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51'er k «K‘ l’op \kr J.i// See ( .1!) 1 He

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\\C\I Shiv Slut}

Hello You

See Rock .\‘ l’op

See (.I¢I\\I\‘.II Ste (Vl.l\\l\.ll

\\ L‘\l Stilt Slut}

7 Thursday 31 Friday 1 Saturday 2 Sunday 3 Monday 4 . . IJoy l Licked . . i/Jo)‘ . . . Joy of the Worm I i i a i I I'ilin |)is\u\\ion in) . st-i- ("in 1 iii- . 'lhe Importance . . . The Importance . . . The lmponanee . . . I I lliittanicm I lllllldlllcth linitannm I ’lheTriztlsol'(Nar \thde The Trialsoi'Oscar Wilde 'l’nalsol‘Owar \Vilde

Soc ( K tllk‘ll} The liirdcatcher

\qu‘ u\\ I‘ll} IlJllCl

Once. in a While . . .

i (‘armen 3 Carmen (‘armcn -- Vagina :\It)nt)lngtlc.\ 5 Vagina Monologues Jouine) Inlllltt‘}. loiiine} Kala 7 . , , i ,

. . . .. . t .. . . . c. . . .. Somalia . . .fl‘o the Wall 5 Somalia . . flo the “all; Slindui../lo..ll~laltlile l‘hc (mod Lite See Rock at Pop ; launtmls/llrmxiuum; l'actor) (iirls

Tuesday 5 A Wednesday 6

\nnie Sprinkle \nnie Sprinkle

i 'lhe Importance . . . 3 The lmportance . . , llllllJllh ox liiitlanicux

'nic Trials of Oscar wiiac ,3 the Trial.» ol'Oscar Wilde

Naga Mas . \Il‘\\|‘\\ (it) llallet Mono“ (ill) Hallel Under Milk wood - st-t- Rock .\ l’op I .m- Rock .\ l’op

Once in a While . . . 3 Once in a While . . .

\t'c (ll.l\\l\ .Il

Brunton Festival Theatre King’s Netherbow Playhouse Royal Lyceum St Bride’s haverse 1

,=i :1 I:

Vagina Monologuex The Wee Winnerx \ll\\ Saigon

'lliming of the Shim

Factor} (ill'l\

Vagina .\louo|oguc~ The Wee \Vinneh

Mi“ \.ii;'ott \Il\\ Saigon 'limung ol the Shim

l'aclor) (ill'l\ l‘actor) (ill'l\

Johnnie look the ( iil\l\et Johnnie look the ( iihhet

Vagina Monolugttc\


The Wee Winners

\l|\\ \.ll:,'t‘ll

'llimmg ol the Shit“

Spartacus Spai‘tacth

\I1\\ \Alg'nll \Il\\ \.ll}'t*ll

'lluning ot the Shir“ ’lanung of the Shiv“


68 THE LIST 05'. ‘-'. N’;. 7,5?