Bolton’s special Kay returns victorious

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OOT, the Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 12 Nov; the Stand, Glasgow, Wed 13 Nov

I had the most evil pash rash

.Julia Morris has found her spiritual home in l Igui'r/ News. lrreverenl celebrity chat and sniping gt ssip is the ideal vehicle for the brilliant Australian

comedienne to make a name for herself in Britain. 'We had that hilarious ()ladiator on who had a roll around with Ulrika Jonsson.' says Morris. 'I can't even remember his (J/arliato/s name: it was like Sphincter or something. It was hysterical'

Morris presents the weekly BBC Choice programme Willi Heat editor Mark iii”). lheir coupling is inspired the Wit and charm of Morris teamed With scandal guru l rith and is already garnering favourable attention. ‘l've had text messages from the head of the network after the shows. How happy am |’?'

Thankfully. seeing Morris on our screens every week doesn't mean she's neglecting the live circuit -- weekend nights are alright for playing a few selected comedy clubs. Both surprisingly and disapt)ointingly. Morris chose not to follow up her acclaimed 7001 festival show Show and fell at this year's festival. but a five day Visit did reap rich rewards: she hooked up With an old friend and they're still together two months on. ‘I left i dinburgh Willi the world's most eVII pash rash because I'd been kissing my lovely new boyfriend so much. I looked

like I'd been dragged along the Royal Mile by my face. And then I had to do a BBC photoshoot to welcome me to the BBC. Sensational. Just because you're (54 doesn't mean you need to grow up yet.'

It would be a sad day if .Julia Morris ever adopted our British reserve. ll yet. imagine assimilating Graham Norton's biting satire With Joan Rivers smart cattiness set to the purring irony of Sex and the ()Ity's Samantha. then yOu're about ha|f~way to getting a handle 0n Julia Morris.

Morris is in development talks With sitcom authority Jon Plowman to create her own show. so don't expect her to be playing intimate gigs for much longer. She has a huge 'homosexual gay' following and is relishing the prospect of storming the Stand's gay-friendly night OOT. 'F-veryone's up to date on the things that I like which is fashion and celebrity and fun and silliness and Wild nights and whatever. I tend to have a lot mOie in common Willi that sort of audience. bi/arrely. I don't know any straight boys. The only straight boy I know is the boy I'm going out With. It's an outrage.‘ (Maureen Ellis)

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V_V_her_e__trie laughter matters


funny lady Karen Dunbar is to get her own series. Filming 'or the new BBC series 5 due to start mid-November, so tom cu: next issue for details of hoxv you can be in the audience.

IT MUST BE AMONG the most superficial and downright silly gameshows ever to make it onto our screens, but nevertheless Jimmy Carr’s Your Face or Mine programme is to transfer to Channel 4. Bosses at the channel obviously decided that the E4 series wasn’t inflicting pain and humiliation on enough people, and the show - which operates on the basic premise of just how good looking are you? - will make its terrestrial debut early next year. We would like to say that the Perrier- nominated host is the best thing about Your Face . . . but that would be a lie.

STAYING WITH te'ev-s'ori. anothe' Perrier nominee is to get his own ser es. but on rat'er a grander scale. O'nid Djalili -- now bizarrer associated witr‘. fi22y water brand rather than being a Hollywood star so .mpressed TV execs at American hetw0rk station NBC when he played the Moritreal Just for Laughs festival. that they‘ve asked him to write his own sitcovn. I! is rurrowed the show w.ll reiy heavily on the east-ineets-west culture clash. if Maigaret Cho's experiences are anything to go by she was I"‘i€ first Asian to have her own sitcom and the p'essc'e to make it palatab'e fer a western audience almost killed her - then we can only wTsh DJalili the very best of luck.

DYLAN MORAN HAS announced his national tour dates. The laid-back star of Black Books will play the Tron Theatre in Glasgow on 2 February, and the Traverse in Edinburgh on 6 8. 7 February. Moran has played one-off dates in the Gilded Balloon and the Edinburgh Stand as warm-up dates, and the three-month national tour commences in Colchester on 12 December.

Omid Dialili

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