The Front


SIMON DAY, aka The Fast Show’s Competitive Dad and

Tommy Cockles, reveals his favourite catchphrases.

1 ‘Ooh, you are awful. But I like you.’ Dick Emery's a classic.

2 ‘Let’s rock’ Smashie and Nicey.

3 ‘Marvellous times’ That's one of my own. there. from Tommy Cockles.

4 ‘Jus’ like that’ Tommy Cooper. A legend.

5 ‘I was very, very drunk . . .’ They say that a catchphrase works when it's simple. Well. maybe.

DAVID LEDDY, playwright, director, actor and producer of Glasgay, remembers his five most memorable gay performances.

1 Neil Bartlett Seven Sacraments of Nicholas Poussin It was a really simple. poignant piece that was performed in a hospital lecture theatre and it made me greet like a baby.

2 Annie Sprinkle Post Pom Modernist It was at the CCA seven years ago. I had my photo taken with Annie's boobs on my head and I’m thrilled to have her back at Glasgay this year with a new show.

3 Ron Vawter Roy Colin/Jack Smith It's such a terrible pity - this is one of the last shows that the Wooster Group's Ron Vawter did before he died.

4 Peggy Shaw You 're Just Like my Father Peggy is an incredibly charismatic performer so we're really excited that she’s back at this year's Glasgay with her company, Split Britches.

5 DV8 Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men I saw this a really long time ago. It’s very disturbing and has stayed with me for all these years.


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Ozzy Osbourne is king of the TV dads, but where did he come from? We trace the roots of the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness through his small screen ilk.

Fred Flintstone

The Original Father

The big conk. the questionable fashions. the short temper . . but he loves his missus and the kids too isoi‘t of). It's all his fault y-"know.

Charles lngalls

The Jesus Christ of Fathers

The bai‘i‘elchested God- bothei'ei‘ could fix a broken leg as giiick as a busted wagon wheel. So whole- some he never took a shit.

Martin Crane

The Sane Father

How the hell did down to- eaitli Marty spawn such pi'eening. pretentious intellectuals as l7i‘aisei‘ and Niles?


Margaret (i'a.'tdri‘(i.'"er l'ii‘ liking it fl{)ll‘ the p:>:'it .‘.l(}'.'. of the children. Hull :loti't lxll()'.'.' tilt‘,‘:illflt_) about it. l'.'i‘ compute!

'lliteiaté 2.

Jeff Tracy The Father Who Pulls the Strings

His acting may have been wooden, but he was proud to have kids who'd carry on

the family trade. lf saving the

world can actually be described as a trade.

Gomez Addams

The Creepy, Kooky Father

As kind hearted as Tracy or lngalls. Just a bit stranger. His kids had pigtails too they iiist liked severed hands instead of puppies.

Prof John Robinson The Lost in Space Father

A terrible pilot with a heart of

gold, he shot Fred Flintstones fatherly ineptitude into the cosmos but in space no-one can hear you say ‘doh!’


The Anti-PC Father Leering. sneering a'izl beering. he put the 'Al' into '(lysfunctional'. His long suffering family from ititri'iezi

l/l/lf/l Children might naxe been

better off with Ted Bun; t“..

Mike Brady

The ‘Perfect’ Father

Mike never learned from Robbo's mistakes. instead following the unhelpful route of dishing out hypothetical after-the—fact nuggets for parental guidance.

Dr Huxt‘able

The PC Father

A sickh reactionary on The Cosby Shoat”. his household was filled ‘.‘.’lttt girls ‘.'.'liil()lli drug habits oi teen preg- nancies. SUrUl‘, some fluke of genetic exi)eiiiiimitation’?

Homer Simpson

The Slob Father

Martin Without the compassion. patience or common sense. Made being o\./ei‘\'./eight and bald a fashion statement.

Game On Royal Museum. Edinburgh

Tony Soprano

The Godfather

The god lbut not goodi father of two families. one domestic. one wiseguy Neurotic. balding. unhealthy. violent ~ he's got it all!

David ['u;"ee'

It's reallj. t)()()£i.i".1th-;? illl‘ fei atfn'ttz Iliei‘. kids; it hack a bit Soii‘e graphicsaie supe't‘

Ozzy Osbourne

The Rock-God Father

He (t;t\.‘.’(tl(‘t3 like a pro/ac— ed pensioner but has a heart of gold and um» ‘.'.'II.

I SOUNHQO 105) mi oar reviei'; of The ()sootiines.

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