All female musical line-up

This year's rnusrcal (:ontr'rhutron rs rnaue up entirely of fahulous fernale performers. Although leshzan performers are notorious for strapping on their guitar and playing to an audience of exertahle \.r~.'ornen. Glasgay has taken a rather different route. The first event rs lrps t/rr/eas/red. A hands on rnrx of musical styles from Rachel Jury and Helen Reeves as well as spoken cord. Btrt for those who prefer tr ngs rrtore la (l hack ar‘zl smoky transsexual ra/x singer Claudia Bliss s il1{}‘.'.'()tl‘.ill‘ to see. Wrth her f >ur oetaxe a e e she wle -.'.t‘rsk you from Gershv-rrn to Dene/elf: a":i alt he t'rtte lookng like the free (il‘.'£l that she 't;. On a (tifferent rnusrcal \rrhe. Horse rs )Ll(fi\ '.'.rth her an‘a/rng \.'()l(l(} and support from Lorna Brooks. She wrll he perferrnrr‘g songs from her latest alhurr‘ Hrnr/srg/rt . . . It "s a l”.’one‘erfe/ Hrrng Elllfl \‘urll no (louht he iill()‘.'.’|ll§} rn a few old favourites as well. lhe final musical performance rs from one of Brrtarn's leatlrng chanteuses. Barb Jungr. Straight from her sensatronal season in New York. \Jungr Will he performing a passion fr ()(i set of songs o.'(l anti new. anrl from her acclarrneti Boh Dylan tnhute alhurh I ‘.'(,‘/‘.’ Grarn of Sane". «Jane l larnrltonr I Z rps Un/easherr’, Iron 'l'lret'rtre. '. ‘.’ed (5 Nov.” C/arro'ra B/rss. iron [heat/e. Sun It) Nov; Horse. B(ll/'()l.‘.z/(Il.‘(/. fire 12 Nov; Barf) Jung/1 Iron Thtxrtr'e. In 7:3 Nov.

Dylan tribute: Barb Jungr



Female-centric shows from Annie Sprinkle and Clod Ensemble

Descrrhrng herself as a rnetarncn:hosexr:al. Annie Sprinkle has a n 2w Interactive show prern.errng rn the UK a! (Slasgay. looking hack over the last quarter (:(l-ttlttr‘,’ of sexr ral (3‘.'()illi|()ll. Herstory of Porn, Reel To Rea/ features clips from her art porn rnovres and explores the hooy. sexuality and lllll‘ll'thrltg ‘.'.’|iil the arm of evoking (lehate rather than naettzrzg seats

Also at Glasgay. Split Britches rn (:ollahorataon garth rnovernent, rnusrc based the Clod Ensemble presents Dear. 'e .AfijOIle. an evening of two ‘rxor‘ks: Mrss Risque antl /t's a Small House and we [.rver/ rn rt Always Starring Split Britches munrlers Peggy Shaw anrl l ors ‘A’eaxer. the latter rs a hluesy atfarr looking at hos.’ territories are carx'erl up in long term 's:latronshrps.

Mrss Firsque takes {if} hack to a Paris rr‘usr; i‘ntll at tlze turn it "re century ‘.'.'here a spy. trzes to uncoger the geltlen secret of a

hou'rgrrl's success. Accor‘rlmg to Weaxer. ths Setting; offers an 'pportunrty to explore the representatmn of fernrnznrtg.’ cn stage 'lhe Pans rnusrc hall auras the one place where the showgrrl .'.as In charge.' she sa‘, s. 'Not only was she the centerpiece of the Stage. hut she was rn charge of her o.'rn career. her own material anrl n‘arrttarnerl a 'ot of ;,<)'.'.t;r. It unasn't an exploited fernrnrnrty. hut a real ernporrererl fe'rrrrmrrt . ‘_ Aral rt comes complete '.'rrth a Iéf) toot (tress. li.4(:t(:tlfi ‘.“.lr|t;arnsr

:Annre Spr‘rnk/es llerstcrr.’ ()f l’orn, Hee/ lo Ht (XI/t. lrte f)

Ilrrr 7 Nov; DOM/1"}.-/l(](3ll(,".. Iren Hart/e. 81(08an [0

78THE LIST " ’1' '-'-'.,..



Theatre and dance from Tim Miller, Sean Tuan John and Donovan Flynn

Truth, lies and rubber gloves with Donovan Flynn

Each of these three seaso'ezr anaet game r>e"‘<:'r“(:«'s "er‘trer "ear. outy stroject trailer as entertaznng as hoss-r; e. Lone. sex are .ntrrr‘ac‘, are at the top 0 the r (1 “car (get ua (,rst Tim Miller. berry Bron/5, rs a grea!est-r.r!s 'r e<lle. ezt T"- s rc'a 'rzre .r..e-.:' Arnerrtxtn r‘ero s recent hoox o’ the save "are. ‘l ..s:"<} '."e '.'.r:r:r LOWE) 't not". the post no ar‘o ' eta! .e se' se. V e'.

-ronrst. sags. Punt“, are age. "e creates t" a ::"-:2;‘:'." ess (ie'ruen, that appea s eosan, to "-::-a:: a":: "ea"?

tron r‘./r'\.' Heart s true To the \."<:::r“.-::-"°. or‘a {3"él'lfl (1‘ ::a"::e T"ea'."e o‘ \"Jejsltn‘ar‘ Sean Tuan John. 'l"e r:'c-se"ta:'<:" a":: t'<:a'."‘<.~"'. :>‘ sexual rltr‘. :-ss :5; tr‘e cue for 'oevpa, "'or“ '..'.’(3 :2<3"‘(:""‘{3"f; <:; s'. a:

psxchratrc patients r‘ ’éllilli saris. Aitil a" :1" z; "a‘ 5:::.."::t'a<:« 5;..“1: "

|( ea'xrx, ano ra":::;'r cuss-we :,'t:,"-:,- :,a' s . \ .tr'x: 1-:1’3; \’:," n -.:' s \ " ,\-\ II II 1‘ ' t A t . o’ x t t t n. con-.roxersza f. 't‘ he loos as a" .r‘. ..e":,e. use“ :r xes (:a'x-

nunoureo «:tsch a'to .1: proxoct . re e res. hrs .ra. -" a»; gm.

'Son‘ethrhg that as not afra :: o" en‘s'uo'x'

TheA/r‘ Over Show hy Donovan Flynn es a'fofiie,’ 'y.t:':<f. T" s r; <2": of ston'telr ng. (lance anti 2 s.ra t"eat"e .rses a ‘a 'eo "fag :: a::'. a":: stage fright as '1‘.(}léll)“()"f; for wess ant: 'v‘orta s as:: guestonrr‘g the role ti aster: ograel‘, r2er‘::"r“;‘:"::e. 'J..st :;-;.-::a_.s»:; t's s.:p;>oseu to he true. is ta", "Wore "terest "g than ‘13s a iiiif} i1 l.es'?' Donalo‘ Hatera I/rr} 7/11/5er 81201803.}; The" Tr‘eaf'e. .9 5% Deeexs' r“ I'lre All Over Show; Aches. 'r’: 6; Sa.‘ '6 .‘.e. .' .,l:""":~; trek Mi. Heart. Armies. '.'/e:;’ Tm, u '.(:..

A Lois Weaver puts showgirls in charge in Miss Risque