Clubs listings

Glasgow Saturdays continued

I The Garage at the (iat'age.

lllpm 3am. £5 (£3) helot'e I lpm; £(i t£-l) alter. Weekly. ()ne ol the husiest nights lll toyyn. Super-eon)mereial party sounds on the main daneelloor and indie Classies in the Allie.

I Graduate Club at g3. l lpm ‘yani. £4 (£3). Weekly. l)esigned to stiit those who haye alyyays enjoy ed a (iarage- sly Ie night ottt. htit leel a little long in the tooth when surrounded hy lresh- laeed. lager-stained youngsters. Stey e Dayis proyides the party anthems.

I The Shack at Shaek.

l().3()pm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. ('heesy ehart tunes and eommereial danee traeks lrom l).l (iraeme.

I Strawberry Fields at Strayyherry Fields. 10.30pm 3am. £5. Weekly. ('lassie party nonsense lrom the (ills to last week.

Glasgow Sundays-


I Budda at Bar Budda. .Spm midnight. Free. Weekly. Dispel the ttight alter hlties With U] ('olin \Valket' ol the New York Allianee. who will he playing otin the deepest house and most progressiy e grUUVL‘S.

I Divine Intervention at llrel.

()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. l).l lltishpuppy hlends mod. old grooy e and lttnk into a pleasing mash. sery ed \y ith some line house red.

I Elilots at lilliots. Spin midnight. Free. Weekly". A neyy open deeks night at this suhtly positioned har in the olliee distriet. Bring along your reeords. hut only il they 're good. .\'o tranee please. I The Hustler at Mr ()rganie.

5pm midnight. Free. Weekly Straight ottt the ‘hood to your neek o‘ the yyoods: Johnnie Blale and his oeeasional guests supply grooyes so smooth they 'd tttoy e y‘o' momma's ass.

I The Man with No Suitcase at the (irill‘tny. Next date the.

I The Medicine Room at Bret. 8pm tnidnight. Free. Weekly. .\ledieine Room l).ls turn a nasty mid \yeek mood into a smooth. seduetiy e ey ening session. I Moloco at Moloeo. tS’pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Martin St John keeps it mixed tip. yyith a seleetion that takes in stompin’ northern soul. roots. roek and reggae.

I Mongo’s Hi-Fi at Bloe. All day. Free. Weekly. Load tip on l)uh and grtih as .‘ylongo hits its yyith eooking yinyl all day Sahhath. .‘ylongo like eandyl

I Nico’s at .\'ieo's. ()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. lttt‘tl lllttl lroyy n upside down. Billy .‘ylilligan. the lan .\le|lis ol danee music. ollers a eheesehoard iii no small y'ariety.

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I Phonic at .\loskito. ‘lpm midnight. Free. Weekly. 'l'hese l’llttllle lellt)\\s are popping tip eyery yy here. W mding doyy n the W eekend. (ittt‘tlttll tllld Stey en pill) only the ehoieest house euts.

I Passionality at ('tihe.

l l..illpiti 3am. Free. Weekly. l).l Shaun

ensures that the yyeekend is stay ing aliy e

\yith this post yyeekend night ol pleasing ehartistry.

I Ross McMillan at \‘ieo‘s.

0pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Resident presents the eheesiest ehart layourites to llls \ilt'lli\ ll'lelltls.

I 8&8 at Bar Ill. 7pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Relay yyith Rtkli traeksmithery

and take adyantage ol the generous

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llto l ist's A l ISl

it": t) 'll‘s(.’)'..'l". -. élgtitl l8 your?) tit") 'tl'tt" All tittttlt‘t ill") "

atltttissiot) lllt‘: t) ass was in. ll")')(?l£t", .ti‘1a: and ‘S .tll’l "it (ml). (W? twat)”.

‘i-"“‘: «1‘, .i"'l t‘!t> to those:

i.t:s ":‘a’r".t‘- 'llt‘ 'l()lll to tettisgt}

86 THE LIST " '~'- '.


Judge Jules joins Freefall, Sat 2 Nov

drinks promos at this elassy eity eentre har.

I Scratch’n’Sniff at .\le(‘huill‘s. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. \eyy pre- eluh \enture. leattiring l)anny liarhour play mg house. garage and yyhatey er else he latteies.

I Soulful Sundays at 'l'ehait )y tia.

i 7pm. Free. Weekly. lt's all eondueiye to a deep sense ol ehill: dt'ttlk ohseure teas. play ehess. giy e your hody a rest. llosted hy Raymondo and Rodrigue/ ll'itltlls ()Illy l. [his is a sttttllltl session It) ltelp reioin the human raee alter the

\\ eekend‘s slllltless.

I Sugar Shack at the ltahy (hand to lilm Bank (iardensi. Spin midnight. Free. Weekly. .\ hletid ol ltmk. ia//. soul and l.atin lrom l).l \lareelo.


I Bennet’s at liennet‘s.

ll.3()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. ln yyhieh yy e are eottlrotlted hy a strange parity. 'l‘om plays tunes loy ed hy 13 year—old girls. plus some hangm' ltandhag. to equally appreeiatiye gay men. Funny old yyot'ld. I Bite at the (‘athouse Illillpm 3am. Fret helore | l..illpitt; "2 t£l.5()) alter. Weekly. .\ milder llll\ ol' indie and roek than you‘ll lind at the eity ‘s premier roek name on Fri or Sat.

I Bump’n’Grind at the \elyet Rooms. l lptn Ram. £-l t£2). Weekly. Wind doyyn the \yeekend \yith l).\l(i's Iltl\ Ul Rkli tllttl street MN”.

I Club Tropicana at the (image t.~\ttie). llpm 3am. £§ (£2). Weekly. lndie. hoth elassie and eontemporary.

\\ ith a healllty dose ol lil‘llptip.

I Dream at Straysherry Fields. lllfitlpm 3am. £15. Weekly. Filteen tlllltl to get in’.’ You're ‘ay in' a laugh. am't ya’.’ liut yyait: the hat is eompletely lt‘ee all nigltt. so stop moanng and get drunk.

I Hard Wired at liarlly tlormerly the lith .\'ote ('luh). 0pm 3am. Free.

Weekly. A night so roekin‘ it yyill haye Kurt yyishing he hadn't heen quite so rash. Happily ayoiding 35-year-olds in shorts \y ith a sketehy knoyy‘ledge ol rap tno nu tnetal) and l.‘()real-ahusing poodlers. llard Wired yyill play tunes lt'ottt lelt ol the tttiddle liig hitters slteh its Wee/er. Foo Fighters. Red Hot (‘hilli Peppers and lltindred Reasons in the doyy nstairs area.

I Liquid Cool at liaha/a. 9pm 3am. £5. Weekly. :\.l. Kris Keegan and Ian ’l‘hompson play top-noteh \oeal garage and house to a eluh paeked yy ith hyper- hedonistie tyyentysontething reyellers. all ol \yhom seem to hay e lorgotten that they haye \york in the morning. ll quality tunes and glamorous anties are your hag. Sun at Baha/a is unmissahle.

I Miso at the (‘aptain’s Rest.

7pm midnight. £2. 3 .\'o\. Fortnightly. Another thrilling installment lrom the people hehind the Deep Burnt lestiyal. I Optimo (Espacio) at MAS tin assoeiation yyith the Suh (‘luh).

llptn 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Fuek eleetroelash these are the guys that turned tyy isted into a hy yyord lor eutting edge. so eheek it.

I Streaker at Shaek.

ll)..‘~tlpm 3.30am. £5 t£3). Weekly. l).l James ‘the Boy’ (iardner spins the t'aeks lor those enioy ing immature anties and naked ltm. lltls sounds like a good latiglt. eh‘.’

I Sunday Surgery at ('uhe.

l lpm .‘iam. £5 (£3). Weekly. ('ameron (‘raig dispenses some salye lor your sotil in this diyerting yy inder-doyy ner \t ith a medieal theme.

I Sunday Best at the Shed.

ltlfitlpm 2am. £3 (£3). Weekly. The Right Reyerend .litn l)a Best (Hype. ('uhe) plays yyhatey er the hell he yyattts eaeh and eyery Sahhath lo" the h ingoy er

I Transistor at the Polo Lounge.

1 lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Real pop lot‘ real people yyith l).ls .\'i;all .\le.\lutray and Wayne l)i\on.

Chart & Party

I Disco at Fury Murry 's. l 1pm 3am. £4 IL“ l. Weekly. (‘heese-tastie disei ltttt lor students. yyith l)a\ e and Phil sp nnittg the dlses.

I Media at Media. llpm 3am. t2. Weekly. .\ lull-on ll tyoured miy lit in rotational residents plus karaoke in room [\H). Drinks pt'otttos a honus tall drinks £3 all night).

Glasgow Mondays i '.


I Hector Monday’s Quiz at Sieo‘s. ‘lpm midnight. Free. Weekly. ()r. to giy e it its lttll title. 'lleetor Monday ‘s ()ui/ on a Sunday ey-‘ry Monday‘. l’ri/es galore. pri/es tor the yyorst dressed. disastrous hareuts. sluttish anties and general mishehay iour make this a remarkahle 'it‘e-eluh speetaele.

I Salsa for Beginners at (‘tha \ot‘te. fipm midnight. £4 t£.‘~). Weekly. ('an you learn the salsa‘.’ (iiye it a right good go at this high-elass night ol tottiloolery.

I Salsa Vida at llayana. £-l. Wtekly. Feel the “hythm. 'l‘his is a relayed ind lriendly salsa elass tyy ith teaehet‘ x\ndy Baird) tor those yy ishing to dip the r toes in the salsa water.

I Cul De Sac at (’ttl l)e .Sae.

9pm tittdnight. Free. Weekly. Waten you don't hurn your lingers on Dr Paul: ()tit/ ol Fire.


I Burn at .\l.-\S. | lpnt 3am. Free "or stall ol any ptih or eluh: £3 to ey ery one else Weekly. l).ls Norman and /.L‘ll\ preside oy er the htggest and longest rtm ting stall night otit in history. l‘it‘eedttllt hit the Workers. ttttd there‘s als) a guest appearanee eyery noyy attl again.

I Phenomena at l’m ilege. Next date l.\ \t)\.