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New multiplex for the capital

Cinema offers a little bit extra. Words: Ruth Hedges and Marieke Smegen

t‘s been a long time coming. but finally. iust in time for the

opening of the new Harry Potter movre. Warner Village

cinema opens 15 November as part of the new Oinni Centre at Greenside Place. Edinburgh. The site has evolved from years of waste. emerging from a mess of scaffolding to something very shiny and new. 80 apart from the twelve screens. stadium seating. digital surround sound blah. blah. blah. what is this Warner baby going to offer that's different to any of the other multiplexes? Well. there is the waitress semce and complimentary snacks. With its Gold Class experience. customers can. at the press of a buzzer. summon a waitress to keep the vodka martinis flowing.

The List asked a few Edinburgh cinema-goers what they thought and whether they'd be going Gold Class. Koert Linde. artist. thought not: 'There is no need for another cinema. There are encugh cinemas showrng exactly the same movies from America. I won’t be going there.‘

But Carolynn Fiet. housewife. said: ‘The waitressing is a brilliant idea.‘ How it would work when. at a climactic moment. someone orders a beer is yet to be discovered maybe there's a way of having the drink digitally remastered into y0ur hand withOLit it slopping over yOur neighbour.

Charles Banagan. musrcian. c0uld be persuaded: ‘lt's a good idea. I normally go to the Cameo because yOU can buy alcohol there. but I w0uld probably go to this one instead because I live just down the road.‘

Rival cinemas may be getting nervous and the Cold Experience COuld tip the balance. But then maybe you'd just like to see a movie wrth some popcorn and a coke

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