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Words: Artbug A

To mark Hallowe'en Artbug has been listening to the artygossips to see what skeletons lie hidden in the cupboards. whether fact or fiction. Let's hope the protagonists are ready to be haunted.

To kick off. when the Royal Glasgow institute (RGI) annual exhibition awards were announced it would seem that quite a few east coast based artists had won prizes. a point not gone unnoticed by the Lord Provost of Glasgow. Before announcing the People‘s Prize to Edinburgh-based artist Mathew Draper. the Lord Provost was heard to say: ‘He's not from Edinburgh is he?‘ The tactful reply was: ‘No. no. he's from Walsall‘. ‘Well that's okay then.‘ the Provost replied. Good to see that even in the highest places there is a commitment to fuelling the childish bigotry that exists between the two cities.

Next is the professor affectionately known as Duncan ‘Eyes Wide Shut' Macmillan. What about him, you might ask. Well dearest Duncan in all his wisdom has dished the dirt and given the Fruitmarket Gallery's latest exhibition Hammertown a bargain basement knock-down one star review in The Scotsman.

Whether justified or not the real scandal lies in the fact that a previous art critic's one star review of an exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery (for those of you who don't know. Duncan Macmillan is in charge there) never made it to print as the review was apparently pulled by the powers that be for fear of causing offence to the dear professor. Not surprisingly the said critic's position with The Scotsman became untenable and shortly after his departure the professor miraculously took over his job. What it is to have friends in high places. I don‘t suppose we‘ll be seeing any one star reviews of Talbot Rice shows in the foreseeable future then . . .

Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by city and category, then alphabetically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


7 Bowmoiit (iai'dens. 330 43st. (ll-ll 33‘) 4334.

Victor Hugo: Au Coeur Du Monde l'lltll Thu 3T ()et. Victor Hugo said in l87fi: ‘\\'hat is happening in Serbia shows the necessity fora t’nited States of lituopc.‘ following the routing of Serbian troops by the ()ttainan army. This exhibition of posters display s reproductions of ctirrespoiidence from the time. bearing witness to the author's constant commitment to humanitarian


lo-l Woodlands Road. 333 0038. Mon T'Tl ltlam 5pm; Sat lllant 13.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'iitil Thu 31 ()ct. A selection of works by \arious artists including l’attullo. lid Hunter. James Watt. l’i'ank ('olclotigh. James (hr and many others.

Winter Collection Hi 1 Sat 3t) .Noy. Paintings by regular gallery artists pltis photographs of old (ilasgow.


253 .-\i-gy le Street. (will ()2: (Boo. Marcelo de Melo - All Those Fiddly Bits Tue 5 Sat 3() Nov. .-\ modern approach to mosaics with portraits. sculptures and canyases from Bi'a/ilian artist Marcelo dc .‘ylclo. as seen on Graham Norton. l’ui'l olti/tixeiiv.’ NL‘J.’ St lO‘.'.'.


l‘) l’aruie Street. 553 777‘). Mon Sat

noon 5pm.

Inspiration Hi I Hi 2‘) .\'o\. What inspires artists to paint‘.’ This exhibition of works complete with explanations attempts to answer the question. l’eter Nai'dini. Bryan liyaiis. Moira Kelman and selected new artists to the gallery feature in the line-tip. Nl. ‘.'.' SHO‘.'.’.


l3‘) Bath Street. ()7763 333333. For more information email stiiteai'tsU' Suite Art A series of ongoing weeld)‘ exhibitions each showing the work of a different student currently attending ('ilasgow School of .«\rt. with an opening every l‘riday from 5pm. l-‘ionna .\lcTaggart's work is on show from I 7 No\. followed by Samaiah Kennel (S [-1 .Noy l.


185a Bath Street. 333 3330. Tue Sat ltlain 5.30pm.

Alexander Millar l‘niil Sun 24 .\'o\. .-\ solo show of liguratiyc works by Newcastle artist .-\lexander .\lil|ar.

ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART T34 Blythswood Street. 353 4037.

Mon l’ri 9.30am 5.30pm: Sat 10am Ipm. Simple Pleasures Sat 3 Tue 2(» Nov Recent landscape and liguratiye paintings by Sheila .\lclnnes. Nt-"."l Sl-l()\.‘.’.

Zoe Whiteside Sat 2 Tue 3o .‘s'ov. New ceramics.

CAFE COSSACHOK GALLERY It) King Street. 553 ()733. Tue Sun ll.3flam llpm.

Office Block, Edinburgh 2001 l‘ntil Sun l7 No\. Recent works by lidinburgh-based artist l)a\ id l-‘oi‘stei‘. images relating architectural space with landscape are juxtaposed with text taken from a scientific textbook in which the

author attempts to resolve the mystery of how animate life can derive from the processes of inanimate chemistry.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 353 4‘)()().

Sun Wed llam (ipin: Thti Sat

llain Spin.

N55 l'ntil Sttn If) Nov. A new project by this collaborative group of artists based in (‘openhagen and .‘ylalmo in association with Nll-‘(‘.'\. For the (‘(‘:\. they will be installing .S'IIUI’. a shop where people can

exchange things without the tise of money.

make contributions. borrow or swap things. See review.


36 West (ieorge Street. 333 555 I.

.\lon Sat lllam 5.30pm; Sun noon Spin. Pam Carter: Shades of Scotland l'ntil Wed 3() Nov. New paintings of the

Scottish landscape by popular artist l’am



l'niversity of Strathclyde 33 Richmond Street. 548 3558. Mon Fri Illam 5pm; Sat noon 4pm.

Heavier Than Air: Tom McKendrick l'ntil Sat 33 Nov. A new installation by Tom McKendi'ick inspired by the evolution of the aeroplane. comprising paintings. kinetic sculptures. projected imagery and ambient soundtracks.


I78 West Regent Street. 33] (i370.

.\ton Sat Illam 5.30pm.

Lesley Banks: Colour Notes t’ntil Thu 14 No\. New paintings by Lesley Bank's.

Gareth Reid t'ntil Thu l4 Nov. .\ solo show of recent drawings by (ilasgow School of Art graduate (iai'eth Reid featuring large-scale figurative works and landscapes.


3! (‘hisholm Street. (entrance through salon). 553 7100. Mon Wed. l’ri x Sat l().3()am 5.30pm; Thu 10.30am 7pm. Majority Rules! (Part TWO) t'ntil Sat 33 Nov. The second part of Majority Rules. whereby members of the public selected works earlier in the year that they would like to see in the gallery space. The result is selection of works by artists from the l'S.-\. Scotland and lingland. encompassing photography. painting. sculpture. installation and drawing.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 33‘) two. .‘ylon Thu tk Sat ltlam 5pm; l-‘ri Sun llam 5pm. Re(Place) l'ntil Sun 5 Jan. Specially commissioned work by Susie Johnston and Rachel .\limiec which responds to the histories of the gallery building. Johnston explores the connections with the gallery's Royal lixchange site to (ilasgow’s commercial and industrial history while .\limiec concentrates on the building in its original guise as a town house.

0 The Great Book of Gaelic T'Tl l Nov Stilt ‘) .\lar. ('ontemporary ('eltic culture is celebrated in this exhibition about The Great Book. a 3lst century Bunk olive/Ix which brings together the work of more than 3()() visual artists. poets and calligraphcrs from Scotland and Ireland. lieatui'ed artists include John

By rue. Will .\lacl.ean. ('alum (‘olvin and Steven ('ampbell and the exhibition at (i().\l.-\ is the start of a major tour of the artwork before it is finally bound together into otte complete book. NEW SHOW.


Rouken (ilen Road. (i3() ()335. Mon. Thu. Fri & Stiii l.3() 5.30pm; Sat

l l.3()am 5.30pm.

Small and Beautiful t'ntil Sat to No\. A mixed show of small-scale paintings including works by Jennifer .'\ndcrson. Margarctann Bennet. Kirsly Whither. Alexander Robb and Day id Martin.

listings Art

3 \\r

Richard Wilson: Irons in the Fire Your chance to find out exactly how Richard Wilson goes about creating his inspired architectural interventions and site-specific sculpture in this touring exhibition of drawings. sketchbooks and models. See preview. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Nov—Sat 7 4 Dec.

;- Eija-Liisa Ahtila: Real Characters, Invented Worlds Love. sexuality. jealousy and anger are explored in this major solo show of video and photographic works by Finnish artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila. Dundee Contemporary Arts. Dundee. Sat 9 Nov—Sun 72 Jan.

Kevin Henderson: Zebra New work by performance- orientated artist. Kevin Henderson. featuring sculpture. drawing and performance documentation. lnverleith House. Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Nov—Sun 22 Dec.

The Great Book of Gaelic A selection of artwork from the soon- to-be-completed 21st century version of The Book of Kel/s. Over 200 artists have contributed including John Byrne. Will MacLean. Calum Colvin and many more. Gallery of Modern Art. Glasgow. Fri 7 Nov—Sun 9 Mar.

A Maverick Eye: The Photography of John Deakin Working for Vogue in the late 40s and early 508. John Deakin's stark and uncompromising portraits of celebrities. writers and artists were ahead of their time. This exhibition of vintage prints brings to light the work of this incredible photOgrapher. Dean Gallery. Edinburgh. until Sun 72 Jan.

Ken Currie A solo show of new work by the internationally renowned Glasgow~based artist Ken Currie which looks at violent aspects of urban life. the nature of violence and the nature of political violence. See review. Glasgow School of Art. Glasgow. until Sat 76 Nov.

'- -. John Byrne Last chance to see this exhibition of new paintings including self-portraits by the multi- talented Paisley-born John Byrne. Glasgow Print Studio. Glasgow. until Sat 9 Nov.

.3.‘ Oct l-'-

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