" Attempting to write about Dolly Parton and not make some kind of anatomical reference is pretty much impossible. Like Lemmy’s warts, Kylie’s derriere and Michael Jackson’s all-too-fluid facial features, Dolly's bosom has become a cultural and musical landmark.

Sadly. her cavernous cleavage overshadows the fact that she stands along side Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Tammy Wynette as a " cornerstone of the country genre, responsible for

some works of real genius.

' . She's the author of one of the most affecting love songs ever to be ruined by a warbling soul singer in ‘I Will Always Love You’, and the country song most covered by indie bands in ‘Jolene‘ (I know of at least six). Halos and Horns is, incredibly enough. her 82nd album and revisits those stalwart country topics, good and evil, once again proving there's more to her than meets the eye.

Dolly Parton plays Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Tue 26 and Wed 27 Nov.

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