No one-trick pony

A writer’s work is never done, particularly if you happen to be AL Kennedy. While the former door-to-door brush sales rep modestly claims to have enough trouble hunkering down to her own daily grind to contemplate offering advice to budding scribes, her CV reveals her to be impressively prolific.

Aside from her three fascinating novels and four wonderfully eclectic short story collections, Kennedy has produced several successful radio plays and screenplays (most memorably for the Kelly McDonald-starring Stella Does Tricks), two series of a children’s drama for Canadian television, and wrote and presented a couple of arts documentaries. Evidently, the Dundee-born author

is no one-trick fiction pony.

Yet, as the many admirers who turn out to her annual appearances at Edinburgh’s International Book Festival will testify, Kennedy is also a hypnotic and entertaining performer of her own work. With her latest volume of stories, Indelible Acts, the writer returns to territory familiar to the award-winning Original Bliss, applying her striking insight and humour to issues of love and desire in all their multi-faceted weirdness and horror, from the couple who run out of erotic steam during a dirty weekend in Rome to the man driven to distraction by imaginings of his partner’s adultery and the teenage boy who covets his new mate's comfy life.

Kennedy’s CCA appearance provides an opportunity for fans to experience her latest work. With such a rich back catalogue you’d be a dafty to miss it.

(Allan Radcliffe)

I CCA. G/asgo'nx. Thu 28 Nov.

Belfast - the Far and Near Place chlield St Stephen's (‘hui'ch

('entre. 260 Bath Street. 332 2826. 7pm.

l’ree. 'I‘ake part in [his monthly Holy (‘ity day to look at and contemplate the role of different littitlis in city lilc lotitt}.

Tuesday 26



l2.45pm. Free. John liaithltill giyes a talk on Shackleton's endurance c\pedition.

Wednesday 27

Accommodation Talks SYI 1A

Youth Hostel. 7 8 Park 'l’errace. 332 3004. 7pm. l’rec. (’ht'istine Hiehol‘l‘ talks

itbotll her \yol'ls.

Made from Plants (illlsgt)\\ Botanic

(iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. l-‘rec. Assistant ctiratoi' Louise Bttstard takes a look at the (iarden‘s weird and wonderful collection of plant artctacts l'rom around the world. Discovering Antarctica litiiiterian .\ltisetini. l'nivei'sity Avenue. 330 422 l.

0:300. Mon Thu 8. Sat 10am fipin: Fri 8. Sun

1 1ain~5pin l roo. Designed in 1901 b‘,‘ Charles Ronnie Mackintosh and now home to archivo ll‘éliOl‘létl on education in Scotland front 1877 onwards. Reconstructed (JIEISSTOOH‘S giyo a flavour of Victorian. ldwaidian. World War II and 1900s school days.

Pollok House

Pollok Country Park. 2000 Polloksha'xxs Road. 010 (3/110. Dilll‘)

10am -:')[)ll‘<. 3‘5) lift/in; tainin tickot $113.50. Out:

of tho iiiost ologant ’ttth (:ontury buildings; in tho country. llllS historic houso foatui'os E;()ll‘(} of the finest Spanish paintings; in Britain fron‘ tho collection of Sir \i‘lilliain Stirling Maxv/oll. Scottish Football Museum

llaiiipdon Park. lothoiby

l)l‘l\.'o. (3100100.

Mon Sat llltllllrfqillll Sun 11am fipn‘. 3‘15 47.50;. lho ll()'l‘(3 of SCOlllSll football now ll()llf;t}f3 tho lllfiltfl", of tho boautitul game in Scotland. On display it;

tho oldost national t'oph,

Thursday 28

Book events

AL Kennedy ('(':\. 350 Satichiehall Street. 352 4000. 8pm. liree. Kennedy reads l'i'om her new collection of short sltit‘ics [Iii/('li/)/t’ :li'ls. Sec [WU iew

in tho world. tho Scottish Cup. and ll‘tl(2ll iiioi‘o. Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery

12nd l looi. 1-1KingStioot. 35);) [080. ltio 1pin. lhti l'pii‘. Sun :Spn‘ 8. (Spin. 51-34%: undor 10:; tioo. An how long ll‘.()()ll.’llll(2.'ll ballot poitoiii‘od by

t duard Hoistidsky't; ki'iotit: sculpturos; lll£l(l(,’ lion‘ scrap iiiotal and tiny '.'.'oodon titiuios. lho l)(:l'l()lll‘.’l'lti(3 tolls stories of laiiiian iil(:, toiliot; and (loath. \"‘.’oiks;li.>pt; for group; and l)ll‘.’.’ll(? poiloiiitaiit;t:f; a‘.’ailablo by :ii’i‘.‘iiigioii‘t;~iit.

i i edinburgh@list.<=<3'-l1k

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Book events

Simon Schama Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). 7. 9pm. £5. The popular historian and writer reads from his latest work. The l/isliiijv ()f'lii'i'lui'ii Ill.

The Other Side of the Words: the Life and Song of “LS. Graham Scottish Poetry Library. 5 ('richton's (lose. (‘anongate. 557 2876. 7.30pm. £5 it'3i. Peter Read brings to life the extraordinary works of \VS (iraham.


The Irrawaddy Project Royal Botanic (iarden. lnverleith Row. 552 7l7l. 3 4pm. Free. Renowned travel photographer. Norma Joseph gives an illustrated talk on her trip to Burma

\\ liich inspired her exhibition. .-1iiil Illt' Uiiivii (time (’1) like 'I‘liiiiit/i'r. Miracles, Masters and an Extraordinary Story Quaker Meeting House. 7 Victoria ’l‘errace. 225 4825. 7 0pm. Free. A talk about the emergence of a group of spiritual teachers who are trying to solve global problems.


Deck the Halls Lauriston ('astle. 2a


{ll‘t’lllg hands-on experiences of the art of VISlléll trickery.

City of the Dead’s Haunted Graveyard

(‘ramond Road South. 336 2060. ltlam 4pm. £7. Advance booking required. lixperiment with willow and other materials to create (‘hristnias decorations.

Other events

Amnesty Ceilidh St Bride‘s Centre. 10 ()rwell 'l'errace. 346 I405.

8pm midnight. £7 (£5). Dance the night away in to the Lismore (‘eilidh Band in aid of a worthy cause. Tickets available

ll'tilll Amnesty International Bookshop.

.lL‘lll'C)‘ St ((ll3l 557 2957).

Saturday 1 6


Poetry Reading Royal Botanic (iarden. lnverleith House. 552 7l7l. 2pm. Free. Artist Kevin Henderson and author David Hopkins give a poetry reading.

Other events

Record Fair Assembly Rooms, 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). lllain ~4pm. L'l. (‘ome and pick an old classic at this established record lair.

Mammoth Antiques and Collector’s Fair Royal Highland (‘entre. lngliston. 335 6200. 10am—5pm. £5 (£3 £4). Scotland‘s largest antiques and collectors lair.

Other events

Mammoth Antiques and Collector’s Fair Royal Highland Centre. Ingliston. 335 6200. 9am-5pm. £5 t£3~£4l See Sat l6.

Take centre stage . . . SO much about the ,. wonderful world of a y. theatre goes on a ,1 behind the scenes .1 V so why not take this " .. great opportunity to Q; step inside and see ' the process up close and personal? Told by an Idiot is holding this special workshop to give you the audience. a chance to try your own hand at writing, to coincide with their latest production, A Little Fantasy. Using a moment from your favourite movie or stOry as t a starting point. Exploding the Feeling explores how different styles in one tale can create great comic theatre. I Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street, 228 I404. 77am~4pm £6 (£3).

t?5p—S‘.1.30l. For a real taste of history. take a (hive Out to this ramshackle old castle. which although not Quite as intact as Edinburgh

Camera Obscura Castlohill. Royal Mile. 290 370‘). Mon l-re

0.30mi: (3pm: Sat at Sun Wain-(Spin.$31.01”)

«52.150 50,053.: *amsty ticket 8‘14. Pick up a pedestrian in ".(Dtll' hand at this attraction. '.'.’lll(Ill gives visitors a roaf limo, L300 avagio of tho ;:it'-,. l’io fl‘()Sl '(?(I(?l‘l additioi‘. to tho nonuo it; tho Magic (,‘ialloiy

Meet by St Giles Cathedral. Royal Mile. 447 2230. Daily 8.30pm 8. 10pm. S35 iii/ti. .Join this spooky tour if you dare. and you'll be guaranteed all manner of paranormal frights. including the infamous MCKCll/IC Poltergeist. You have been warned. Craigmillar Castle Craigiiiillar Castle Road. (301 #1441"). Daily S).1l()aiii~0pin. S‘1.80

Castle. IS far more atmospheric.

Dynamic Earth Holyrood Road. 550 7800. Daily 10am—6pm. $37.95 ($24.50). With volcanoes erupting beneath your feet. a tropical rainstorm pouring down. earthquakes and tidal waves at every turn. the histOry of the earth has never been more interesting.

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