DC Jackson and Michael Collin (Unblokt'd Press 55.?) .000

Since its introduction as a regular feature in The List’s Clubs section in February of this year, the Glasgow Fabulous comic strip has attracted some praise and also some scorn. One of the more memorable responses printed on the letters page of this publication argued that the strip was ‘not funny, topical or valuable as an art form’.

Although somewhat biased, as I introduced the strip to the section in the first place, I’d have to refer all critics to the first fully-fledged comic from the Glasgow Fabulous writer Daniel Jackson and its artist Michael Collin. And for a number of reasons: a) it’s funny, b) it’s topical and c) the artwork is as good if not better than any published by the major comic book houses.

Drawing upon the DC and Marvel greats for inspiration, 2001: A

I pity the fool who doesn't pay 50 Solid Crew.

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Jakey Odyssey supposes that Glasgow’s DJ are superheroes - yes,

even the Jengaheads.

In a series of epic encounters, the Slam DJs join forces with Subculture, Silicone Soul, Tiger Style and Ultra Sonic to do battle against an evil coalition formed between Optimo, some other DJs and entertainment entrepreneurs Stefan King and Colin Barr. As with the

They know the score, a monkey each for So Solid and y0u get Oxide and

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fortnightly strips in this magazine, some prior knowledge of the Scottish and specifically the Glasgow club scene will go a long way here. But judging by their humorous treatment of the So Solid Crew - their market research advises when it’s time to pop a cap in someone’s ass - Jackson and Collin’s playful satire is destined to outgrow the parochial and go on to conquer the world.

(Catherine Bromley)


to bust heads

106 THE LIST 1-1 98 Nov Pit-I)?


ELECTRONICA ANDY VOTEL All Ten Fingers (Twisted Nerve) 00.

Andy Votel is a master multi-tasker. The Manchester DJ has remixed Death in Vegas and Kings of Convenience. designed the cover of The Hour of BOW/lder'l)east and runs his own record label. His debut long-player is the result of a man ‘taking apart all his LPs. videos and musical instruments and trying to put them together again.‘ He doesn't do a bad job. although a Significant minority of the tracks on All Ten fingers are far too short and throwaway.

Elsewhere. rampant ecelecticism Wins the day as electronica. indie. hip hop and the likes of Elbow and Can's Malcolm Mooney combine to whip up a rather tasty sonic ornelette. Just watch out for the bits of shell. (James Smart)

INDIE MIDWEST Town & Country (Homesleep) 0000

Lost count of the number of Italian indie folk bands plaguing the charts these days? Probably not. Granted they're a rare commodity but if the standard of Midwest's beguiling melodies are anything to go by. you'd be a fool not to give them a go. Slow and soninamlg)ulant and set on solid base of banjo. the t 1 songs on the album are intricately overlaid With Matteo Gambacorta's wistful vocal and all manner of electronic aids including a Wurlit/er piano. at

mellotron. a space drum and a Moog satellite (whatever that is). Fudher recommendation. should you need it, is that Howe (3er of Giant Sand's already fallen in love with their sound and plans a collaboration to follow shortly. (Catherine Bromley)


This Christmas when your dad gets steaming, makes a dancing arse of himself. tries to snog the cat then pisses himself. fret not. It cOuld be worse. He could be Tom Jones. Mr Jones is the most embarrassing record ever made. the incontinent Welsh sex- squib foghorn learns up with hip hop chancer par exellance Wyclef Jean to produce a brutal. ranCid corpse of a record. Hearing the flatulent granddad of boyo- crooning trying to rap is stupefying. and then when they cover ‘Black Betty' a singularity opens in the fabric of space and time and sucks the galaxy out through its event horizon sphincter. shitting the universe into blissful oblivron. Well that's what it feels like.

(DOug Johnstone)


Lift Every Voice (ECM) O...

Charles Lloyd has enjoyed two careers as a major jazz figure. the first in the late 60s. and the second since his return to performing in the late 80s. His association With ECM has been the most fruitful of his career. and this two—CD set

maintains that high creative standard. Nobody feels the need to show how high/fast)" loud they can play. The music unfolds in measwed but compelling fashion, led by Lloyd's lyrical tenor saxophone. and underpinned by Billy Hart's magical drumming, filling the chasm left by the death of Billy Higgins. Geri Allen (piano). John Abercrombie (guitar) and Larry Grenadier or Marc Johnson “3883) complete the stellar line- up. (Kenny Mathieson)


DAVE O’HIGGINS Fast Foot Shuffle (Candid) OOOO

A fast and furious new disc from Dave O'Higgins. inspired by working with the Jazzcotech Dancers at London's Jazz Cafe. The saxophonist conjures up 14 sizzling uptempo cuts over bop. Latin and jazz-funk rhythms. including versions of Dizzy Gillespie's ‘Bebop'. Coltrane's ‘Giant Steps' and Tizol's ‘Caravan' alongside his own material. If the rhythms are designed to appeal directly to the feet. the solOing is as tough and inventive as usual.

O’Higgins leads the way on tenor and soprano. with notable contributions from pianist Tom Cawley. guitarist Mike Outram. and guest trombonist Barnaby Dickinson. (Kenny Mathieson)

HIP HOP THE OPUS First Contact (Ozone) .00.

The aural eQuivalent of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey in its alternating use of terror and beauty. this atmospheric indie hip hop album opens with the eerie vorce of HAL. the computer that goes mad and kills the crew in the film. Fear established. Chicago production due Mr