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Not for the taint hearted or part". hip hop

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INDIE ROCK THE LOLLIES Taste rFortuneéfiGoryi O

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The first ever collection of Edwyn's solo material together with classic cuts from Orange Juice




ultra rnrlre transeoprr: lahel :5; a trazlrtronar enough rornr: through the late r‘rght ,‘a// piano hrnterrand but has

enough energy; and ease; (maxi; £11)()tll It to "Hake-yon 2;:t kII)(1ll(I take 'ro‘aee.

Door) Klo'rpetone



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(:harts’? lhe ansx'rer is; an ernphatre vex. Justin has; already; earneri hrs; strzpes; mirth the hrrllrantlg :nte(:trorr$; erngrle 'l rke I love You' and (:ontrrtrres; on his; (ll'()(lll)l|lt\,'(It'llf$£t(1(}‘.‘.’!llt help front his; friends; Janet Jackson. Brr'nha Sparxxx. the (Zirpsae. lrrnhaland and ar‘gaahl', the finest producers on the planet today. the Neptrrnee. There's a

(ietrnrte 9&8 feel to fnrt; anrl there are tir‘ret; garner: the lx/‘r:<:naet Jaekeon» 81115} are a l;rt hard to t;torna::h hut all r"; all. this; aihtrrn is; a good f;|§}.’l()1‘.'.’1l£tt'53 to come from Arnerrr:a's:, richest 21 year olrl. Ben E, Ll'f;ll,



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."<)(Z'x".'t"()!i better f".ar B'ntrey. "Sear" rs; rrrei(;<:':a'rz:zrr:l .,'. elterttxn mer ar‘.:i <>ls;(>.'.""-'-'<: “':~r sstr'rtlent ‘.’;)I{Z<3 .t; r‘:>:.:‘.t;he<: ir, (lergen: H518 an<l fit/z"; piano ‘iozirr:;l‘.e€;. Mainstream pop star rn Iltt(;-."(}E;tri‘g aihrrrn shock? Stranger things; rave happened. ularnes; Smart.

Token from the olbum

"1-2-3-4!" , Out Now

"No sooner hos o verse ended than 0 Cadillac sized chorus reverses intothe back of it...

It‘s great stuff.” - NME


~ .\ .. {THE LIST 107