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Stockard Channrng's Julre Styron rs a workaholrc l)trsrnesswonrart who finds herself stranded rn an arrport rnotel when her plane rs cancelled. Also stranded rs her assrstant Paula ’Jtlliti Stylesr. who recogr‘.:ses a man (Fred ‘v‘./'el|erv who she says raped Her trrend at college. the raprst turns out to he a corporate lt(}£t()"trlti(}l' ot Julre's acguaintar‘ee. and. outraged. the ‘.'.'on‘en dec <r'-:; to exact sorne rexertae.

So far so fascenatrng. The hurld 2.): To the trrst ot a nurhbe' '3‘ r'evelatroris :5; ‘.'.'(;-ll handled 1:. drr'eetor‘ Patrrck Stettner. but the trln‘. doesn't gurte delrver' on rts rrtrtral prornrse. Strll. the sharp cast play thrs dark thrrller perfectly (Morrrenturr‘ VHS and DVD rentalr llvlrles Frelder.

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(18) 102mm .000

More graturtous altra vrolence tr’orr‘ ,lapan's great eccerrtrrc trlrr.rr‘aker lakes'nr Mrrke. the lliétf‘: benrnd Arid/tron and the torthcornrng l/re Happrn 2sr, of the K.'r.'akuras. lhrs :s

actually the second part of hrs Dead or A/rve serres ot Yakusa rnovres. lvlarro (Team is a psycho Bra/rlran hrtrnan who sates hrs beloved Ker rlvlrchelte Rersr from the grrps ot the deportatron authorities; but he hadn't countered on two ‘\.'.'errd Yakusa gang leaders.

lhrs rs chaotrc. lethal fun that. as usual ‘.‘.’lllt Takeshr. amounts to absolutely nothrng and ever\,,rthrng. l‘akeshr rs such an energetrc trlrnrnaker rt rs drttrcult to not buy rnto hrs cornrc book vrsron ot a n‘oder‘n day hell created by lrttle rnen ‘.'.rrth brg guns. «Metro tartan DVD retarlr uPaul Dale.



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On the rel )ou'rd from a long-term r'eiatronshrp. Josh Har‘nett's San Francrsco '.'.'eb-desr<_;ner grves up sex for l ent -re «10 days and nrghtsr. But hrs newt}. ll‘.£t(l(} vouv ot chastrty rs put to the test. frrst by hrs work pals .'./ho thrnk the, can break the boy and then when beautrtut Shannyn S< ssarnon corr‘es hrs '-.'/a\,'. 'l he attr'actron's rnutuai. but can the parr conirnue therr relatronshrp ‘.'.'rthout sex? «10 Days and x10 Nrghts Is a cut above the recent spate of US sex cornedres. Director Mrcnael Lelxrr‘ann keeps the pace (aunty. .'.rhrie hrs players are .'./ell served by snappy and sharp dralogue. Sarpr‘rsrnglg,’ lrkeable. rtlll) Vl l8 and DVD rental; rlvirles l relder‘r

(LOP/ll DY SLACKERS (15) 86min 0

lhrs slopprly rrtade trlrr‘ has pretentrons to he sorr‘ethrng altogether

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COMIC HOOK Al )Ai’iAl |( )N

SPIDER-MAN (12A) 121 min on.

Vibrant and thrilling from start to finish

On its original publication in the early 605, Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man captured the hearts and minds of America’s teens because the hero had the same problems they had. Like Peter Parker before he got fanged by a radioactive spider (updated to a genetically-designed one in the movie), they too got picked on at school, ignored by the girl/boy they loved and misunderstood by the families that tried hard to protect them from the harsh realities of the outside world. And it’s precisely this appeal - the combination of the real and the fantastic that director Sam Raimi pays tribute to in this loyal film adaptation.

But then, he’s a fan, and a big one at that. And while that could worsen and make precious his treatment of high school nerd Peter Parker’s transformation into your friendly neighbourhood super-hero, it doesn’t. Instead, Raimi’s concise understanding of Peter’s innate vulnerability as an insecure adolescent gives real depth to a film that could otherwise be simply a sum of special effects and overblown melodrama.

Vibrant and thrilling from start to finish, and superbly cast with Tobey Maguire playing Peter Parker/Spidey, Kirsten Dunst playing his unattainable sweetheart Mary Jane Watson and Willem Dafoe camping it up as the Green Goblin, Spider-Man even succeeds in escaping the episodic quality that the X-Men film fell prey to, and goes on to achieve a satisfying coherence as a film even though it only portrays Spidey’s early initiation into web-slinging. That’s not to say it doesn’t leave you wanting more. It does and thankfully, the next installment is not that far away.

(Catherine Bromley)

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rnore orrgrnal than get another gross out Arr‘errcan college corned}. .Jason Scin'rar‘t/rr‘an pl; ‘,'s tthan. a ‘.‘arratron on h:s precocrous brat trovr‘ lr’as/rrrmre. .'./ho gets wrnd of three ltt/‘, student dudes' scan‘ to .'sthout Irltrng trnger to keyboard. and blackrnarls the boys rnto settrrrg hrrh up with

hrt therr grades

the coolest grr't rn college

lhe rdea of three boys toolrng a grrl rnta sleeprng ‘.'.'rth a gut, she has no Interest rn rs 'rkelj,

to ()it(?t‘.(l sorr‘e. Hut NW over. these who ’(ii'.i§3(: ' A to he parted h', sacr: adolescent sriirr‘ess ar'er‘t :Elxtki‘, to t;r‘:i‘.g to laugh about here. rMorr‘erttan‘ Vl l8 and DVD rerttaf

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()()tv'rt DY lt( )t‘.'t/\l\.‘( Zr KISSING JESSICA STEIN (15) 92min 0..

.lessrca Stern ulennzte: “.‘.”estteldt rs sack at rhen. Not only that. but her best tr'er‘d :s pregnant.

\Jessrca :: sax. a net

baia'fz‘ert person r't‘aa‘t. to gt: hat/k err! ‘.'."tl‘ men and trr‘a ha >r>rr‘ess. arid

t'rrs s the

her ex rs grung her a hard line and l‘.(‘:f brother has rust got engaged. So what rs a strarght grr: to do?“ t=lny rl ox l’athe .Janella'ttntorx

‘)(1'\ \..-.'](I. f:r(\i'\(}'.l.l:)(f(l

‘tmr‘v. aria lrglit hearted

Ansx'xer’: reply to a to'reis. heartsadplacedh‘, art I H

SCOOBY DOO (PG) 83min .0

gallery drr'ector llelen

rl leather .Jur‘genson». After a iot ot a\.'.l\‘.'.'ard

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stva'gt‘t .‘ /\ teer‘ratror‘.

:t a h-ss ‘atmm ls .'.

(:onscrous snoggrng.

they start going out and t)' a tlenrgratth‘ (Easld rr‘ove rn together. hut rt trr' (rl wt fut-so ttrrrtgs at

the relatronshrp soon hrts ance'.‘ Stet-n3; so.

the rocks. lhe trlrr' lhe td-a t"ng art-aa'. rrnplres that haxmg harl Spear); Day. (I'm .,;rrtor:ri. 's f'ta‘. .'.-a knex.

her leshrar‘ r<:-latran:;.‘rrp.

t ‘.'./as rubhrsr‘ the trrst trn‘e around. \"n’e lrked rt berng rurhbrsh. \"x’e loved the formula and the ‘\.'.'a\, the haddre al'.'.’a\.s talked about 'those rrteddlrng k:<is'.

to Its credit. thrs true actron versro't rplus C(Sl dog keeps the nattness and the ‘:;ok. but then. fearful of pr'odrrcrng a nat’t t;lrn, trues to get all krt()‘.'./rrtt} and :rorms. the

result rs 'rke‘=,' to perolex the groua'n ans. though n“, true tear and so." ‘.'.'as at for rt. ‘.‘~.I'arner Horne Vrdeo Vt 155 ar‘rl DVD r‘etarlr rlvlar'k l rs'aerv


BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM 12113 min 0000

Like BECkH£M

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You'd be harti pressed

to Med a "‘o'ae more

lrkeat r-:;- t‘ra" t"rs tare of

.Jess. a " r'he booted.

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dear .,r,ra. our

'tatrona soort ;:a.rses he' to at: :c-r'.e l‘er‘ strct ()Eil-(Et‘ff; to gar'r a shot at goat. Theste", l‘apr‘l. "rateral '.'.rrt. p: nted

dalogue and ,outhfi.”

along r‘qung an

energy insteagl o‘ excessrxe <:(>"It‘:"‘t‘r\,';t.". pop i‘ulte'e ret'ere'xms Mr liectc‘ar" as .re- tor f3t.lT-f‘;ttltlt‘i‘, /\<:'r":tted. tr‘e gets a h". f r'.‘ pants and r‘r‘.t"l‘,i":.’lt1 steeds of" a u to Let: <:or“-.e".re."«’.“. rm:


'.."I:;::;tt torri'rg (7' age .'l‘t)‘.:(?

'. I“ ma. nz-art. 'l leikor‘. t§l\’ \'l it; and DVD retarl'

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