lf clubs were like chocolate

Brussels offers eyeiything from acid and techno beats to deep house and it's just a shot plane ride away. The town that dances until dawn is Quite a selection box . . .

If The Fuse i208 rue Blaes) was a chocolate it would be the caramel cup. Having played host to some of the finest DJs in Europe Since it opened in 1994. Fuse has a breezy self-confidence abOut it and with good reason. Residents Pierre. Deg and T-Ouesl ensure that the dance floor is always filled Wllll happy campers as they crank it up to the max. The Fuse is spread over two floors and is all about the music. One Sunday a month it hosts Le Demence. one of the main gay house nights in Belgium. A silky. sweet night is guaranteed.

Who's Who Land we de Poinconi would be more of a strawbern; cream trendy and colOuitul. This has the glitz appeal that the Fuse is lacking. Clubbing connoisseurs may have lost the faith SlllCO :ts fairly recent playlist overhaul. but there's still plenty of funnage to be had. Saturday nights feature live jazz-funk and quality house. A tasty little number if ever there was one.

lbi/a revellers may be familiar wrth La Pacha (/11 rue de L'ECuyc-ri -- think flovv/er power. funk and soul. And a lot of fun. A succitilent Turkish delight.

you nught say.


But let's put clubbing aside for a second and revel in the wonders of pub life. Or rather the wonders of DJ bars. We all know what it's like. You're settled in for the night on a comfy sofa. tipple happily in hand. and then the barman says those unforgivable words: ‘Last orders.‘ A shrill reminder that the fun is over. Not so in them there Belgian parts. Last orders are merely a frame of mind. with most bars open until 3am. if not later depending on the temperament of the barman. Better still, many of the bars morph into clubs later.

Dali’s Bar (35 Petite rue de Bouchers) and Le Roy Espagne (1 Grand Place) are the orange creams of the choccie box faithful favourites that won't disappoint. Dali's is small and pleasantly reminiscent of a chillout room. decked out with Salvador Dali prints and surreal furniture. Having stumbled along the grimy lane to get there. it's like you've wandered into an untapped treasure trove. Arteaspoon (1 1 rue des Chartreul is worth a visit for the cocktail menu alone. This art gallery-come- restaurant is an animated watering hole. decked out in minimalist decor.

L’Acrobat (14—16 rue Borgyal) is kitsch and cheap. Ignore the scruffy surrounds and enjoy the disco-heuse and funk. Plusl it's open until 6am.

If Brussels itself was a chocolate. it would be the hazelnut cream. Takes a while to get to the core but when you're there. it's well worth the wait. (Anna lvlillarl

Excess Bagga e

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Brussels 3. ‘.'..ii.onia If you do NOi ‘.‘.I:;,'t .'

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