V I saw you Shurdoch. I may be far away. but you are with me and vest every step. We will socket that pocket many times! 1 love you. Yours always. .\liss T. [7455/1

V I saw you cra/y French chick at the Hall Bar last Wednesday with your camera. Come back next week and flash me‘.’ [7455/2

V I saw you wearing glasses behind the counter in Tinderbox. David”? You make the best chi tea latte's. Gay/straight? Single‘.’ Interested? [.'/455/3

V I saw you Paul + Wayne - thanks for letting us stay with you. Miss you both. Love you Sally + co. [7455/4

V I saw you sexy. llame- haired Canadian. Actress or angel'.’ I dream of a beautiful llat together! [.7455/5

V I saw you looking all sexy working in Brel the other nite. Where's the bandana boy! Give me a call if you want some hot loving! [7455/6

V I saw you at the Tron. you red haired-hunk. I want your ginger babies. A red-haired Bobby l)avro!.... [7455/7

V I saw you and you saw me- Me fat. bald. speccy. but good natured and sense of humour - You red. lloppy' hat and shopping trolley and looked nice. [.7455/8

V I saw you in (WT bar. you sat in corner. hair tied tip and smoked rollies. turquoise top. You pretty. [7455/9

V I saw you 'Susan' from Teachers. in the Tron Bar. We wanted you to talk to us. bill you looked busy. We're not stalking you. but....maybe next time.... [7455/10

V I saw you Red Head (straight out of Grange Hill). [7455/1 1

V I saw you in Tinderbox on Friday 25th. You were wearing red trainers and drinking tea. 1 was behind you with a girl with a blue shirt. See you around ['ni! [74.55/12

V I saw you Helen. drinking coffee with a stud! [7455/13

V I saw you looking all sexy in you chef outfit in Brel. With your long flowing hair. (‘all me fora hot date. [7455/14

V I saw you in the green shop. 1 really fancy you and 1 would like to meet up with you sometime and get to know you. [.7455/15

V I saw you Wayne from the Arches with your sexy white top and cool style. See ya soon Big Boy. Sally + Co. [.7455/l6

V I saw you handsome blonde man. enjoying a quiet moment in the G171" Cafe Cosmo. [7455/17

V I saw you Fireman Sam with your big wellies in Argyle Street. Love your big blue eyes. [.7455/18

124 THE LIST ‘4 Nov—28 NOv 2002

V I saw you part-time lecturer. (‘aledonian ['ni. You. marketing lectttrer. me. mysterious blonde. 8th floor. Maybe we cart get together full- titne. [3/455/1‘)

V I saw you dominant doorman at the GFT. You smouldered sexily as you controlled the crowds. Come + practice you firm but fair techniques on me sometime. [.7455/20

V I saw you drinking in Brel last Thursday nite. looking all hot and tanned front your holiday. Call me sometime xxx. [7455/21

V I saw you you looked like Bart Simpson you were in a play (0‘ Tron!‘.’ Eat my shorts anyday!! [7455/22

V I saw you (0‘ St .ludes Property Illustrated Lauch. Wow! [TR gorgeous!! I.uvv'd ur .14 gear xxx xx. [.7455/23

V I saw you blue-eyed Bruce Willis. Who were the 2 ugly bints you were with in the Tron'.’ Let's get jiggy on the dance- lloor. [74.55/24

V I saw you in the Arches. You rubbed against me with a feather boa - bluey/turquoise colour (sorry 1 was drunk!) [74.55/25

V I saw you a vision in purple. You rock my world - rock chick! See you after Motorhead!! (Clad me in your purple flaps!!!) [7455/26

V I saw you cute OFT bartnan 25/10/02. Me - girl in turquoise top with hair tied back. Let's get coffee sometime. [.7455/27

V I saw you Funky Barns. everywhere 1 go. Wear that red suit and dance for tne once more. Yours forever in glass knickers. Jock McT. [7455/28 V I saw you Mark - (‘oatbridge We kept bumping into each other at the Garage Wed 30/10. Remember me - flame-haired. green-eyed? I promised to remember your number. but didn't. Call me. [.7455/29

V I saw you seeing me in the i saw you's. your beutiful big eyes and gorgeous grin drive me crazy! sweetdreatns sweetheart! [7455/30

V I saw you die Elster. willkormnen zurueck. Raeuber nicht soviel in den Pubs und zwinge mich nicht immer Pints zu trinken und ich geh auch nicht zum Yoga. [7455/31

V I saw you Lesley. in Reds after The Rocky Horror Show. What a mover on the floor (thats when you got me). you caught my eye] had a great night. would like to meet up again. You told me you worked in that red/pinky building at charing cross. is it called Tay' House‘.’ You have my number give tne a call or post a reply next issue. ("mon lm waiting. you only live once.Keith [7455/32

V I saw you on Sunday night Mr ATC. still as good looking as ever. you might not remember me but arent you curious? [7455/33

V I saw you strolling around Firhill Stadium looking very much like a Mr Vernon Kay! You had a number 5 on your back.We worship your every breath! Garlic Bread!!! [7455/34

V I saw you boy who likes the window open. I still sleep with the window closed. lt's lonely at the sea without you. [7455/66

V I saw you Sat 09.1 1.02 10 am You grey hair wearing black. me wearing colours. tube to Buchanan St. you looked at me. I looked at you. then you ran up the stairs. [7455/67

V I saw you in bed baby K. Fancy a snog sometime? Muchos love xxxxxxxxx [7455/68

V I saw you lam sitting opposite. with my back to you in the computer room at uni. as 1 e-mail this one Sunday early afternoon.Saw you for the first time in months last week. and I still think you're gorgeous.... would you like to go for a drink sometime? [7455/69


V I saw you new cute wee sexy funky barmaid @ City Cafe. Think you are fab and a welcome member to the team. Like to see you naked. [7455/35 V I saw you my Three Graces. K. S and the Lady Agnew. Gxxx [7455/36

V I saw you looking gorgeous at Filmhouse. Edinburgh in your hot pink Cords - you can be my circus any day. [7455/37

V I saw you Sarah and Lynn. Edinburgh wouldn't have been the same without you guys. Thanks for being such great friends. -K. [7455/38

V I saw you in the Stevenson College. I only know that your name is Juan and 1 would like to see your eyes again. You're in my dreams. [7455/39

V I saw you. hello my love. you are a stunning blonde. working behind the bar. 1 want you. [7455/40

V I saw you down the bypass brake lights burning! Ya gotta love it. baby! Red hot. sweaty cat! [7455/41

V I saw you Oli. sexy as ever. [)5 Dundee live forever. You are beautiful in looks and thoughts. Xxx. [7455/42

V I saw you lioness. prowling. Grrrowwwl with me sometime. [7455/43

V I saw you Favorit. Tollcross. 20/10/02. 3 lovely blokes - we were the 2 brunettes that sat behind you as you talked about editing. You left soon after we arrived. Let's hook up again «F 12.30. [7455/44

V I saw you long haired and beautiful in a short demin skirt in Traverse Theatre Bar. Get in touch. please. [7455/45

V I saw you Sean Y. I had a fabulous time. And remember: Music is music! -K.G. (ta very much!) [74.55/46

V I saw you in EH1. funky mover behind the bar with lip ring. Fancy shaking your thang with me sexy"? [7455/47

V I saw you blonde godess of lust working in Royal Mile Oddbins. Fulfill my wildest fantasies and recommend me a love potion no. 9. [7455/48

V I saw you curly haired guy in my marketing research lecture. Will you role play with me and boss me around“? Me blonde girl at the front. 1 want to spank you baby! [7455/49

V I saw you Miss Esslemont. 1 don't know what to say except I‘m sorry... I miss you and I can't explain myself... Paul. [74.55/51 V I saw you HIJRSS at the flat on Coates Place; it was well worth climbing all those bloody stairs. Thanks for helping make my Edinburgh experience the great time it was - the Canadian. [7455/52

V I saw you sexy scruffy Australian in the Blue Note dancing funky with your frined Adam. Me Milla Jovovavich lookalike. See you in there soon. Kiss kiss xx. [7455/53

V I saw you in the City Café playing pool on Monday 4th. 1 would have spoken to you but you've already turned me down. You're still looking good Craig. [7455/54

' . ' 5Ftlljln .postcerds’f‘a'vallableg 7 from the following Elite. CityCafe, ;. ' Filmhouse, Iguana, Traverse. The Venue,_5fStllls; j '“ , Gallery (Edinburgh). -or.Bleckfriars,.__Br61,"Qu1, Sac, GFT, Borders Cafe..Tfihderbox, The Arches (Glasgow/l...» :5 , y. , y:

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