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He Loves Me . . . he Loves Me Not ( 12) .00 tl.actitia (‘oloinbani. l-‘rancc. 2002i Audrcy 'l'autou. Sainucl l.c Bihan. ()linin. \Vatching cllin bcauty Audrcy ’l‘autou ctncrgc from a licld ol' 'l'cchnicolor llowcrs during thc opcning scqucncc. you'd bc l‘orgiycn for thinking you‘rc watching ."Ill(’/l(’ 2. And thc lirst hall of (‘olombani‘s writing- dirccting dcbut plays as a saccharinc romancc in which 'l’autou's Bordcux an collcgc .studcnt Angcliquc lttlls for an oldcr man. cardiologist l.o'i'c (Bihani. But as it bccoincs clcar l.o'i'c isn't thc loycr hc sccms. ('olonibani's lilm takcs a dark turn. quitc at odds with swcct. swcct :lmcln’. (‘olonibani citcs among hcr influcnccs thc lilms ol' Hitchcock and Polanski. 'l‘hat hcr lilm school tlicsis cxainincd madncss in cincnia ought to point you in thc tlit'cclion Ht' Inn’s Mr. [H' Lows .Vt' .\'ri."s initially sw'cct romancc takcs. Scc rcy icw. 'l‘hc liiliiihousc. lidinburgh.

L’Homme Du Train (The Man on the Train) t IS) tl’atricc l.cconlc. l-‘rancc. 2002i Jcan Rochclort. Johnny llallyday. Jcan- l-‘rancois Stcycnin. 90min. llaying liycd ycry dill'crcnt liy'cs. which bcar no cy'idcnt conncction to cach othcr. rctircd hcadmastcr tRochcl'orti and mystcrious ncwcomcr in town tllallyday i strikc up an unlikcly l‘ricndship altcr a chancc mccting. What bccomcs apparcnt is that the link they sharc is in fact a dcsirc on both thcir parts to liayc liycd thc othcr's lil'c. (ilasgow l-‘ilin 'l'hcatrc. (ilatsgowl 'l'hc l-‘ilnihousc. Iidinburgh.

lkingut tl'i t(iis|i Snacr lirlingsson. lccland. 3000i 87min. lccland. hundrcds of ycars ago. Boas is a littlc boy whosc \‘illagc gcts \ isitcd by a monstcr who floats across thc sca on a block of icc. Boas trics to find out about this dcnion and in thc proccss tinds himscll' a ncw l‘ricnd. Supcrior kiddics iitoy ic. MacRobcrt. Stirling.

The Importance of Being Earnest ll) 0.. t()li\cr l’arkcr. l'K/l'S.-\. 2002i

Rupcrt liycrctt. (‘olin l-‘irth. Judi l)cnch. ()7min. l-ans ol' ().scar \Vildc's ‘triyial comcdy l'or scrious pcoplc' will bc inorc than familiar

32 THE LIST 14-98 No‘. 9002

with thc plot. Rural gcnt Jack \Vortliing ll'iflltl inycnts an crrant brotlicr callcd liarncst as a mcans ol‘ cscaping thc mundanitics of a lilc in thc country. Jack, or rathcr liarncst's partncr— in-crimc. thc wily Algy Moncricll tplay cd to pcrl'cction to liy'crctlt also has a madc-ttp l'ricnd who hc Visits in thc country to outrun thc dcbl collcctors who pursuc him in thc city. This doublc duality comcs a croppcr. though. whcn both mcn go courting wiy cs t\\'itlicrspooii and ()‘('onnori. 'l‘lic ciisuing larcc. conducch \ ia Wildc's brilliantly witty cpigrammatic stylc t‘Australia'.’ I‘d sooncr dic?’ i. is a dclight to watch although committcd Wildcans will find that thcy t'orcscc tlic punchlincs bcl‘orc thcy happcn. Sclcctcd rclcasc.

lnch’Allah Dimanche (Thank God for Sunday) t l5t tYainina Bcnguigui. l-‘rancc. 3001i l-‘cjria l)cliba. Zincdinc Soualcm. Rabia .\lokcdcin. 98min. lisploring thc impact on onc woman and hcr family of tlic l97-l changc in goy'crnmcntal policy. allowing tlic lamilics of Algcrian incn working in lirancc to cmigratc and join thcin. What l)cliba's cliaractcr soon rcaliscs is that hcr husband docs not intcnd lot licr to cspcricncc hcr ncw life in l’rancc bcyond tlic conlincs of thc liousc walls. (ilasgow l-‘ilni 'l‘hcatrc. (ilasgow; 'I‘hc l-‘ilmhousc. lidinburgh.

Injustice ttbci tl'K. Kcn l-‘cro/l‘ariq .‘ylchmood. 3001 I tbcmin. l’owcrl'ul documcntary conccrning thc 1.000 dcaths in British policc custody in thc last 30 ycars. which has bccn subjcctcd to Various attcmpts to ban it by sonic ol' thc indiy idtial olliccrs inyolycd. 'l’hc lilmniakcrs w ill attcnd thc scrccning. MacRobcrt. Stirling.

Into the Deep it‘i (Various. t‘S. Zooti tbcmin. 3D l.\l:\.\ prcscntation. l.\l:\.\ 'l‘hcatrc. (ilasgow.

lvansxtc ( 18) .00. «Mutant Rosc. l'S. 3002i Danny lluston. l’ctcr \Vcllcr. l.isa linos. 92min. lnspircd by thc rcal-lilc suicidc ol' l‘orincr llolly wood talcnt agcnt w undcrkind Jay .\lo|oncy. and by thc 'l’olstoy noyclla 'I'lu' [Mil/t (if/tun l/Vlt’ll. Ira/mu is a triumph l‘oi‘

British dn'cctor Bcrnai‘d Rosc. ln thc tradition ol lilius likc 'I‘Itt' I’luu'i'. this is partly a \cnoinous satirc on llolly wood's spiritual bankruptcy. hcrc pcrsonilicd by \Vcllcr's monstrous. scyually rapacious star. But supcrbly shot on digital yidco. Iltllhllt' is also an al'l'ccung study iii an indiyidual l'orccd to confront his own mortality and thc incaninglcssncss ol his c\islcncc: lhc physically commanding lluston is supcrb in thc ccntral rolc. com cy ing both his charactcr's surlacc charm and burgconing dcspair. (‘incworld liilkii'k.

Jan Svankmajer: Alchemist of the Surreal ttbci tJan Syankmajcr. (‘Icch chublic. 1064i "4min. A snapshot ot~ work by thc lilmiiiakcr. animator. graphic artist. sculptor. dcsignci'. pocl and author Syankniajcr. tlic lcading light ol' ('/cch animation. 'l‘hc l-"ilmhousc. lidinburgh. Justice Pour Tous ttbci i\'arious. l‘rancc. l tbcmin. lo coincidc with tlic l‘rcnch l-ilin l'iL'\ll\ill. lltc lltsllllll l‘rancais tl‘l'iL‘UssL‘ pi‘cscnts tour docuincntarics on thc thcmc ol' ‘iusticc for all.‘ lnstitut l‘rancais d'licossc. lidinburgh.

K19 - The Widowmaker l lli .00 (Kathryn Bigclow. l'S. 3003i Harrison Ford. Liam .\'ccson. IRb’nun. ln l()()l ('old \Var cncniics Russia and Anicrica had cnough nuclcar w caponry to dcstroy thc world a down tiincs oycr. In a climatc or" growing mutual l’car and distrust. thc Soy ict goycrnincnt scnt thcir flagship submarinc. Kl‘). to .-\mcrica's coast to tcst launch a nuclcar warlicad. All w cut as planncd. until lllL' K l‘l's nuclcar l'Cil‘JUl' lcakcd all ol' a

suddcn thc world was on thc brink ol obliy ion.

Bigclow 's liliu pays tributc to thc unsung hcrocs ol' thc K 1‘). thc crcw who gay c llicir liy cs aboard thc radiation-lioodcd submarinc to liy thc rcactor. l’royiding thc liliii with Hollywood's ncccssary human clcmcnl. lord and .\'ccson play thc twin captains ol~ thc K 1‘) “hit L'lasli oy Cl‘ tlL‘altng with lllL‘ tltstislcl‘. 'l'hc warning about thc prolilcration ol w capons ol mass dcstruction might hay c conicmporary i'clcyancc. htit as a ptccc ol' cincma K/‘l is sunk by it‘s Icadcn scnsc ol' worthincss. .‘iclcclcd l‘t‘lcasc.

Kylie - Fever - Almost Live ll’(il tbcmin. l'(‘l lidinburgli. lidinbtu‘gh; l'('l liast Kllhl'lklc. l'ittsl Ktlbl'itlc. SL‘L‘ lllC pt‘ittcL‘ss 0l' pop liyc in action almost on thc big

Lagaan it’( it one. t:\sltuloslt (iowarikcr. liidia. 200i t .»\ainir Khan. (iracy Singh. Racth Slicllcy. ll-imin. .\'cw Bollywood inoy ic l'rom thc world's largcst lilm industry. Sct in thc carly days ol' tlic Rai. lumum pits lndian larincrs against thcir colonial oppi'cssors oyci' a gaiiic ol crickct. This is a bi‘cakthrough tor Hollywood cincina csports. hay ing cstablishcd crossoycr appcal tor Hindi and non-llindi spcaking audicnccs. Showing in Hindi with linglish subtitlcs. \liicRobci'l. Stirling.

Laissez-Passer l l3.-\i 000

tlici‘trand ‘l‘ayci'nicr. l-‘rancc/( ici'inany/Spain.

Life-swapping dilemmas in L’l-lomme Du rain

2002i Jacqucs (iainblin. l)cnis l’odalydcs. l70min. Sct during WWII, with (icrniany's occupation of l"rancc. 'l’aycrnicr l‘ollows thc paths ol‘ assistant dircctor and lamily man Jcan l)c\aiyrc t(iamblini and womanising scriptwritcr. Jcan .-\urcnclic tl’odalydcsi. but thc lilni ncycr quitc coincs togcthcr. YCs. thcrc's ati intcrcsting contrast hcrc bctwccn l)c\ai\'rc‘s combo of sclling out to thc na/is in his carccr btit lighting thctn with rcsistancc actiy'ity. and .-\urcnclic's artistic rct‘usal to compromisc btit unwillingncss to do anything that would put his Inc at risk. But morc lictional shaping a iiiorc singular yision would liayc giy'cn 'l‘;i\ci‘iiici“s lilm a riclicr tcxturc. 'l'hc l’iliiiliousc. lidinburgh.

Lantana t 15) O... tRay Lawrcncc. :\llsll';tll;l/(icrlnull)‘. 2002) Anthony’aglia. (icollrcy Rttsh. Barbara llcrshcy. lllmin. This small cincmatic gcm c\plorcs thc grcat thcmcs ol‘ loy c and lonclincss in a wry qtiict and considcrcd manncr. l‘our marriagcs in total arc brought into play. cach ol~ thcm wrought with guilt. pain and lonclincss. arid bccausc thc lilin opcns with a closc up of a dcad woman's body conccalcd iii a dcnsc thickct. w c know that in thc coursc ol' thc action. onc of thc marriagcs w ill rcach thc ultimatc cnd. l’art murdcr inystcry. part psychological drama. part loyc story. [mini/m kccps you on your tocs w hilc it also niasz you think about the ways in which wc dcal. or rathcr don't dcal with cmotional pain. ('(‘:\. (ilasgow.

Leaud L’Unique O lltc 400 Blows d’(;i tScrgc l.c l’cron/l'rancois 'l‘rut‘l'aut. l‘rancc. 2002/l‘)5‘)i Jcan-l’icrrc l.caud. S‘)/‘)*)min. l.c;iud rosc to tainc playing thc lcad rolc in The 400 Ii’lmt \ w hcn hc was only tourtccn ycars old and now at 58 is somcthing of a rcclusc. llow cycr. lic agrccd to takc part in this documcntary haying workcd with l.c l’cron in 2000, rcsulting in this rcycaling pcrsonal study. (ilasgow l-‘ilin 'l‘licatrc. (ilasgow; 'l'hc l'ilmhousc. lidinburgh.

Les Enfants De L’Amour 0 Shorts t Iii ((icol‘l'rcy lindhoycn. lirancc. 200] i :s’0inin. ’l‘lic titlc proicct l'roin this programmc ol indcpcndcnt films on Bcta-Sl’ y idco locuscs on tlic childrcn ol' a split lamily as thcy go abottt \ lsiling lltcir rcspcctiyc lulltcrs. This is accompanicd by Stcphan (iucrin 'l'illic‘s Rt’t/lllt'llfl 10mm! atid l’atrick llalpinc's flirtation tleininI. which tclls thc story ol~ a burglary in which housc brcakci's cypccting an cmpty apartmcnt instcad lind somcbody lockcd iii thc cupboard. (ilasgow l-‘ilm 'l‘hcatrc. (ilasgow; ‘l'hc l‘ilnihousc. lidinburgh. Les Morsures De L'Aube (Love Bites) t lh'i i:\ntoinc l)c (‘auncs. Hancc. 200] i (iuillaunic ('anct. .-\sia .-\rgcnto. (ici'ard [any in. 07min. .-\ \ainpirc thrillcr with a modcrn spin. .'\lllUlllC and lam in arc two mcn drawn to thc unknown world of nocturnal actiyity al'tcr .-\ntoinc bccomcs inyolycd in a casc scckiiig out a my slct'ious woman. (ilasgow l‘ilm 'l'hcalt'c. (ilasgow'. 'l'lic l’tlinhousc. lidinburgh.