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Ocean’s Eleven ( I5) 0000 (Steven Soderbergh. CS. lelll ) (ieorge Clooney. Brad Pitt. Julia Roberts. I loinin. Off the cuff is the operative term for Steven Soderbergh's remake of the [as Vegas casino heist thriller that Frankie and l)ino and their Rat Pack had so much fun making back in 1000. Bill w here the Rat Pack rascals Used the original film as an excuse to run riot in their adopted home city Soderbergh. screenwriter Ted (iriffm and an all-star cast have worked to produce a tightly-scripted stylish moy ie. (me. how ey er. which remains at all times self-consciously throwaway fun. Not quite as cool as the original. but a better film. ()deon lidinburgh. lidinburgh.

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands llSl .... lSlttlllC Meadows. liK. :llllll Robert Carlyle. Rhys lfans. Shirley llenderson. l0-lmin. When (ilasgow petty criminal Jimmy (Carlyle) sees his childhood sweetheart and es Shirley (Henderson) on the Vanessa lielt/ show. he decides to take the proceeds of a bungled robbery and tray el down to Nottingham to w in her back from her geekish boyfriend l)ek (lfans). There are. however. a few obstacles in the way for the avenging ‘cowboy '. including l)ek's his cra/y step sister (Kathy Burke) and her estranged ('&\\'-obsessed liusband Charlie (Ricky 'l‘omlinson ). .Meadow s directs his all-star cast with skill. aware lltttl the ltc'sl domestic slttt‘it‘s are those that are told with simplicity and emotion. Moments in this film can be claw mg. not least the treacle-ambushed ending. but Meadows aim is generally true. l-‘l‘ll Cinema. l-"alkirk.

Orange County ( )2) (Jake Kasdan. t'S. 2002) Colin llanks. Jack Black. Schuyler l'isk. 82min. California surfer dude Shaun Brumder (Hanks. son of Tom) wants to give tip the hoard for the pen and go study creative writing at Stanford l’niyersity. But when his dim-w ittcd school guidance counsellor messes up his application. desperate Shaun turns to his drug-addled loser brother l.ance (Black) to ensure his entry into Stanford by any means necessary. Those means give rise to a series of comic set-pieces of the gross out variety. to which excessive antics Shaun's sweet girlfriend Ashley (Fisk) can only look on with a mixture of resignation and horror. It might sounds all very post-l-arrelly brothers. but Orange County has some talent behind the camera in writer Mike White (Chuck AV Burl) and director Kasdan (who prey iously made the underrated /ero lfi/lerr). (ieneral release.

Le Petit Poucet (Little Tom Thumb) (l2A) (()liver [)ahan. l-‘rancc. 2000) Romane Bohringer. Catherine l)eneuyc. lilodic Boucher 90min. [)ahan's modern reworking of the classic story 'Tom Thumb‘ results in this fantasy adventure. boasting both impressive production design and an all-star cast. (ilasgow l’ilm 'l‘heatre. (ilasgow; The l‘ilmhousc. lidinburgh.

Peut-Etre (Maybe) ( l5) (Cedric ls'aplisch. l’rance. l‘)‘)‘)) Romain l)uris. Jean-Paul Belmondo. (ier‘aldine Pailmas. It)‘)min. When his girlfriend decides she wishes to celebrate the new millennium by starting a family. Arthur (l)uris) leaves her to consider whether he feels the same. Whilst trying to make that

decision. Arthur finds a portal taking him to the future. his son and other members of his possible future family. all pressuring him to go back and make babies. (ilasgow l-‘ilm Theatre. (ilasgow; The l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Pink Floyd the Wall ( )5) 000

(Alan Parker. CK. 1082) Bob (ieldof. Christine llargreay es. Bob lloskins. 95min. An ambitious attempt by Parker and the l‘loyd's Roger Waters to turn the band's album 'I‘he “all into a \ isual. almost dialogue-less story. in which a schoolboy named Pink grow s up to be an isolated rock star. The result did not match the ambition. l‘Cl ('lydebank. Clydebank.

Possession I 12A) .0 (Neil l.illitllc‘. CS. 2002) (iwyneth l’altrow. Aaron lickhai‘t. Jeremy Northam. Jennifer lihlc. l02min. Adapted from AS Byatt's Booker Pit/c- winning noycl. I’mxession takes place in two tnne frames. ln present-day l.ondon. low ly university researcher Roland Michell (lickhart) and brilliant feminist don Maud Bailey (Paltrow ) are thrown together by the discoyery of a cache of letters that suggest that two Victorian poets Randolph llenry Ash (Northam) and ('hristabcl l.aMottc (lihle) were sc‘cl’c‘l lt)\ us But as the academics pursue a series of clues. their own espericnces begin to echo the Nth-century lo\ ers. \Vhilc l.aBute can't hope to replicate the pleasures of the page. ltL‘ does bear out Byatt's sly thesis that her Victorian couple are less hung«up abotit love and ses than their angst-ridden modern counterparts. ()deon lidinburgh. lidmburgh.

The Powerpuff Girls (I’( ;) ((‘raig McCrackcn. [-5. 3002) Voices ol (‘ttllty Cayadini. Tara Strong. lili/abeth l)aily. ~3min. Based on the animated .-\nierican TV series. but looking much like a Japanese animc. 'I'he Power/ml) (hr/y .llm‘re proy ides us with the origin of supergirls Blossom. Bubbles and Buttercup. Created by Professor l'tonium after he accidentally mises the wrong chemical compounds. these cuties course havoc in

Tow nsy ille when they play a game of super ltlg‘. Sclt‘c‘lt‘tl I'L‘lc‘usc‘.

Princes and Princesses it') 0.. (Michel ()celot. lirance. l‘NU) T'0min. Imaginative animated film in which a boy and a girl stage a series of ama/ing adycntures with the help of a magic story -making machine. (irooyy. MacRobert. Stirling.

0 Rabbit Proof Fence (Po) «u (Philip Noy cc. Atistralia. 2002) liycrlyn Sampi. Kenneth Branagh. l)a\ id (iulpilil. ‘Mmin. It's the humanity of Noy ce's storytelling which is the most salient feature of this film about Atistralia's Stolen (icneration. The didacticism of this true story of the abduction of three aboriginal children from their tribe. and their resettlement at a prison-like camp for the training of mised race children into w hitc culture is hidden beneath its story of human struggle and endurance. Noy cc forgives all. liven Branagli's Mr Neville. who we first encounter esplaining the bi/arre semi-fascist eugenics that motivate him. is seen as not so much ey il as profoundly wrong-headed. The children are the natural stars. with performances perfectly measured to their ages and situations. Selected release.

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Red Dragon (13).. (Brett Ratner. CS. 2002) Anthony Hopkins. lid Norton. Ralph l-'iennes. tbcinin. This cynical attempt to cash-in on the burgeoning Hannibal l.ecter cult distorts the storyline of Thomas llarris' first novel (previously filmed as .llanhunter) to place l.ecter (Hopkins once again) centre- stage. FBI agent Will (iraham's (Norton) search for the family-slaughtering ‘Tooth l'iairy' has been reduced to a side-show. incidental to the symbiotic relationship between the incarcerated l.ecter and the agent w ho put him behind bars. To enumerate the film‘s myriad failings would require a book. Red Dragon is. in short. a cannibalistic critne. (ieneral release.

Road to Perdition ( IS) 000 Mendes. CS. 2002) Tom Hanks. Patil Newman. Jude Law. I l7min. A Depression era gangster picture with solid American family values. It may also. like Mendcs' absurdly overrated ()scar-w inner American Beauty. fool cinema-goers into confusing its moody self-importance for profound insight. for here are Big Stars. Big Themes (Fathers and Sons. l.oyalty and Betrayal. Sin and Salvation) and Heavy Symbolism (Water Death). 'l‘hrough Conrad llall's darkly glistening cinematography. many of the indnidual tableaux arc impressively staged and stunning to behold. If only Mendes‘ empty. oyer-dressed spectacle had done justice to the fine photography and performances. Selected t‘L‘lL‘usL'.

A Room for Romeo Brass ( l5) ..... (Shane Meadows. CK. 2000) Padd} Considine. Andrew Shim. Ben Marshall. ()(hnin. Meadows once more combines colourful regional characters with impish humour and kitchen sink drama to great effect. btit adds to the mix a deeply personal autobiographicaI element. And he elicits impressively naturalistic performances from a cast of newcomers for the story of young Nottingham lads Romeo (Shim) and (iavin (Marshall) who are best mates until the arrival of oddball Morell (the astonishingly dynamic Considine). Cameo. lidinburgh.

The Royal Tenenbaums 1 I5) .0.“ (“es .-\nderson. CS. 2002) (iene llackman. Angelica lluston. (iwyneth Paltrow. ll0min. The 'I‘encnbaums are no ordinary family. l)cscended from a long line of oyerachieyers. these New York geniuses are now in stultify‘ing decline. The memory of the brilliance of the young 'l‘cnenbaums has since been erased by two decades of betrayal. failure and domestic disaster. most of which is perceived by the family to be the fault of absent father. Royal (llackman). Then. at the very moment his three grow n-up children have. for various reasons. all lllt)\ ed back into the rambling home of their mother. Royal decides he wants his family. \Vith leach/rattan. Anderson (Rushmore) has surpassed himself with an enchanting. odd tale of an awkward family and its member's impossible magnetic attraction to each other. lidinburgh l'lllll (iuild. lidinburgh.

Rude Boy ( IS) (Jack lla/an & David Mingay. l'K. l‘hSll) Ray (iange. Joe Strumnier. Mick Jones. Paul Simcnon. Topper



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lleadon. Terry McQuade. Caroline Coon. 133mm. The Clash tlisow'ncd this drama/documentary portrait of the punk era. though its most interesting aspect is certainly the excellent footage of the hand in concert. backstage and at rehearsal. Centring on one particular disaffected and politically confused youth ((iange). it gives some kind of reminder of the national malaise2 which allowed the 'Iirriet In get elected in thefiryl place. (CA. Glasgow:

Rue Des Plalslrs (Love Street) (18) (Patrice l.econte. France. 2002) Patrick Timsit. Laetitia Casta. Vincent lilbaz. 85min. The story of a man raised in a brothel who is devoted to the protection and care of one prostitute. Rue (1e Plats-iris is a classic romance set within the harsh but realistic climate of post-War Paris. Glasgow Film Theatre. (ilasgow‘. The l-‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Run Rabbit Run (PG) (Various) ll7min. A programme of award-winning animated and live action short films including The Hedge of Thorns. [Crater ll'resrling. ll'ar (iame and Rabbit. MacRobert. Stirling.

Santa vs the Snowman 30 (PG) (Various. 2002) tbcrnin. l-‘estive film fun for the big screen. IMAX Theatre. (ilusgow'. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (15) (Karel Reisl. CK. 1960) Albert liinney. Rachel Roberts. Shirley Anne l-‘ield. 89min. A defining moment of Britiin cinema history. made at a time when the [K was finding its feet in the post-war industry by transforming new stage successes into movies. Finney is the Nottingham factory worker determined he won't ‘let the bastards grind you down'. as he rails at the dead-end nature of his life. C(iC Renfrew Street. (ilasgow. (ilasgow.

Scars ( I2A) (Lars Berg. Norway/Sweden. 200] ) 70min. The story of three friends. Viklor. Roger and Arnor. The Filmhousc. lidinburgh.

Scooby-Doo (PG) 0. (Raja (iosnell. CS. 2002) Freddie Prinze Jr. Sarah Michelle (iellar. Matthew l.illard. 87min. Sena/rt the tttoy ie starts well. pitching itself somewhere between tribute and send-up of the Hanna- Barbera cartoon. The casting is astute. best of all. Matthew l.illard as stoned slacker Shaggy. liven the computer-generated Scooby himself isn't lacking in charm. But .S'emihy-l)uo sadly fails to live up to the promise of its opening reel. Admittedly. the film's bold playpen colours are fun and there are some clever gags that w ill score with the .sltt)y\"s pothead following. But the jokes soon wear thin. Ster Century Cinema. lidinburgh; Cineworld. l‘alkirk.

Signs ( 12A) 0.. (M. Night Shyamalan. CS. 2002) Mel (iibson. Joaquin Phoenix. Rory Culkin. I20min. Six months after an event which shattered his religious faith. es- minister (iraham lless ((iibson) aw'akes in the middle of the night to find his children in the middle of a corn field staring at a giant crop circle. Is it the work of local pranksters or a navigational aid for aliens‘.’ The set-up is self- consciously reminiscent of The War oft/1e ll'orIr/s. btit Shyamalan eschews spectacle in favour of nerve-jangling suspense created out of the most mundane domestic situations. Shyamalan has a llitchcockian grasp of cinematic technique. keeping audiences in a state of near hysterical anxiety for almost two hours. Sadly. the last five minutes are anti- climactic and the film's denominationally unspecific religious message is both dubious and wishy-washy. Selected release.

Slap her She’s French ( IZA) .0 (Melanie Mayron. CS. 2002) Piper Peraho. Jane Mc(iregor. Michael Mcls'ean. ()lmin. Homecoming queen Starla (irady (McGregor) thinks she's got it made. The 'it girl' of Splendona lligh. head cheerleader and girlfriend of the quarterback may have met her match. however. w hen l‘rench foreign eschange student (ieney ieve l.eP|ouff (Perabo) arrives to threaten the balance of power. In all this. efforts are clearly made to emulate in style and substance teen movies like She's All That and .sttc‘ittl .sttlircs such tts Heathers. but despite it's deliciously l-‘rancophobic title. Slap Her: She's l-"reneh is a wry American piece of teen trash. ()deon At The Quay. (ilasgow. (ilasgow.

Spider-Man ( l2A) COO. (Sam Raimi. CS. 2002) Tobey Magtiirc. Kirsten l)unst.

l2 1 min. A big budget blockbuster based on a