ix )(ZK FOO FIGHTERS SECC, Glasgow, Mon 25 Nov

Angst. You know angst don’t you? ‘No one understands me’, ‘I hate my job’, ‘my girlfriend dumped me’, ‘my dealer’s been arrested’ and ‘my hair won‘t stick up properly’. Angst has become the currency for all too many modern rock bands. Ironically, despite being one of the most successful exponents of rock, Foo Fighters are particularly bad at angst. It is even more ironic that it was the implosion of the band that brought angst to a commercial and critical zenith that facilitated the very existence of Foo Fighters: Nirvana.

But why should Dave Grohl be whining? He went from drumming in cult hardcore acts to stepping behind the trap set for Cobain and Novoselic just as they were on the cusp of megastardom, dropping in to blow away the mainstream and inadvertently spearhead grunge. When Nirvana expired, Grohl moved to the front of the stage and never looked back.

Foo Fighters might just be about big riffs and bigger choruses but dumb, they aren’t. They remain as adrenalised a live act as Nirvana ever were and even a little more focussed. With their fourth album One By One - despite a guest appearance by Brian May (!?!) they’ve come closer to perfecting their sonic potion. A record created amid rumours of drug

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The Venue, Edinburgh. 15 Nov

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casualties and break ups rumours only accentuated by Grohl moonlighting as drummer for Queens of the Stone Age they claim it was these sojourns that allowed the it to come together as it should, naturally.

‘We stopped to chill out,’ says drummer Taylor Hawkins. ‘Thank God we took that break; thank God Dave did his stuff with the Queens too, it all happened for a reason. We struggled to get this record done but in the end, it has a tension and energy that it

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Lovers not fighters

would have never had otherwise.’

Foo Fighters have weathered the nu metal angst storm with aplomb, riding the wave of interest in rock but avoiding being pigeonholed with the tantrum brigade, many of whom will be record label casualties come the end of the next financial year. Grohl is more than content with their position and happy to be branded as such. ‘l’m a sappy fucking romantic, so it’s tough, but I’m not ashamed, I swear to God.’ (Mark Robertson)

Jock Tamson’s Bairns on the fiddle

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