Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 15 Nov; RSAMD, Glasgow, Sat 16 Nov

German pianist and composer Florian Ross becomes the latest addition to the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra’s roster of contemporary composers this weekend. If your first reaction is ‘Florian who?’ you may not be alone, but the pianist’s recordings on the Naxos Jazz label mark him out as a major talent, both as player and composer.

The first half of the concert will feature music from one of those discs, Lilacs and Laughter, a suite for brass and rhythm, with Ross at

the piano. He is used to writing on a these concerts will rate alongside large scale (his other albums include their earlier Maria Schneider

a Suite for Soprano Saxophone and collaboration.

Strings), and in the second half he five-part suite commissioned by the and Paul Harrison taking over on

Smith was steered toward Ross’ music by the great American saxophonist David Liebman. He liked what he heard when he

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I Rom/"age featuring KI/r's'nxrfch I rrgatlre. /r'./e l’orrrte O and (it; Cra/vr‘rsts at the C(ii/l().’/f§(3. Glasgow In 2".” r'Jov.

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Killswitch Engage delight the old fellas

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‘Florian’s writing is great will conduct A Day in the Life, a new harmonically complex but very melodic. I hear him as a composer SNJO, with Tommy Smith as soloist, first, and that kind of musician is likely to spend more time and effort piano. in putting it together. He turned in the score for the new piece two months early, which is very unusual for a jazz musician.’

The SNJO has been a crucial

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Florian Ross is beyond a joke

checked it out, and is convinced that addition to a Scottish jazz scene

dominated by small bands, and they have developed into a significant presence since Smith formed the band in 1996, playing both classic jazz repertoire and new music.

Smith will issue their long-awaited debut recording later this month which will feature the Miles Ahead concert they played with Canadian trumpeter Ingrid Jensen as soloist, and marks another significant milestone for this impressive band. (Kenny Mathieson)

Older but not cider

ROCK l ()l K THE LEVELLERS QMU, Glasgow, Thu 21 Nov

A lot of bands have an rmage that's at odds wrth realrty. But ten hare been so rnextrrcabiy hrtched to an unwanted bandvxagcn as the l evellers. After all these years. lead srnger Mark (Zharlyvrck rs strll havrng to refute rmyr allegat:ons that he's a crder su'xrllrng crusty. ‘It's a load of bollocks really rsn't rt.' he says. 'I mean once you've been branded you can't really get many from rt. It's the media berng la/y. l can't stand crder. I really can't stand rt. | lrke to drrnk. out to be honest l prefer a nrce bottle of y'xrnef

llte band have spent much of the last year recordrng conterrnplatrye new album, (ireerr Blade R/s/ng. in therr‘ Hrrgltton base. lt's therr srxth studro effort rn just under 1:") years. a tenure that's seen the l eyeller‘s headlrne (Elastonbury. lend therr y'rerght to a range of socral causes and eyrdence more longe\.'rty than almost any of therr conternj)orarres. 1998's greatest hrts set. ()Ire l‘./ay of Life may have gone some may to settrng a seal on the band's past but. accordrng to ()hady'rrck. there's lrfe rn the frddle— totrng rcorroclas s yet.

'V‘Je've been gorng lor ti) years.~ he says. ‘and we'll keep gorng as long as people are Interested rn lrstenrng to our grgs and playrng our records. We're not a conventronal band who play the UK. do the brg crtres rn hurope and a gurck tour of the States. We do all sorts of stuff. we break the hand down and do ‘olk festryals: we played ()rkney l(?\;(tl"lly. \J‘y’e try to keep .t as fresh as we <:an.' l.l£tlll(3§3 Smart:

CLASSlCAL SCOTTISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA RSAMD, Glasgow, Fri 15 Nov; Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 16 Nov

A unrgue four year collaboratron between the Scettrsh and Swedrsh Chamber Orchestras comes to a frttrng close wrth the premrere of Sasly' Beamrsh's Concerto for Orchestra. ‘.'Jl‘.r(:l‘ goes by the trtle of Sangsfers. The focus of the partnershrp

a gornt resmlency for Beamrsh and Sx'redrsl‘. composer Karrn Rehngyrst v.'.lrth both orchestras. The latest unork to sprrng from :t rs the last 0‘ erght nex'.’ cornrnrssrons —- tour from each composer -- and takes Its rnsprratron from a poem wrrtten rn Scots by Betty McKellar.

Sally Beamish

The concerto rs rn three rrrovements. each connected to one of the three verses of Me poenr and features drfferent solorsts from ‘.'.’.leH the orchestra. ‘The trrst movement rs irght rn (:llztr21<:t<3r Etlltl corcentrates on the hzgher instruments] explarrzs Beamrsh. 'There's prccolo. flute. oboe ar‘d clarrnet. as ‘.'.'el| as sets yrolrns.’ Not only Scottrsh nerds. but Scottrsn vnusrc tee -s behrnd Bearn:sh's ‘.'.'ork. ‘l‘. e notated the song of skylarks and nrghlrghted the strong resemblance l.>et‘.'.'een these fr’agrle sounds and the frlrgree ornanmr‘rfatron c" nrbroch «bagprpe reusrcrf s ‘e say s.

‘l-a‘.-:>"ocks'. 'Selkres' and '(Jl‘orr—sang' are the trtles of each rrxoyerrweet. wrth the iast 'rzr’itrencea by tradrtronal Scottrsrt and S‘.'."(}(lr8h Slllgirtg. 'It beg.r‘s wrth a fanfare for trumpets. :ead:ng rnto chor‘alen: ke ya'rrtr‘g lc" brz ss'. say s Beamrsh T'te l)(}tl()l"l‘rétt‘.(i()' rs conducted by tellers.composer Olrxer Knussen. ‘.‘.'l‘.()3;(? own Sc." .‘Setir‘es .s rncirrdeo rn tl‘e :rograr'lme. Caro; Mare.