LATE NIGHT FOREIGN RADIO 0000 West 13th, Glasgow, Tue 5 November



Nov .... As the city was ablaze Wllll Bonfires. West 13th was a sweaty sell-out as one of

Dischord's most exciting bands. O and Not U. proved that it is not George Dubya that we should be laying down the red carpet to when it comes to visiting American dignitaries.

Late Night Foreign Radio started the night With their usual mix of intense. unpredictable. erratic rock think Eska in midst of a grand mal SCI/UFO. while Macrocosmica followed Wlill a tremendous set of raw. angular dirge that stirred-up the crowd in preparation for a post-hardcore fren/y.

O and Not U. performed an explosive set that blew—out the combined noise of all the cheap bangers being set off across Glasgow. Promoting their most recent album Different Damage. they performed a tight and emotionally

We kick off with the sedate but charming sounds of folksy trio AVA. followed by Peter Boggon. who lovineg recreates his minimalist electronic sound on minidisc. accompanying himself on bass and vocals. Bedroom recording at its finest. complete with an admirany Io-fi call for some spare batteries halfway through.

The Magnificents are. . .

So far, so not bad. as Australians Baseball proved to be a pleasing accordion. fiddle and electric guitar hoedown. Their solo side-project the Hands. however. strip some decent songs down so much that the meat is flayed from their bones.

But local quintet Yay Us! are a bubblegum revelation. and they went down a

blinder With a ragged but catchy set that fell somewhere between bis and the Velvet Underground. the latter gorged and fat on penny chews.

As for the Mags. surer no introduction is needed. The righteous pile-up of dirt‘, great synth roars and snidey punk guitar gets better every time. roared on by the demented sense of genius lurking behind every song. Best live band in the

cOuntry’? Quite probably. lDavid Pollocki


Barrowland, Glasgow, Sun 3 Nov ooooo

It's always a hugely pleasant surprise to illl(i someone you assumed to be a relic of the past. with his best days behind him. is not desperately clinging to the wreckage of long-gone career bests. It is also a wonder to have Morrissey ifoi' it is he. not so much embrace his past glories as drag them to bed for a tumble on the candlewick. In addition. it is a delight to find that despite being sans record deal for half a decade. a songwriter can bubble with new ideas and can hold those assembled rapt with said new material as with older gems. It can't help but bring a smite to your face as he sheds a third iyes. thirdi shirt to toss into the throng. But this is lvlox/er

what was I thinking? ilvlark Robertsoni

I Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Barrimland. (ilaxgou. 2‘)

No\. I Moby Sli('('. Glasgow. .ill Not.

I Ray Davis l'xlicr llall. (ilasgou, 31) .\'o\'.

I The Streets Barron land. (ilasgou. I Dec.

I Stereo MCs Barron land. (ilasgou. 2 Doc. l’()S'l‘l’().\'lil). .\'Ii\\' l):\'l‘li Blil.()\\'.

I David Gray SI-L(‘(‘. (ilitsgou. 2 801.1) ()l'l o; 3 l)cc.

I Shed Seven Barron land. (ilasgou. 3 Dec.

I Manic Street Preachers Sli('(‘. (ilasgou. 4 Doc.

I David Holmes and the Free Association ().\It '. (ililsgtm. 4 Dec.

I The Cranberries ('l}dc Auditorium. (ilasgou. 4 Dog.

I Disturbed Barrowland. (ilasgim. 4 Doc.

I Blondie and INXS Braclicad Arcna. (ilaxgim. 5 Dec.

I Ed Harcourt and Nada Surf lic‘llc‘ AligL‘lC.


HEX coo

Nice’n‘Sleazy, Glasgow, Sat 19 Oct

Hex may wish for a name change after technical demons nearly ruin thei.r set early on. But they acguit themselves admirably chugging their way through satisfying slabs of noise ll‘tBléll. with primal riffs spiead chunkily over a pounding 301%. Think Sepultura gone techno. without the o‘.'ei“.'.ii'oiight


Tickets are available from:



Eska have alt-Jays opted for a more studied musical approach. and the three new songs showcased tonight

charged set of noisy. post—rock surprises. And boy. did they put on a show a the sort that restores your faith in the power of a good gig. If this evening is anything to go by. it's unlikely we'll see them play at such an intimate venue again. (Carolyn Aikeni

are no exception. Outwardly they're

based more on alternately iai'i‘ing and

cascading rhythms than Eska's

trademark countei‘pointeil guitars and

vocals. but this only further distils their

truly unique sound.

Curiously original. too. are El Hombre you would think that someone would have written such enjoyable music yonks ago. But apart from the faint base element of Tortoise. their sound is one rare compound: ranging bass underpinning stuttering guitar and vocals and a myriad of loops and

noises. all held firmly in place by brisk

percussion that is at turns crispy and full. Overall. three colourful strands of a frayed cutting edge. itlan F Zeschkyi

Tickets Scotland: 239 Argyle Street, 0141 204 5151 Tickets Scotland: 127 Rose Street, 0131 220 3234 Ripping Records: 91 South Bridge, 0131 226 7010 Way Ahead: 0141 339 8383

lidinhurgh. 5 Dec.

I Lambchop (Quartet) Queen's llall. lidinhurgli. 5 Doc. I Beverley Knight

Barron land. (ilzlsgou. 5 |)cc.

I Stiff Little Fingers liquid Ronni. lidinhurgh. 5 Dcc.

I The Vandals (iill’tlgt‘. (iltixgim. 5 “CC.

I Glassjaw (iaragc. (ilasgim. () DOC.

I Teenage Fanclub Liquid Room. lidinhui‘gh. (i Dec : Barron land. (ilaxgim. 3 “cc l’()S'I'l’().\'lil). .\'li\\' l).-\'l'l-ZS lilil.()\\'.

I Groove Armada

Barron land. (ilaxgim. 0 SOLD ()l'l' tk 7 Dec.

I Jools Holland ('l}dc Auditorium. (ilasgim. () S()l.l) ()I'T & 7 Ha.

I Elton John Sli('(‘. (ilaxgou.

7 S()l.l) (lid~ (& 3 “cc.

I Spunge ().\ll '. (ilil\:_'()\\. 7 Doc .\'()'l‘li RliS('lllil)l'l.lil) l).'\'l‘li.

I Blue Sl{('('. (ilasgou. if) & ll Dec.

I The (International) Noise Conspiracy Belle Angclc. lidinhui‘gli. ll) l)cc; King 'l‘ul'x. (ilaxgou. l l Dec.

I Reef liquid Ronni. lidinhui‘gli. lll l)cc.

I Magnum|llld Room. lidinhiii‘gli. ll Dec.

I The Hellacopters and The Datsuns (‘).\ll '. (ilihgtlu, l2 l)L‘L‘.

I Hell is for Heroes in lik‘llt‘ :\llf_‘ClC. lidillltlll‘gll. l2 l)L‘L'. I Royksopp Bun-mi litlltl. (iltlxgtm. l3 DCL‘.

I Bjorn Again tllltl Jason Donovan Sli('(‘. (illhgnu. l3 l)cc.

I The Reindeer Section ()Xllh (ililxgim. l4 “CC.

I Runrig litll'l'tHVltllltl. (ilaxgim.

l4 l)L'L‘.

I Madness Sli('('. (ilaxgou. l5 “CC.

I The Saw Doctors Barron land. (ilaxgou. l5 Dec. I Primal Scream (‘urn l-lwliangc. lidinhui‘gh. lo Dec: Barrow land. (ilasgim. l7 Dec

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(il.;\$(i()\\' S()l.l) ()l "l‘.

I ldlewild Barron land. (ilaxgim. lo Dec; ('oi'ii lixcliangc. lidinhui‘gli. l7 Doc (il.:\S(}()\\' S()l.l) ()l'i.

I Millencolin Barron land. (ilaxgou. l‘) l)cc.

I Status Quo ('l}dc Auditorium. (ilaxgim. 20 Doc. I The Almighty (iai‘agc. (ilaxgim. 2| Dec.

I The Music Barron land. (ilaxgim. l2 Jan.

I Tori Amos ('l}dc Auditorium. (ilaxgim. l2 Jan. I Counting Crows Sli(‘(‘. (ilaxgon. l5 Jan.

I The Flaming Lips Barron land. (ilaxgou. l5 Jan. I Sophie Ellis Bextor(‘l}tlc

.'\lltlllttl'illlll. (ilaxgoii. It) Jan.

I Supergrass (‘orn l-ixchiiiigc.

lidinhiii‘gli. 22 Jan.

I John Squire Barron land. (ilaxgim. 28 Jan.

I SUM 41 Bi‘aclicad Arena. (iltixgim. .i l‘t‘lt.

I Reel Big Fish Hai‘rimland.

(iltlsgim. 4 l't‘h.

I Sigur ROS Burro“ land. (ilasgim. ll i't‘lt.

I Stereo MC’s Barron land. (ilthgim. l4 l't‘l‘.

I Vanessa Carlton Quccm llall. lidinhiii‘gh. l4 l‘ch.

I Bowling for Soup Barron land. (ilaxgou, l5 l‘ch. I Stone Sour Barron land. (iltlxgim. l5 itch.

I Teenage Fanclub Barron land. (ilthgim. 2| l’ch; liquid Room. lidinhiii'gli. 23 l-‘ch lil)l.\'lll'R(ill S()l.l) ()l'l'.

I Feeder Barron land. (ilaxgim. 22 l-‘ch.

I Def Leppard llai'i‘o“ land. (iltlxgou. 2‘) l't‘l‘.

I Donny Osmond ('l)dc .-\iidiloi'iuin. (il§l\:_!t\\\. 3 Mar. I Red Hot Chili Peppers Sli('('. (ilaxgim. 5 a (i .\lai‘ S()l.l) ()l'l.

I Tracy Chapman (“hilt-

.'\uditoi'ium. (ilaxgou. l7 Mail I Tom Jones Sli(‘(‘. (il£!\gt)\\. 22 .'\Pl'.

I Bon Jovi ll‘l'l)\ Stadium. (ilaxgmx. 22 Jun.

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