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Saturday 1 6 continued

I The Bridge House Band The Bridge Jaz/ Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25 10. ()pm. Free. A regular live-piece with a variable line-up playing specially eommissioned arrangements. I Green Juice The Beat Ja/l. Basement. I (‘hambers Street. 467 253‘). l()pm. £2 before I Iptn. £3 before midnight and £5 after. Iileetronie break—beat jazz from (ireen Juice. featuring saXophonist Martin Kershaw. Willy Molluxon atid SI} Si. plus rapper I‘rosty J.


I All Day Jazz Breakfast IIIC Bridge JaI/ Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25I(). 2.30pm. I‘ree. Music and food to \\ hile away your Sunday. Kids welcome. I Jean Mundell Quintet llenry‘x Jan. Cellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 52()(). 8.30pm. £5. Jau classics from the singer who brings her easy charm and warmth to the stage.

I John Burgess Quartet The Beat Ja// Basement. l ('hambers Street. 467 253‘). Illpm. £2. Tenor \a\ophonist Burgess fronts this inlltnttllVe ft)tlt‘\t)tllc. drawing on inlluenees ax tIl\Cl'\C tlx Kurt Cobain. Radiohead and Bob D}lan.

Monday 18


I The Jam Session The Bridge Ja// Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25“). ()pm. l‘ree. Regular ja/l jam \L‘xxititi as \ttt'ioux gttexls dt'op in to join the David l’atriek 'frio.

I The Flip The Beat Ja// Basement. I ('hambet‘x Street. 467 253‘). lllpm. I‘ree. Jan and Latin \ltllltlttt‘tl\ performed on a solo piano.



Jamie Cullum has been generating a significant buzz on the London scene of late. The 22-year old jazz singer with the pop star looks (his sardonic take on that particular subject is enshrined on ‘I Want to be a Popstar’, the last track of Pointless Nostalgic, his new debut CD on Candid) is apparently attracting an unusually youthful and heavily female following for his interpretations of classic jazz standards. Jamie’s assured and coolly contemporary handling of standards like “Too Close for Comfort’ or ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning’ makes it easy to see why he has been turning heads, and this gig provides a chance to check him out live in Scotland for the first time. (Kenny Mathieson) I Jam/(3 CUM/l7) IS at Henri '5; Ja// Co/lar in Edinburgh on limo 20 Nov

Tuesday 1 9


I Invention Ensemble Ramxhom 'I‘heatre. U8 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). I.l5pm. £2.5(l. ()riginal repertoire of [1“th \xhieh fttxes ja/z. L‘lttxxical. rock.

norld music. theatre. and e\ en puppetr}.

THE 3 35



in concert




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Monday 9 December, 7.30pm Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Box Office 0141 353 8000

56 THE LIST '-1 QB N0. 2131,?

Tuesday 17 December, 7.30pm

Usher Hall, Edinburgh Box Office 0131 228 1155

Wednesday 20


I Bill Kyle’s Usual Suspects The Bridge Ja// Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25“). 9pm. liree. .\'e\\ Ja// Quartet ptit together by drutnmer Kyle and featuring a rotating line-up of the best of lidinburgh'x jaz/ pla} erx such it\ (‘olin Steele. Brian SIIICIx. Brian Kelloelt. Jimm} Wood and more.

I Jamie Cullum llenr}\ Ja// ('ellat'. 8 \Itit't‘ixon Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £6. Sl)li\li )oung _ia// \‘tiL‘ttIl\l deli\er\ fresh t'enditionx of \tandai‘dx attd original eotnpoxitionx frotn his debut (‘D Pruitt/('53 Nomi/1411‘.

I Rubberneck The Beat Ja// Basement. 1 ('hamberx Street. 467 253‘). ltlpni. £3. l-‘unk and hip hop from lltlx Newcastle ere“. mixing tip ltlt'liltthlixm. human beatbox and samples for some phat sounds.


I Phil Robson Trio with James Genus and Billy Hart Ilenr} '\ .Ia// ('ellar. 8 .\It)l'l'l\t)tl Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £0.50. I’hil Robson hax dex’eloped an original and highl} Ill\'L‘lill\ e ja/x \l} le. marked b} a subtle integration of rock influences. lle pla'n “IIII tho of the leading ligurex from the New York ja/l scene. bassist Jatnex (ienus and the great Bill} Ilart on drums.

I Out of the Bedroom \VttVet‘IL‘) Bar. I St .\I;lt'_\“\ Street. 557 1050.

‘)pm midnight. liree. See Thu I4.

I The Latin Quarter The Beat Ja// Basement. I (‘haniberx Street. 467 253*). I()pm. £2 £3. Sounds from the peretixsix e edge Slit)“ ing a funk flair. featuring Dougie 'l‘ipplady on sax.


I Glasgow Jazz Record Club l'nitarian ('hurch ('entre. 72 Berkele} Street. 221 3I54. 7.3l)pm. £2 t£l lttL‘mIiL‘t'xl. .SCL‘ I'it‘l I5. Bill ()gxltitl pI'L‘\L‘tll\ llerntan lleard.


I Tony King Collective Ilenr} \ Ja// (‘ellatz 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £5. See I‘ri l5.

I Petter Wettre Trio/Quintet

llenr} \ Jal/ (‘ellatx 8 .\Iot‘t‘i\on Street. 46" 5200. 8.3llpin. £Ill. .-\ leading figure of the contemporar} jal/ scene in \orua}. tenor \a\ophonixt l’etter \Vettre ix joined b} .-\rild Andersen and Jon ('hri\tenxen for llll\ special

I Vocal Jazz Extravaganza Qtteen'x llall. (‘lerlt Street. 668 2(ll‘). 8.30pm.

£lll £l5 t£6 £l3i. l-‘ionna Duncan presents this night of meal ia/x talenh featuring Sophie Bancroft. 'l‘odd (iordon. l-‘ionna Duncan Vocal Ja// \Vorltxhop (’hoir. I’reddie and Ton} King. S}l\ia and ('athie Rae and \pecial guext ('arol Kidd. I The BackBeat Band the Bridge Jd/l Bar. 82 Sottth Bridge. 4'8 25 Ill. 0pm. l'IL‘C. SL‘L‘ I'it'l I5.


I Scottish National Jazz Orchestra .\I;tcl{obt‘t‘l. l'nixeixitt of Stirling. ()l786 466666. 8pm. £7 (£3.5tlt. Ilttl‘tl on IIIL‘ IIL‘L‘I\ 0f lIIL'll' neu collaboration \xith I'lorian Rtixx MCL‘ l'i‘i I5 I. the S.\'J() return to L‘Iil\\le Ila/x t'epertot‘} in a celebration of the music of big band legend (‘ount Baxie.


I Niki King Dundee Rep. Ia) Square. (H.382 22353ll. ltl.3(lpm. £4.5t) t£3.5()i. (‘ontempotart Hull and no ia/x \ ibex from the l’et't'ier Jax/ .I\\\ard \\ inning \inger.


I George McGowan and his Orchestra Merchants (‘ornetz [8 John Street. 552 38(ll. 2.3l) 5.30pm. l’ree. See Sat I6.

I Free Candiru Brel. 3‘) 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3 6pm. lice. Ja// \\ ith an experimental “mom.

I Petter Wettre Trio/Quintet (‘t‘.\. 350 Sauehiehall Street. 352 401M), 8pm. £|(l. See iii 22.


I Subie Coleman Ileni'} \ Ja// (‘ellatz S .\ltll'l'l\tlll Street. 4h" 52f)”, \Iltllllglll. £5. Vocalixt ('oleman. uho \torked \\ ith the Midnight Blue band. delneh an incredible range of \ongx. from ntellou ballads to uptempo RNB cutx.

I Jazz Brunch IIIL‘ Bridge Jan Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25“). 2.3llpm. I'i'ee. ('ltill otit and fill tip at the same time at lIlI\ net-kl} e\ent.