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By George, it’s Boy Geo e

Edinburgh makes a bid to be European city of Culture (Clug

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay programme announced. Words: Ruth Hedges

here was a time when a lump of coal and a tar. dark

stranger were enough to see ;n the Year. Long gone

are those days. Ed-nburgh's Hogmanay boasts to be the biggest. the best. most spectacular of New Year cel-gnratlons :h al; of Europe. And this year :t looks set to but-party the ‘.'.Cti(l. Rét'lklt‘g above New Orleans' Mardi Gras. Berlin's Love Parade. Marty‘s Oktoberfest and BraZil's Salvador Carnival n a poll :onoutneo by

fOr New Year pleascre seekers.

So wnat has the C'ty got for us this tvne? Most exciting is the news that 80s legends of 'Karma Chameleon fame. Cu ture Club. Will be headlining the COncert in the Gardens w=tn suppon coming from none other than Merctiiy Music Prize winner, Ms Dynamite. BOy GeOrge WIH then head down to Ocean Term:na' to first-- foot it as the tall. dark stranger. playing an h:s capacity as DJ maestro.

For the more traditionalist among yOu fans of the Princes Street tongue waggle the Street Party wrll feature international street entertainers and Live music On w0rld and Celtic stages on the city’s maln shoppng thoroughfare.

Just one w0rd of warning: deSpite an expected 100.000 revellers. there's a grand total of 300 temporary totlets. That works out as around 333 people per loo. which works out as a lot of squatting and alleyway pissmg. Never mind. Spirits will not no ()afitpel'tetl. At the stroke of midnight. the skies light up with fireworks screeching


4 THE LIST 1-”- 78 \k). 7’52

Edinburgh is number one destination for New Year pleasure seekers

doiworod by Glasgol:

at: f'on‘ sew" t"l:s ". and around Edinburgh.

And 0‘ the ha a tip. there's treats a-ptenty. Sing-a-iong-aSound o." ill/lusts. t"‘-:) camp "it at London's \‘l.’est End. offers the chance tO S'ltg your heart out :1“ Judy .n the fancy dress competition and take romo ‘J'Otll' zen. own 'n‘ag'c nto't‘cnts' tun bag.

Mus c-wise. the Brogr; Jazz Bar pays post to some of New York's hottest ,az/ :_:.ayors. bring-pg It‘O-l' own. brand of t'unk and 'at'n boats to cap tzr n a sor o” ggs called New Year New York! Comedians Des C‘arke. Frankie Boyle and C'alg Hr- 22ft the wavy gloom over two nzgi‘ts at the Queen's Hall and on 30 December ("e streets come alive with tne Night A‘o'e Fiesta. headined by Si‘ooglenifty. Night Afore Street Tneatre and the world's longest Strip the Wilioxzz

Other ‘avctir-tes are the torchl'ght wooessioh. the Hog'hahay carnival and the com, :iook and thatl‘lon or‘ New Year's Day which are reafly good trays to nurse that hangover: Honest.

The al-ocat Cl‘ o‘ street passes has already f-nisned. but passes are a\.‘a'lat>;e 1“ any pa o-t’or overt tanthm the zone pr i‘ you JOID the o-“tca' 'frtohds' c Lit) for Edinburgh's Hogmanay. the F:rst Foot Club. Meinbe'sh p hotlrho :s 0131 (173 2056 or \.’lS!i l.‘.".'."‘.‘.'.O(1‘lit)tl'g'lS’ingiialTayOfg for more information. The List Will be pubislvng full details of all ments for Edrnburgl‘. and Giasgow in our 1’2 December 'ssuo. Details of Glasgow's Hogmanay are

announced ‘0 Nov.

24-hour party people? Club survey results. Words: Ruth Hedges

rpm the results of 7/?(3 [ ist's recent dubbing (lLlCSilOl‘i’iéilf't-B. one thing's debided: you all thrnk clubhmg's oocomo too mainstream. This uhal‘un‘ious verdict was

over ‘.'.'l‘.otht‘:r you thought hightéito :r‘ gonor'ai had :inprovod o" declinod With (50%; stating iiilr;r'<>\.'oriiont and 30 domino.

008;)!10 l-5d:v\.i>urgl:'s more lioora! licensing law. fix}: of the capital's respondents thought 'Ylti'tll.f(‘:(1()lllfli)(?'l“t)"()‘.’(}(it)‘,‘(}‘.(3ttiiIIOl'IECOHCOSf()l'(?|tit)8£ill(lMEN'S. with 50% ot (Bastion-J's; thinking the same. Barcelona was cited as a good tilOtiO' with its 2-1- hour policy: Opinion on moves; to award more :ato night licences to pubs and bars was 00‘“;

2n fay/our. but at least 31‘, cried the wood for :3'l‘ttliti'. 'Ti()l'(} lnt'iilato cult: venues.

.' and ldlnhur'gh (:‘uhbcrs alike. ()lmt'Cll was split. however.

I Just when you thought that the appeal of Guy Fawkes would have fizzled out like a used sparkler. he's blazing back. Director Anand Tucker will reignite interest in the 17th century agitator with a forthcoming film to be scripted by Frank Cotterill Boyce and entitled November 5th. Boyce and Tucker previously worked together on Hilary and Jackie . . . Happy go lucky actress Julianne Moore is down to play a manic depressive poet. Running with Scissors has Moore playing Deirdre Burroughs. whose delusions of grandeur led to her being treated by an unorthodox male psychiatrist during the 703 . . . John Simm has begun filming for a new TV conspiracy thriller written by Paul Abbott (Cracker. C/ocking Off). State of Play also stars Kelly Macdonald . . . First came the book, then the film and accompanying soundtrack album. and now the TV series. About a Boy is set to reach small US screens with the Fox network currently in negotiations to film a pilot of the Nick Hornby novel . . . For those with stoical attention spans. next year sees the complete Ring Cycle coming to the Edinburgh International Festival in August and the Theatre Royal in September and October. We're still COunting the hours.