Music folk & world listings

Wednesday 20 continued


I Eddie Walker lidinhurgh l"o|k (‘luh. l’leasance (‘aharet Bar. the l’leasance. (150 234‘). 8pm. £0 (£5). ('lassy guitar picking and song covering hlues. bluegrass. ragtime. early rock’n'roll and Britfolk.

I Absolute Beginners Ceilidh Dance Borouglunuir High School. \"iewforth. Bruntslield. 337 5442.

7 ‘)pm. £2.50 (U50). All welcome. attd a caller to take )otl through the dances.


I The Flatlanders The Arches. Argyle Street. ()‘)()l 022 0300. ‘)pm. L'l‘). Top l'S countr)‘ line-up of living legends Joe lily. Butch Hancock and Jimmie Dale (iilmore. hack together with a new alhum.

I Bruce Molsky Live at tlte Star. St Andrew’s in the Square. off Saltmarket. St Andrew’s Street. 548 0020. Split. £0 (£4). Brilliant and entertaining Appalachian fiddler. guitarist. hanjo player and singer.

I Martyn Joseph ('ottier 'l'heatre. llyndland Street. 332 4400. 8pm. £12.50. Powerful linglish protest songwriter and ('hristian acoustic roots/rockin' troulxtdour.

I Mambo Tango ('uha .\‘orte. John Street. 552 3505. ‘)pm. l~'ree. See Thu 14.


I Out of the Bedroom Waverle} Bar. St .\lat')“x Street. 557 1050.

‘)pm midnight. l-‘ree. See Thu 14.


I Mick West and Alastair Hulett 'l'he Annexe. Stewart\ ille Street. 357 0747. 7pm. l‘ree. 'l‘raditional Scots and cotttentporar} soctitlixl \ong from two of the masters.

I Ceilidh Dance Ri\er.\ide. h} Halfpenny Bridge House. off Kelxin l)ri\‘e. 34l 0844. Spm. £0. Muxic from Darlocit.

I Lush Rollers 'l‘ron 'l'heatre. 'l‘rongate. 552 4207. ‘).30pm. £0. Youthful lm'erness countr} rockerx.


I Piping Concert lidinhurgh Academy. Henderson Row. 024 4‘)44. 7.30pm. £0 (£4). John I) Burgess introduces Stuart l.iddell and Scott l)rummond on the Highland hagpipex. and lain Maelnnes on the Scollixh small

pi res.

Ci Heat the Hoose Axxetnhl)‘ Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). Xpm. L' l 2.50 15.7). Young \l;tt'\ of the new Scottish fiddle kick off the capital\ annual fiddle feast. Start of I'll/(Hr

2002. With l)eaf Shepherd. ('antrip. and a tribute to Highland liddler Donald Riddell with Bruce .\lac(}regor. Jonny llardie. lain Alacl-‘arlane and Rory ('amphell. See preview.

0 Ceilidh Dance Axxemhl)‘ Room\. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). ‘)pm lam. L‘S (rm. Music from lidinhurgh's all-women outfit the Belle Stars. Part of I-‘ir/d/e 2002. See preview.


I Robert Maseko 8. Congo Beat lolhooth 'I‘heatre. Jail W} mi. 01780 274000. Split. U0 (£0.50). [1(- based central African acoustic-electric rumha/soukoUs dance outfit fronted by Vocalist Maxeko.


I Mr McFall’s Chamber St Andrew K in the Square. off Saltmarket. St Andrew 'x Street. 548 0020. lpm. Free. A li\'e performance and BB(‘ Radio 3 recording of lidinhurgh's \uperhl} eclectic maxieal icoltttciihlx in their l’ia/Iolla mode performing Argentinean tango with weak h} ('hile's Valentina Monto}a-Mat'tiltel.

I Ceilidh Dance RiVerxide. h} llalfpenn} Bridge ilottsc. off Kelx in l)ri\e. 34l 0S44. Spin. £0. See l'ri I5. Mtixic from |)arloch.


0 Fiddle 2002 Axxemhl) Roomx. (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). [I5 (£‘)l da} ticket. Major annttal three-da} fiddle e\ent which hax \Htt'ksitopx. L‘i;t\\e\, inxtrument and record \tallx. food. drink. kidx e\‘ent\ and more. See pre\ iew. Andy Wendy Stevenson l lam. lidinhurgh-haxed \inger gi\e\ her \trong hrical axle.

The Campbells Noon. A fantil} affair with Marianne (fiddle) and Ror}

(w hixtlex and pipext of Deaf Shepherd. with their father Rodd} lpiper arid (iaelic \ingerl.

Edinburgh Highland Reel and Strathspey Society 2pm. Jim l't‘l'gIISSttlt conducts the hand :tlxo known ax the lidinhurgh l‘iddlerx.

Give Way 2pm. The w innerx of the BB(' Young l-‘olk :\\\;tl‘d\ 2001 make their l'iiddle fextiVal dehut.

Farquhar MacRae Tribute 3pm. 'I'rihute led h} friend and fellow w ext Highland fiddler :\ottgit;t\ (irant. Bruce Molsky 4pm. .-\ppa|achian fiddler and ltttlill-llt\[t'tllttcttlttiixl.

0 Grand Fiddle Concert Axxemhl) Rootttx. (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). 7.30pm. {I250 (£7l. l"c'\ti\;tl concert with \Vext Highland traditional fiddler Aonghax (irant \nr. ex-Battlelield Bandxmen John Mc(‘uxker and Brian .\lc.\'ei|| and otherx. Part of l’irltlle 2002. See pt‘e\ iew.

0 Dance :Axxelttltl} Rootttx, (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). l0pm lam. £7 l£4l. Legendar) Moidart hutton


IE fiddle 2002

November 22 23 24 ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street Edinburgh

Non—stop fiddle music featuring our greatest tradition bearers Brian McNeil], Aonghas Grant snr, John MeCusker, Car-trip, DeafShepherd, A Highland Fiddler, Bruce

Molaky, Mail-i Canlpbell & Wendy Weather-by Farquhar MacRae Memorial Recital Tickets 0131 228 1155 Brochure 0131 346 0977 Email: scots_fiddle@lineone.net unvw.sootsfiddlefestival.com

58 THE LIST 1.: 2H Na. 11%;)

accordionixt Magic MacDonald and hix littltd. Part Of I’lr/(I/r' 300:. See pre\ iew. I To Paint The Green Hill Brown St Bridex. ()rw ell 'l‘errace. l)alr} Road. 340 I405. 7.30pm. [5. A celehration in honour of lidinhurgh \ongwriter/ptlet/tramlator and muxician Jon} .\le.\lanu\ (not to he confuxed with the Scottixh ‘(’eltic' guitarixt of the \ante namel w ho died earlier thix _\ear. 'l‘hoxe taking part include exteemed piani\t/cotnpoxer Ronald Stexenxon. poetx Raynond Rtt\\. ('atherine Altirra}. Norrie Bixxell. Ke\ in Anderxon and Mathew l'tlll. \ingerx Rod l’;tlel\olt. liileen l’enntan. (ierda Ste\ enxon. hluexman Alan .lonex. John (ireig and the (ieorge ('amphell lla} l’roiect. (iaelic poet/writer Aonghax Alacneacail and piper llarr} l.;t\\\olt.

I Ceilidh Dance ('aledonian

Brew er). Slateford Road. 023 S000. 7pm. .\lu\ic from 'l‘eannaieh. Startx Spin.


I The Lorraine Jordan Band with Gill Hunter 'I'ron 'l‘heatre. 'l'rongate. 552 4207. Split. {S50 (‘ult lidinhurgh \ongwriter/fret plant Performx her (‘eltic-rooted acouxtic ntthic.

Edinburgh 3 Fiddle 2002 Axxemhl} Rooinx. (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). b I .5 (Wt Dd} ticket. Major annual three-da} fiddle e\ent hax workxhopx. claxxex. inxlrument and record \ltliix. food. drink. kid‘x e\ent\ and more. See pre\ iew. Simon Bradley l Iain. l’iddler from the north w ext of lingland. Oleg Ponomarev and Nigel Clark .\'oon. Virtuoxo Ruxxian \ lttllltixl and former mernher of Lo) ko l’onomare\ joiltx with _ia// guitarixt .\'igel (’lark land co-memher of Kc\lt;tl for a hlertd of g} px} and tan. Kiltearn Fiddlers lpm. .\'ew fiddling group comprixing \e\enteen Rtt\\-\itll't‘ httSL‘tl [)i;t_\ct‘\. I Mairi Campbell and Wendy Weatherby . 2pm. l‘iddle and cello dtto. I Shetland New Tradition 3pm. \Vinnerx of the .\lu\ic for Youth National l‘exti\al thix .xear. New 'l'radition

comprixe )oung Shetland fiddlerx performing from their latext alhurn. .lIu/Jne Wow.

I Jock Tamson’s Bairns 4pm. l)erek Ho} and Ian llardie wield the liddicx in the celehrated Scotx lttttxic group. with \irtgei\ Rod l’aterxon and John (‘roall and ithlt'tllttc‘ltlttilxl Norman (‘halmerx

I Alistair Russell \\‘ee l-‘olk (‘luh Royil ()ak. lnlirmar} Street. 557 2070. Spm. £5. Former Battlefield Band guitarixt and singer.

Tuesday 26


3 Dolly Parton (’l_\de Auditorium. l’inniexton Qua}. 0S70 040 4000.

[30 [50. Rare \ l\ll (2.5 )L‘ttl'x \lltL‘L‘ the Iaxt onel from the countr) muxic \uperxtar and often underrated \inger.

Wednesday 27


3 Dolly Parton (‘l_\de Auditorium. l‘inniexton Qua}, 0S"0 040 4000.

£20 [50. See Tue 20.


I Bruce Molsky lidinhurgh liolk (’luh. l’leaxance ('aharet Bar. The I’Ieaxance. 050 234‘). Spin. L‘thc. (ireat ['3 fiddler. See (il;t\go\\. Jim 2 l.

Thursday 28


I Ian Bruce l.l\c at the Star. St Andrew \ in the Square. off Saltmarket. St Andrew \ Street. 54S 0020. Spin. to (Hi. Seotx \ingel' and guitarixl. \\ ell known in liurope\ folk cluhx.

I Mambo Tango ('uha \orte. I“ John Street. 552 3505. ‘)pm. l’ree. See 'l‘hu l4.


I Thrust l.;t Belle Angele. ('owgate. llpm. [.5 1L4). ‘l‘icketx m adxance front .r\\alanche lx’ecordx. ('ockhurn Street. 33‘) S3S3. Rtttth} \ihex from NJ Dolphin ho) and |i\ e muxie front .\l.\\ter_\ Juice ttttd ('rofl N0 .5. I Out of the Bedroom \\'a\er|e'\ Bar. I St .\lar_\ \ Street. 55" l050. ‘)pm. l‘ree. See 11-00 '4.