THE JOY SOCIETY Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Thu 28—Sat 30 Nov

How much of our older, more pagan culture is still visible to us today? That‘s open to debate, but if you think the old custom of the feast of fools is redundant, you haven‘t attended an office Christmas party for a few years. This is one way in which we dispense with hierarchy, etiquette, social and sometimes sexual inhibitions for a temporary reversal of the order of things. Hierarchies of course, are as rigorously policed today as they were in medieval times, though they tend to be obfuscated by authority rather than advertised, these days. That's something that hasn’t escaped Dark Horse, which, combining with Bristol Old Vic, is set to expose and ridicule these constructions in a feast of visual and physical theatre full of

absurd and alarming imagery. Bim Mason, performer and deviser, will play the guru leader of

Bosch job: ‘People have bee

a cult, who is increasingly undermined by his followers.

‘We’ve had great responses from students and young people in this show,’ he says. ‘They’re charged up by it, and they like the overthrow of authority that happens. It‘s like a painting of a Bosch underworld, with puppet babies that turn into grotesque giants with adult desires. There are also stilts, masks, animals, people suspended above the stage in silk and a lot of play with darkness. People have been in hysterics, and not just laughing, but screaming.’

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(Zl ASSIC DRAMA CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF Byre Theatre, St Andrews, until Sat 23 Nov .000

Tennessee \"y/illiains's Hot fin Roof is still possibly the most challenging of his plays for iiiodein audiences. Brick and Margaret iRichard Conlon. Anita Vettessei are llVlIlg a fraught. childless marriage in filial competition ‘.'Jllli Gooper and Mae John Paul lliirley. Janet Dyer who are expecting their sixth. Big Daddy and Big Mama 'Gareth Titoiitas. tiileen McCaIIuini are celebrating the news that Daddy's medical tests hav 2 come up pretty clear, but there's {ittle Southern comfort to he had. In dutifully covering up tiiiasxelcoine truths. the family My” is carefully torn limb from liinl). Directoi Ken Alexander ensures that the issues of homosexuality and cancer ‘.'.'hich inade th 2 play controversial at its original production aren't made the locus of this production. Instead the (:haiacters' handling; of their situations holds the dramatic interest. .'.'l‘ll(} the ; ssentpled cast play the text to the full. the tragedy is still

But it’s not just a succession of mad images. Mason sees it as a particular turning point in as cote'it. hat the production is generally ‘.'.’llll(}l' and less heavy in

the postmodern sensibility, with the negativity of the late 90$ as a source. ‘At that time, politicians, policeman, the clergy - everyone - was being subverted, but nothing positive was put up in its place. At the end of this show, we try to suggest some possible affirming things,

rather than just being negative.‘

A rebuilding play? Surely not, in this day and age. (Steve Cramer)

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The classic film musical - now with

subtitles so everyone can join in! The ultimate karaoke event.

Mon ZS-Tue 26 Nov


stars in

Sensational dance routines and classic songs including Just Flew in from the Windy City and the Oscar winning Secret Love

Tue 21 - Sat 25 Jan

'.'.'or:l than is generally expected from Williams.

’I I‘e actors play out their iiiarital differences ‘.'.’lIll i.'./el|—pitched contrasts of hardness and yulneral>i|ity. bringing the characters out ot' [Deep South stereotypes and into the real world. Go see. but don't expect animal cruelty. Humanity is crueller. iGareth Davies;




Thu 5 Dec 02- Sat 18 Jan 03

The Royal . National Theatre’s award wi.nn_in_ stars in ' ;

. z 9 Ltd \Q L1 1 b ., "

*\ L/J The award winning sell-out show returns to the King's. A daring and witty comedy about the joys and agonies of parenting. 'A hilarious coup de theatre that

you have to see for yourself’ Daily Mail

Mon 3-Sat 22 Feb

Awesome staging, raw-emotion and a sweeping score are just some of the ingredients that make this production a smash hit all over the world.

Tue 4- Sat 8 Mar

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