Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Drama & dance listings compiled by Anna Millar.


WA = Wheelchair Access; “AA = Wheelchair Access with Assistance P = Parking Facilities: WC = Adapted Toiletts).


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Glasgow Drama


253 Argyle Street. 0901 0220300. [WC WA]

Mixsh’d L'ntil Thu 14 Nov. 7pm. £5 (£3). In Tension presents this devised mixed media ‘bar shift' where the audience is invited to pull tip a stool and experience an evening's shift throttgh the eyes of the staff. Part of Arr/it’s I.it'('.'

The All Over Show: Donovan Flynn Fri 15 8; Sat to Nov. 7pm. £6 (£4). A selection of tragi-comic tnagic

tricks with a twist and more from Donovan Flynn. I’urr ol'Uluvguy'.

Help Me Help You Sat to & Sun 17 Nov. Noon »4pm. Free. A series of performances by l.isalouise performed in the Arches (‘afe Bar. l’urt ofAre/rm Lii'e.’

The Diarist Sun 17 Nov. 7pm. £5 (£3). The lives of four people are shattered when drawn together by a mysterious summons. Read their online diaries (www.thediarist.co.uk) before witnessing the clitnactic one-time performance presented by Terra Firma Productions. I’ur! (ff/1ft'lll’8 Live.’ Landscapes Sun 17 Nov. (3.15pm. £4 (£2). ()nur ()rkut presents this one- act play about love. hope and hate. adapted from the work of Turkish poet Nazim llikmet. winner of the World Peace Prize in 1950. Part (if/1wst Live.’

Love Sun 17 Nov. 9pm. £5 (£3). Ra/or ()ctopus explores the theme of love in this fusion of belly dancing. ballet. puppetry. poetry and video. I’url (if/TIT'IIFS' I.ii'(’.'

Frenzy Thu 2] Nov. 8pm. £6 (£4). Argentinean pianist Fabiana (ialante and performer Sandro Nun/iata collaborate with Dudendance in a live screenplay that explores a two- dimensional world. Purl ofAre/tes' Live. Wanted - Dead or Alive T‘Tl 22 8.- Sat 23 Nov. 8pm. £6 (£4). BAT-"TA award-winning writer and actor Andrew Dallmeyer's candid response to the events of l 1 September as a seemingly innocent Santa (‘laus begins to resemble ()sama Bin Laden.


11‘) (iorbals Street. 42‘) 0022. ll’. 11. 'IT. WC. WAI

The Trials of Oscar Wilde t'ntil Sat 16 Nov. 7.30pm. £12 (£4). (Stalls Studio). (‘ompiled from the original transcripts. The Trials of‘Usr'ur Wilde recreates the events that led to Wilde's imprisonment for gross indecency. Adapted. directed and designed by Jon

Pope. this grindingly tense and beautifully acted production has a contemporary relevance that goes far beyond attitudes to homosexuality. Britannicus l'ntil Sat 16 Nov. 7.30pm. £12 (£4). ((‘ircle Studio). Philip Prowse directs Jean Racine's 17th century tragedy about the rise of the limperor Nero and the fall of his powerful mother Agrippina in a translation by Robert David MacDonald. It's a stimulating production with high quality performances.

The Importance of Being Earnest l'ntil Sat to Nov. 7.30pm. £12 (£4). (Main Theatre). (iiles llavergal directs Oscar Wilde's sparkling comedy about two young men who have taken to bending the truth in order to add a dash of excitement to their lives. It's a refreshingly traditional production -- and all the more enjoyable for that. Damn’d Jacobite Bitches Wed 27 Nov Sat 21 Dec (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £12 (£4). Pay what you can preview Wed 27 Nov. ((‘ircle Stttdio). The fall and the rise of (‘harles lidward Stuart is revealed as four women. each having had a different relationship with him. share their thoughts. See preview. Pleasure and Pain Tue 26

Nov Sat 21 Dec (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £12 (£4). (Stalls Studio). Pay what you can preview Tue 26 Nov. Adaptation of Guy dc Maupassant's short stories which explore the human condition. with John Ka/ek as Maupassant. Directed by David Mark Thomson. the former artistic director of the Brunton Theatre who‘s now in line for the Royal Lyceum in lidinburgh, See preview.

Scrooge Thu 28 Nov Sat 28 Dec. 28th Nov 10.30am. £12 (£6): family ticket £30. Dickens' story of the overly- prudcnt businessman who becomes a saint overnight. (iiles llavergal takes the lead with support from Tam Dean Burn. (irae (‘leugh and Jay Manley.

Paco Pena The excitement and passion of flamenco is captured by this prominent company, who are led by the eponymous guitarist and directed by the legendary Jude Kelly. Promising a mixture of tradition and contemporary innovation. this could be an eye—opener. Festival Theatre. Edinburgh, Thu 3 i—Sat 23 Nov.

Pleasure and Pain David Mark Thomson makes an appearance as director at the Cnaens'TheaUezbekxetaMngiaa his appointment as artistic director of the Royal Lyceum. This adaptation of nine Guy de Maupassant stories into a reflection uponthernanSlMeandloveslooks intriguing. Citizens Theatre. Glasgow. Tue 26 Nov—Sat 27 Dec.

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The Importance The Importance... The lmimrtance.

Britannicus Britannicus Britannicus

The Tnals of ()scar \Vilde The Tnals ot ()scaJ \Viltle The Tnals of ()scar \Viltle

Terry Pratchett‘s Maskenxle Terry Pratcbett's .Vlaskcrlee Terry Pratchett‘s .‘vlaskenxle

(‘ortolanus ('oriolanus (‘oriolanus

(‘arousel ('arousel (‘arousel My tam Lady My l‘air l.ady My Fair Lady

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A Brief History... A Brief History

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Brunton wank- : FesflvaI Joseph Joseph Joseph (iirls' Night Out (iirls' Night ()ut (iirls' Night Out The (iang Show The (iang Show "etherbow ()ur Boys ()ur Boys ()ut Boys Miss Saigon Miss Saigon Miss Saigon Miss Saigon Miss Saigon Miss Saigon Royal Lyceum tanning ol rhi- Shrew Taming or u..- Shrew Taming ot au- slut-w Traverse 1 See Kids .-\ l.llt1c Fantasy Ttaverse 2

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