The Stand, Glasgow, Fri 15 & Sat 16 Nov; the Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 17 Nov

As a rule I’m not a big one for modish catch phrases. ‘Suits you, sir’ always sounded to me like the kind of phrase that, repeated to the wrong person with extremely hairy shoulders, would probably result in the receipt of a much-deserved jeer nose.

That said, Adam Hills’ ‘Go you big red fire engine!’ - the catchy hook from which the Aussie comic hung his Perrier-nominated Fringe show in 2001 - has to go down in history as one of the more infectious and better-travelled comedy utterances. Australian senator Natasha Stott Despoja certainly thought so, adopting the mantra to top off a key speech on International Women’s Day in the country’s Federal Parliament. And it was at that point that Hills like the pop star who hears his chart hit playing on the Rovers Return radio - suddenly realised he had arrived in a big way.

And not before time. A veteran of some six years solo performing at the Fringe, Hills has gradually built up a reputation as one of the safest bets for the floating comedy fan. His act tends to veer between warm, easygoing banter with his audience to random acts of extreme and convoluted silliness. In one

performance of two years ago, this involved dragging five unsuspecting young lads from the front row to participate in the comedian’s deranged plan to form and coach a

boyband from scratch.

Meanwhile, in last summer’s (also Perrier-nominated) show Happy Feet, Hills shared with us the joys of being born with only one foot, regaling a delighted gathering with tales of sunbathing footless on the beach and terrifying the trunks off the passing kiddies. He also succeeded in eliciting plenty of ‘awws’ and ‘ahhhs’ as well as one or two ‘eeeeuughs’ when he produced his

tiny wee very first prosthetic foot.



Cul de Sac Southside, Glasgow, Fri 22-Sun 24 November

Gutsy Scotch mirth

Adam’s hilarity values

Like all antipodeans who are also doing rather well over here, Hills now divides his time between the UK and his native land, hosting his ratings busting Australian

network radio breakfast show, and making regular


appearances on such top UK telly variety shows as The Stand Up Show and BBC Scotland’s very own Live Floor

The good news is that the Big Red Fire Engine will be stopping off at a comedy club near you in the not too distant future. Audiences are advised to leave their cynicism at the door, and prepare to get swept along with

Hills’ energetically offbeat sense of fun. (Allan Radcliffe)

It's not an adinissioi‘ anyone '-.'./oul<l ever want to make. but I've upset Janey (iodley. Int.- '.'.'r>rnan who learned her trade controlling punters lI‘. her l ast Ind of (Elasgow pub has taken offence at in}; labelling her act ‘rude' and 'l>o‘sli\.'. ‘If I v.'.'as a maizl would be £If§f3trlfl‘.'€? and entiei)reneurial.' corrects (iodley. ‘l \.'.rould not sell out shox'xs on the basis of rudeness? ()ops. She must have lll(}||()‘.'./(;(I over time because the last time I saw (iodley she .'.r'as ripping strips off hecklers in a hilarious diatribe of yerioiiious posturing. in between l)tll‘.’(,",‘llltl her sardonic take on life with egual riieasui'es of gutsiness and ‘.'/£ll’llllft. Still. that was then.

Now (iodley is giying the Proclaimers a run for their money as Scotland's most sought after eriteitairiiiient export. (iodley's biting ‘.'.’II has taken her the world over and her show at this year ‘s l ringe. /'i / ul.‘ ,L’itn'rsi/Ie of .‘Scotc/r. ‘.'.'as a commentary on her LIP/(Elf; from (ilasgov.'.'_ via the rough pubs of New York and I As (;()lll(‘7(f\, Store, to New /ea|and's corned;

festival. In May of this year A Full i'~//e.'rsure of Scotch was a\.'\./arded Best Show Concept by the organisers of Auckland's laugh! festival. as it was tne first time a show had been signed for the deaf coriiiiiunity ‘You should see the sign for (,‘nlasgowf says (iodley "You Just smack your lists together ‘If looks like a fight!' And it's not Just sign language that Godley is trying to get to grips With. 'I try to learn a bit of every language. I even learned a bit of Maori. “Kia Ora". there you go. We thought it was an orange Juice. in Maori it means "xi/elcome".'

These dates in the cosy Cul de Sac room mark a welcome return to her home town, then it's off to Amsterdam for a niiiedate tour. followed by New /ealand in December for six weeks of hard slog. ()urr'ently writing a drugs based monologue entitled ‘lhe Point of Yes', | ask (iodley. in light of her \.’£tll(?(f career ()\.’(?l the years. what's been the highpoint for her"? 'Standing at the BAI l/\ awards asking Hi ssell (Irox're to look down my blousef Holshy'? Never. ilvlaur'eeii I llisi

,. I; comedyélistcoqu'

Joking aside

Where the laughter matters

CONGRAI ULAI IONS IO Jllvl lvluir iaka local comedy revolutionary l‘teyerend Obadiah Stet)penu'xolfe who has been nominated for a BAI' IA Scotland New latent award. tvluir is Il()"‘.!.'l{lt(l'(l in the Best IUIC‘JISIOII Performance category. alongside River Cirrus Stephen l’urden and The Book Group actors Michelle (Berne/ and Her; McGann. lhe show ".'.’lll(lfl gave Muir hrs break. [i/(B l-i'oor Shout: is also 'lOI‘llllt’tttEtl in the Best T(3I(3‘.’ISIOII f ntertairiv'ient Corned; category and is up against the Book Group.

ALAS, LOCAL COMEDY haven Fin MacCool’s is closing its weekly comedy night. A change of management in the Edinburgh pub means that Reg Anderson and co will be on the lookout for new premises for their anarchic blend of silliness, quizzes and entertainment.

()N A Blthlllllt NOTE". it It (‘nlded Saloor‘. in I diiiburgi‘. will play host to a new fortnightly comedy club. New and Used Stand Up Comedy begins on lhursdai, 1-1 November and will be hosted I); Nex'.‘ Zealand's Rhys Darby It will feature a mix of established acts. up~and coining (I()"l(?(ll£tll8 and international acts popping in from time to “"18. If an; comedians are interested in performing. call Chris or Ryan on (Full -1r‘,' 3:527.

STAYING IN EDINBURGH, THE Queen’s Hall is set to host a couple of stonking comedy nights over the festive period. First up, Give Us a Laugh, the Gilded Balloon’s charity enterprise in association with Capital Christmas, is back on Tuesday 17 December. Acts already confirmed include the very brilliant Dylan Moran and the very bonny Danny Bhoy. Get your tickets early. Later in December, three local comedians Craig Hill, Frankie Boyle and Des Clarke - will perform two nights of pre-Hogmanay cheer on Friday 27 and Monday 30 December.

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