One of Glasgow’s greatest and most diverse record labels, SOMA, and club nights, PRESSURE, celebrate in style. Words: Johnny Regan

magine. if you will. a huge cavernous arena filled

with young people. wired on the greatest dance

music in the world. The music. which is arranged loosely according to genre and sub-genre in rooms with curving brick ceilings of varying sizes. ranges from the sharpest cutting edge techno to the best from the history of house. Misery is an alien concept here. and any fears of the party ending are allayed by the realisation that this celebration is a monthly event.

The Pressure story is one of broadened horizons. expanded vision and the realisation of ambitions. What started otit as a night designed to satiate the desires of a techno- hungry (ilasgow underground has expanded to encompass the full groove spectrum. with hip hop and scratchy business. big beat. hard techno (of course) and high class house. The ('hemical Brothers worked it out with a brilliant DJ set on the opening night. as a favour to Slam‘s Stuart and ()rde. and from there Soma posted notice of their intention of bringing the biggest. and always the best. to the Arches.

Soma manager Dave ('larke looks back fondly at the relatively humble genesis of a night that would come to dominate the (‘ilasgow dance scene: ‘Pressure started alter a six-month hiatus from the Slam night that we used to run. At the start. people like Derrick May were a huge part of what we did. The Detroit scene really shaped Pressure in the early days.’

Nowadays. a plurality of labels and scenes make tip the Pressure experience: diversification is the result of

72 THE LIST ‘-'- Ll". Ni.

‘I know it might sound cheesy, but I look forward to every night’

.‘ .12: a:


Under Pressure


Slam spruce up for their Big Night Out

four years of hard work and partying. 'We’ve been able to broaden our horizons over the last four years.‘ explains Slam’s Stuart MacMilIan. ‘lioi' tis it’s about quality. cutting edge music. We're a musically conscious night. not hooking people because they’re a big name. because our crowd is more discerning.’

And what a crowd it has evolved into. Vast and diverse. comprised of indie kids. glam students. techno addicts. those sickened by mechanical trance nonsense and a healthy smattering of beautiful people. What's more. it keeps growing. The expansion of the Pressure

crowd was a major factor in the opening of the last of

the Arches’ arches. allowing for more revelry of the crowd-mtwiug variety. MacMillan is entirely sincere when he says: 'I know it might sound cheesy. btit I look forward to every night. and I enjoy every night.’

Pressure favourite Tom Middleton is similarly enthusiastic: ‘lt's my favourite place to play. It‘s so good to be iii a club environment that happy with people so willing to express themselves.‘

The line—up for the two parties in November is as varied as they come. Pete long will be playing a half-hour head-to head soundclash with Sara (‘ox paramour Jon (‘arteiz Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter and DJ l‘alcon will be playing a rare date as duo 'l’ogether in anticipation of the release of their album. Sonar festival sensation and relative new boy \"italic will be playing his own brand of hard. dirty. rock-tinged tech house. Pressure favourite Tom Middleton will. as ever. be wowing the crowds with his unique brand of punk. dance and everything in between. Turn tip and get Pressurised one more time.

Soma Party, Fri 22 Nov; Pressure Fourth Birthday, Fri 29 Nov, both at the Arches, Glasgow.

Word Up

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Mickey Finn at Mos on NYE

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