The Front


i It took ten years for Donna Tartt to get round to finishing The Little Friend. How does this compare in j the scale of getting things done?

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Liquid News

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comedian i ," 4 seconds How often a baby is born into the world

camps it up and chooses her top five gay icons.

1 17 minutes Average time taken for Henrik Larsson to score for Celtic

1 Bob Downs Because he’s the most hilarious man on the planet.


l 2 Llly savage For her lick of style, Between Scottish first ministers

3 Rupert Everett Because he's just too handsome to speak.

Approximate time for Madonna to alter her image .

4 Boy George Because he has his l finger on the pulse.

5 Scott Capurro For having no

_ From Stone Roses debut to farewell albums I boundaries.

BELLA BATHURST, author of The Lighthouse Stevensons and Special picks her favourite books about families.

Time needed for the best man to prepare his speech for 3 Joan Collins wedding

From Crossroads motel closing to re-opening

1 War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy

I only got round to reading this i recently, and realised that it was a ' classic not just because it was old. fat and Russian. but because it was really, really good. It is definitely the best ever written about families. 5

For the arms trade to stock up for another world war

2 The Leopard by Guiseppe de Lampedusa A beautiful. sad ; and overpoweringly sensual account l of the new world’s overthrow of the ' old. played out among the members of an aristocratic Sicilian family.

l 3 The Missing by Andrew O’Hagan O'Hagan starts by j wondering how Fred West’s victims ' ! could so easily have disappeared l and ends with an examination of the terrible absences at the heart of so many British families.

Between Abe and JFK being assassinated

Never mind the surname. Freud is brilliant at the micro-politics of siblings and the small despotisms of everyday family life.

‘- Newton using an apple to discover gravity and Jason Biggs apple to earn a wage

l 4 The Mid by Isther Freud i i l

i 5 May the Lord in his Mercy ' : be Kind to Belfast by Tony 5 3 Parker Parker was the don of

i interviews. Many of his books deal

with criminality. but this one gives an

| image of ordinary life in Belfast

during the troubled 19903.

From Liz 1 to Liz 2 being crowned

U I N Glasgay Launch Tron Theatre. Glasgow

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6 TH! LIST 14—28 Nov 2002