mellou ottt tor so the} claim) at this ga} cluh. \\ ith an upheat disco selection.

I Groove Bonanza at l’o .\‘a .\‘a. ltlpm 3am. l’ree. \Veekl). l)J Rodd} .\lac mixes up h’lls classics. lilth) disco attd house.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. 9pm 3am. £3. \\'eekl_\. Scratch's l.}le_\ drops the cool urhan grooVes attd R&B.

I Secret at tlte listahlishment.

l()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. .»\ next tiight liot’ those 'Iokyoliltt l‘cllas (John llutchinson attd lain (iihsonl ol‘l'ering a fresh house mi\ from across the glohe. I Spanish Fiesta Night at til Barrio. ltlpm 3am. l‘rce. \Veekl}. :\ right old knees-up tor the Spanish and Spanish-on ittg communit} hosted h} l)Js l"elix attd lidu attd l'eattu‘ing t'lamenqttito straight through to Hispanic chart ltits.

I Vod: Bull at tlte liquid Room. ltlpm 3am. £4. \Veekl}. Students lo\ c this till-lie“ ltip ltop hootenanny. hosted by 1.} 1e} (Scratch) attd hoastiug ithsttt'tll)’ clteap drinks promos all nigltt long.

Chart & Party

I Decadence at Re\oltttion. 10.30pm 3am. £4 (£2). \Veekl}. l)cpl'a\'ed dttttceliloot' decadence at this capacit} student night.

I Funny Farm at Suhua} \Vest lind. 7pm 3am. L'l tlree “ith llyeri. Weekly. l)r Shock Jock administers his music therap) to the lreaks. l‘unn} l.eatures :tlsti iltL‘ltltlL‘ L‘lL‘L‘lt‘tL‘ \litic‘k chairs and a giaitt ()pcration game.

I The Mini Cheese at ’l‘ex iot Rim l'nion. l lpttt 3am. l‘ree. \\‘eekl_\. 'l'he CC relation ol- tlte Big (’hcese. \till packed \\ ith tlte same smell} goodness ol‘ chart hits from tlte 7lls up to toda}. httt on a smaller scale.

I The Professionals at lispionage. ‘)pm 3am. l’ree. \Veekl}. .\lon night session on three liloot's \\ ith tlte usual mix ol cltart dance attd part} stut'l'. it'll help _\'ott l'orget it’s tlte start till the \\ L‘L‘ls.

I Tentastic at (iaia. ltlpm 3am. till. \Veekl}. l’a_\ ten pounds on the door and get ttttlitttited drinking at the bar. This l'rankl} insane lacilit} thearing in tnind it's tlte heginning ol the \seek) \\ ill he complimented by a suitath crass chart & part) selection.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


I Lenny Love at the Bridge .la// Bar. 9pm. lit'ee. \Veekl). .\ night ot' eclectic and exotic ja// sounds spun h_\ Vegas' [)1 taka l)ino .\lztl'litttl.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal l.ottngc. noon lllpm. l‘ree. \Veekl). (ilohal ja/l until 5pm lt‘ottt Boh (‘airns. then soul. garage and house lrom l)om l‘lanagan. I Vol Below at Yo? Below

8pm midnight. liree. \\'eekl_\. Sec Sun.


I Motherfunk at tlte llonc} cotnh. ltlfillpm 3am. l'rec. \Veckl}. .\lcssrs (lino. lir} er and Spectrum treak tlte lilltlk latttastic at their coltsislettll} rammed night ol‘ classics old attd new

I Oceans 1 1 Club at 'l‘e\ iot Rou l‘nion. llpttt 3am. l‘ree. \Veekl}. lias} listening. salsa. soul. t'unk and tnore ltit‘ all _\ott lottnge rats.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. lt)pm 3am. £3. Weekl}. l-‘ttnked-up \ocal house attd classic disco lrotn l’attl l-‘unkstar.

I Punk Ass at ()pium. llpnt 3am. liree. \Veekl}. .\'e\\ 'l'ue nighter as l.aura Bliss dishes ottt the hest itt hardcore. skate and pttnk.

I Vibe at ligo. llpttt 3am. £2. \Veckl}. .\'e\\ ga} ttigltt with James l.t)lig\\ot'lli on the decks. the Dancing Stud .\lttl'tins. the Singing llair} Bloke attd the .\liming Nun. l)on't sa_\ we didn‘t \\;tt'lt _\il.

I Wax Factor at the Liquid Room. lt) 3am. l‘t'ec. \Veekl}. .r\l| next

\seekl) session slioxscasing hreaks. ltip ltop and tank \\ith residents Smoke) and the Battdit. the Sqttalor Shou attd (iax .'\ll(lL‘l'\tlll.

I Yerba Buena at l’o \a .\‘a.

lllpm 3am. l't'ee. \Veekl}. .-\n eclectic mi\ ol glohal l.atin~hottse and lunk. hreaks and heats. rare gromes attd ltot salsa in association \\ itlt Bacardi. l'rom t'L‘\ltlL‘lll\ .\lttt‘llll \iitlc‘tlllllc‘. SlLW L‘ \Vanelcss and James (‘otnhe

Chan & Party

I Jackass at Suhua} \Vest lind.

7pm 3am. £3 tt'l t. \Veekl). .\ night ol' shattteless t'un attd games. including ‘lind the pt‘i/c in a honl ol' tttaggots‘.

I Shagtag at (iaia. lllpm Rant. [4

til i. \Vcckl). .-\lcoltol-l'ttelled l'lirting taided attd ahetted h} drinks pt'omost \ ia the inlamous numher hased introductions s} sletll.

Edinburgh Wednesdays


I Beluga at Belttga Bar and ('anteen Restaurant. h’pm lam. lirec. \Veekl}. Boh (‘airns selects the hest in glohal

jaI/ groo\es lor the local drinking


I Immersed in Music at t’im (‘al‘le 9pm 3am. l-‘rce. \Veekl}. \\'ith deep house masters l.etta attd .lamie Buchanan.

I Kara-YO!-ke at in! Beltm.

h’pm midnight. l-ree. \Veekl}. .\'e\\ karaoke night hosted h} lidinhttrgh‘s drag queen e\tt‘aordinaire l’urd}. :\lsti pop mm and drinks promos to get _\ou iii the mood.

I L’Adventure at lguana.

ltlpm 3am. l’rec. \\'eekl}. Mash-up session leaturing lost disco classics. soul. Rth and house all cottrtes) of that kind .\lr (iareth Sommen ille.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. noon lllpitt. l’ree. \Veekl}. l’uttn'e ja/I lrom liuan l't‘t‘g'tlstltl tnoon 5pm) attd l)a\ id .\lc(io\\an and (iar) .\l \\ itlt a touch ol soul thereal‘tet‘.

I Together at Batu Bott. 7pm 3am. l’rec. \Veekl}. Bass huggin’. dirt} discoid litmk \\ ith _\our hosts (irattt .\lacdonald and .-\lan l’attl (.\lu/iki/ttttt).


I Adulation at ('itrtts (’luh.

llpttt 3am. L‘thc. \Veekl}. lime to \\tit‘\lllp as His attd a smattering ol‘ li\e hands la} do\\n the hest in indie and alternatixe tracks.

I DJ Vadim and the Russian Percussion Orchestra at In Belle ;\ngcle. 7.3(lpttl. [L137 .\tn ottl). Another act l'rom \ittia ’l'tmes as D] Vadim pet'l'orms tracks limit his latest long pla}et‘ li\e as the Rttssian l’crcttssion ()rchestra take hip hop in tltl'L‘L‘liUtis tl ttittil tle\L't‘ hectt llL‘l-tll’L‘. ‘l‘his underground super-group brings together [no master l).ls. l).l Vadim and es-Scratch l’et‘\et‘t. .\lr 'lhing. the reggae toasting ol' Demolition Man. mistress ol' poetic intimation Yat‘ah Braxo. .lolttt lillis on ke_\hoards pltts the e\plosi\e drums ol' Mann} Ward. l).l Vadim and .\lr 'lhing \\ill also he taking to the decks hel'ore attd alter the ll\L' slit)“.

I Family Affair at l’o \a Na.

lllpm 3am. l‘ree. \Veckl}. The brothers llarr} l.(i attd Rico la} doun the linest R&B and hip hop.

I Food for Thought at the Beat .la// Basement. 8pm 3am. U het\\een ltlpm lam; tree at all other times. \Veekl}. l.i\e ia/x meets dattce meets heals as Bertie hosts l'iood liot' Thought. With special guests Ruhherncck pro\ idittg the hcst lll classic l'tmk and hip hop (It) .\'o\ l attd local ia//} hip hop l'ellas liquid Sounds t27 .\'o\ t.

I Joko at the llone}comh.

lllpm Rant. (3. \Veekl}. \exs \\eekl_\ night at the llone}comh as D] lil pla_\s the hest itt hip hop attd Rth.

It (:t th> DJ RUSH Dogma, Studio 24, Fri 15 Nov

‘I will talk until the day I die,’ DJ Rush

listings Clubs

/ it:

One of the complaints people level at techno is that it’s faceless. OK so the technology is a huge part if it, but yeah, fair enough, the human side can get pushed to the edge. So here’s a man you can never call faceless: the platform booted, glittered king of the crazy ass techno work-out, DJ Rush.

This 6ft 6in giant started partying way back when on the Chicago scene. ‘At the age of 11, I went to my first big dance event the Rink Zone on the south side,’ says Rush, the only person I have interviewed by email whose energy and enthusiasm still comes flooding through. ‘Every Friday night I would truck on down to the club with my sister. The music was so incredible, people going crazy, smoke machines and lights. I would dance for hours and hours and later I would stand and watch the DJ.‘

This is where it all started. His flamboyant dress sense and knack for spotting a tune soon got him noticed. ‘I can’t help it if I’m in touch with my sexuality, it doesn’t make me less of a man or a bad DJ/producer,’ he says. ‘Just enjoy the music, and don’t worry about how I’m acting.’ And who can forget tracks like ‘Spitball’ and ‘Mutha Fucking Bass’?

This isn’t all that helps him stand out from the crowd: this show promises three dex and live vocals. ‘Back in the days when the kids were using samplers I didn’t have one, I had drum machines but no damn sampler so the only way to do it was to just say it over and over and over. Then I used to just sing about everything, to get the kids going and it sounded so cool to have your vocals blasted over the whole party. I never thought it would become so popular, because I have so much to say and I will talk until the

day I die.’

Unmissable and truly unique. Dance music is screaming out for more people like DJ Rush. (Henry Northmore)

I Liquid Sounds at the Beat .|a// Basement. ltlpm. U. 37 .\'o\. local hip hop/drum & hass outfit to get the pulses racing \xith lixe sounds cottting lrom piano. douhle hass. drums and guitar.

I Lizard Soup at .\lcditta.

ltlpm 3am. l'ree. \Veekl). l).l l.i/ard \t‘l'H‘s llp it llL‘tlllli} st‘lt‘t‘littll tll- Ultl \L‘litittl lillllls. \ttttl til/l gt'tttnes ttlttl lttt‘ hop hreaks ttt liditthurgh's most laid hack lounge hasetnent.

I Low Gravity at the liquid Room. Illitlpttt Sam. [3 ttlz tree to Suhlime memhersi. \Vcekl). Ne“ nigltt geared touards turning the mid \seck mess}

\\ itlt tttt skool breaks and clteap hoo/e. It's a head) comho attd it comes cottt'tes) ol’ l-’eli\ attd Bean}. the hack room ho_\s lrom .\‘uhlime. :\nd no“ tltcre are t\\o ne\\ additions to the lami|_\ as Siher Storic attd (};t\ .\litlt‘l‘stitl ittitl lltL‘ l'L‘\ltlL'|ll\‘ t‘ttslet'. >

~’\ {THE LIST 83