l8a l)undas Street. 557 5227. Mon Sat l0am~5.30pm.

Coastline Colours .‘yton |8~Sat 3t) .\'ov. Recent paintings by llelensburgh artist. Mary Batchelor.


l l (iaytield Square. 558 7| l0. Wed Sat I Iam-bpm.

G Charles Avery Fri 15 .\'ov Sat 21 Dec. Born on the Isle of Mull bttt now based in Rome. (‘harles Avery gets ltis first solo show in Scotland. Iixploring ideas surrounding trttth and knowledge. Avery presents a series of new drawings of people sourced frotn his imagination and a sculptural piece entitled The Set-wt Bil/ion Sided Dire in wltich nine equilateral triangle-shaped tmits are joined together to fortn a super triangle. See preview.


8 Advocate's Close. 225 ()27l. Daily

l l.30am 5.30pm (closed \Vetll.

The New Wave of Primitivism l)om is an arts project established in l‘)‘)b by a group of international artists working in Scotland. With a constantly changing exhibition of artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass and paintings by artists who practise primitive art.


(til l)undas Street. 558 9363. Mon Sat Hhunmopni

Paintings of Iona tintil Thu 14 Nov. A selection of paintings of Iona by various artists. presented by tltc lona (iallery.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 221 6000. Mon Sttn 10am 5pm.

On a Scottish Tartan l'ntil 'I‘hu 2| Nov. This exhibition considers the proportions involved in the design of the tartan and the correspondence between three people l)om Ilans Van Der l.aan. John Pawson and l'lrich Ruckriem

with mutual interest in such matters. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Noesis: Visual and Industrial Design 'l'hu 2| .\'ov. .\'oesis. a leading Italian school of design from Milan. presettts a workshop on visual art and industrial design.


20a l)undas Street. 557 5002. Mon Fri 10am 5pm; Sat l0am 1pm.

Hugh McIntyre and Joan Renton l'ntil Tue 26 .\'ov. Recent paintings including still life studies and ltaliatt landscapes.


2.3 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat 10am ()plll.

5 lncisori Torinesi t'ntil Sat to .\'ov. (iraphic art by live artists who work in the Statnperia ‘al Pox/o' in the city of l)ogliani in the region of Pietnonte. Italy. Members Christmas Exhibition Sat 23 .\'o\ Sun I‘) .Ian. An exhibition of prints by artist members including etchings. screenprints. relief prints and monoprittt styles. NEW SHOW.


liettes (iallery. liast belles Avenue. 332 228i. Inc Sun 2 5pm.

Lorna McIntosh Thu 14 Nov Wed 1 1 Dec. Drawing attd paintings created in Poland. Hungary. Slovakia and the ('Iech Republic by Lorna McIntosh. winner of the Alastair Salvesen Scholarship 2002 award. itt association with the Royal Scottish Academy. NI"W SHOW.


88 l.othian Road. 228 2688. Daily

10am 10pm.

Moving Shadows l‘ntil Sat .to Nov. Brian Hartley and Dominic 'l't'avers collaborate iii a series of digital images

which combine photography with hand- drawn imagery. The works study the body in motion drawn from contemporary theatre. dance and street sports.

Bellany - A Life, Death and Resurrection tl’(il I‘ri 15 Nov. ()pttt. £3.501L'21. A profile of the artist John Bellany. See also ()pen liy'e (iallery.


35 Williatn Street. 225 21%. Tue l-‘ri llatn 5pm: Sat ilatn 2pm.

Ewan Stirrat t'ntil Sat 23 Noy. Ilarbottr scenes. still life. figurative and floral studies in oil by liwan Stirrat.


() West Port. 22! 0237. Daily noon 7pm. Myth of Confusion t'ntil .\lott ts’ .\'ov. Iiight lidinbttrgh (‘ollegc of Art students take part in this project which sees artworks installed around the (irassmarket. w itlt an accompanying show and tnap in the gallery space. LAST CHANCE; TO SEE.

Eluminate I’ri 22 .\'o\ Sttn 5 Ian. A series of artist slides. fabricated slides and projecting experiments. shown on purpose-built screens. windows and corners in the gallery space. NEW SHOW.


I24 Morningside Road. 447 7881. Tue Sat 0.30am 5.30pm. Abstraction t'ntil Wed 27 Nov. Modern abstract paintings by Linda (‘harles. Julia l’t'ancis. Quentin King. Kati Saqui attd .\lark Spain.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat 1 lam 5.30pm; Sun noon 5pm. Hammertown t'ntil Hi 22 Nov. Reid Shier cttrates this group show of work by eight artists from Vancouver. featuring photography. film. video works and sculpture. The work was chosen as a way of “alluding to the sense of alienation tltose from Vancouver attd its surrounds feel about their own landscape.‘ [AS-f CHANGI- l'O Si l

Remote Forum Mon I8 .\'ov.

l latn 4pm. £10 (£5). Organised by New Media Scotland. a one-day international forum that examines the impact of digital culture on rural and urban environments tisittg the Scottish Highlattds as a model.


46a Raeburn Place. 315 2o03. .\Ion Sat l0atn 5.30pm.

Christmas Exhibition t'ntil Tue 24 Dec. A new autumn/winter collection of jewellery by international designers. pltts unique ('hristmas decorations and gifts frotn around the world.


(Iallery and Shop. 77 l)unda.s Street. 556 315‘). Mon I-‘ri 10am 6pm: Sat

l0amr 5pm.

24 Carat Gold I'ntil Tue 3 Dec. A group show of Scottish landscape painting. applied arts and design-led interior products featttring work by Alan .\Iacl)ona|d. Paul Webster ’I'hompson. Helen Kennedy. Marion 'l'hompson and littan .\lc(}regor.


22a l)undas Street. 556 2l8l. Mon liri llatn 6pm; Sat 10.30am 4pm. Caroline Coode, Regina Fernandes and Aidaras Merkevicius l’ntil Sat to Nos. A three-person show featuring litnited edition collagraphs. woodcuts and engravings by ('oodc; autumnal impressions of lidinburgh and Venetian faccades in oil and acrylic by liernandcs and abstract oils of lidinburgh old town views by Merkevicius.

Small Pictures for Christmas Sat 23 .\'ov Sat 1 l’eb. Anttttal festive show displaying a wide range of smaller. tnore affordable works by over 50 artists from Scotland and abroad. Pltts prints. ceramics. glass. bronze. sculpture.

jewellery. silk scat'\‘e\. wooden boxes

and Russian craftwork. NEW SHOW.

THE HUB ('astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. Daily 9.30am 10pm.

Andrew Mackenzie presents new work at the Merz Gallery

listings Art

i i

Oliver Marsden l7ntil Sttn 24 Nov. Large-scale abstract paintings by ()liver .\Iarsden created by a combination of paittting techniques using computer- generated shapes as a starting point.


66 ('umberland Street. 558 0872. Mon Fri 10am optn: Sat 10am 4pm. Victor Vasarely (1908-1997): Perspectives t'ntil Wed 27 Nov. Screenprints by the fottnder of Optical art. Httngarian artist Victor \asarely.


o ('arlton ’l‘erracc. 55o 44-1 I. Wed Sat 10am 5pm.

G Eduardo Chillida Wed 20

.\'ov Sat 21 Dec. Born in the Basque region of San Sebastian. liduardo (’hillida. who died in Attgttst this year. began as an architect before turning to sculpture in 19-47. Famed for his monumental metal sculptures. (‘hillida also made paperworks. This exhibition of prints and works on paper celebrates the work he tnade over the last 25 years. NEW SHOW.

Rupert Spira Wed 20 Nov Sat 21 Dec. .\'ew black and white ceramics by Shropshirc-based potter Rupert Spira ittclttdittg hand thrown bowls and vases.


l3 Randolph (it‘esccnt. 225 5366.

Mon I‘ri 9.30am (L3tlpttt; Sat

10am 1.30pm.

Portraits of French Cinema .\1on I8 Sat 30 Nov. Portraits by photographer Lloyd Smith taken of the guests of the French l-ilm I-‘estival over the past ten years. Smith's style echoes the shots of the film stttdio photographers of the 40s and 50s. NEW SHOW.

ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE 82 Nicolsott Street. ()(38 2232. Mon Fri l0am lptti & 2 5pm.

Pietro Annigoni Wed 27 .\'ov Sun 8 Dec. ()ver 40 etchings and engravings by the Florentine artist. Pietro Annigoni. NEW SHOW.

1.: 28 Not. .‘00‘.’ THE LIST 91