Have a crack at the hippest martial art

You only have to flick through the music channels to see the influence of kickboxing on mainstream culture. There's Christina Aguilera busting a gut in may and Rosie Ribbons kicking pop star ass in 'Blink'. Not to mention the glam Hollywood starlets swapping gym workouts for Buffy-esgue high contact sessions.

The reality of kickboxmg is a little different. ‘This is not the class for those looking for a change from the usual gym class.‘ mentions the websne of the Edinburgh Kickboxing Club. They mean business. Held every Monday night at the city's Marco's Leisure Centre. the club is organised by former British middleweight full-contact champion Jeff Simpson. Each session begins with a lengthy warm-up ibring along your own skipping ropes). followed by stretching exercises and then sessions on technique and sparring.

The workout is gruelling the session we Visited involved dc—2manding sets of sit-ups that increased the endurance factor by participants walking across each other's abdomens. Ouch. It's very relaxed and informal. although a good level of fitness would be required to really make the most of the class.

Is it for me? If you exercise regularly. don't mind a bit of bruising and can handle a demanding high contact class. then this would be a perfect energising. aerobic sport. (Maureen Ellis)


Discount coaches every Sunday from Glasgow to Scottish Ski Centres

Non members welcome hotline: 0141 616 2363



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Kickboxing listings comprise selected clubs and groups. Information is subject to change so please phone in advance.


Thai Kickboxing Thu. (1 8pm. [the Seotstoun Leisure Centre. Danes I)ri\e. Seotstoun. 959 4000. ('lass led h} ('hui‘les MeKeii/ie. “77(1 58-1 0749. Muay Thai Mon and \\'ed. (1 8pm. £thc‘. Kehin Hull Arena. 1445 Angle Street. 357 2525. ('lziss led h} John ('i'uig. 07850270758.

Korean Kickboxing Mon. Tue. Thu. 7 8.l5pm (ages under l5) &

h’.l5 9.30pm (ages mel‘ 15L i'it‘sl lesson is free. membership ix £20 il.‘ l 5 l. and classes cost “.50 £5. Boglc‘stone (’oiiimuiiit} (’eiitre. Duhhs l’lziee. Port (iluxgim. 07899 750533. (11188 led b} Jackie Motti‘zim.


Edinburgh Kickboxing Club .\Ion. 7.30pm 9.30pm. £15 per )eai‘ \xeekl} lees £4. Marco‘s Leisure. Grove Street. (HR! 228 2l-lI. See preview

Muay Thai Kickboxing The and Tim. 9 10pm. Meadmx‘hank Sports (’entt‘e. 139 London Road. (th 535 I. Contact .\1r('i'ziig 07850 270 758. Zanshin Kickboxing Mon zllld Thu. 7 8.30pm. £4. (ioi‘gie Memorial Hall. (ioi‘gie Road. 337 9098. ('lasx led h} iilll Mllc‘hlsim.

Portobello Kickboxing The and Wed. 6.30 9.30pm. Pot'tohello TOW” Hall. High Street. Portohello, (169 I819. ('lziss led h} ('i‘aig.y l‘oster.

North Merchiston Kickboxing Club Tue. 7 8.l5pm. £3.50. North Merehiston (‘luh 48 Watson ('i'eseent. (‘ontaet .\letin 'l'unea}. 467 7932 or ()78l23 8l2ho.

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itil ;i:‘i.ili\ (all t'i Sl 4.1-} H31 .Ellci we'll send .«u ‘7 ‘iee tut)“. (ii the Snumpeit iiilldiitit)‘. Runs 0i see s;i:ri'.sp.,itst .iiiil‘d i'lt,‘

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