MARCUS MILLER The Ozell Tapes iDreyfus Jam .0.

Billed as "the Official Bootieg'. this 2CD set features l‘iigti-(iiialihy‘

record=ngs n‘ade straight

to the sound desk during the monster bassist's tour earlier this year. featuring the druid xviiich played a memorable gig in Edinburgh. Millers (:oiiccirtio" ;)t' ia// funk is f'fexibie and haliderangi'g. and ne does his staff on material ranging it'Oll‘ .Joll" Colt'arie and Miles Da‘. :s to talking 'iieads. as ‘-.'.'ell as His own funk nacrkcuts. Serve of tire tiasiier stu"? ‘.'."\/\/ik'::'{i better il‘.(} man it does on record. but this is an accurate reflecticn of 'xrhat went (i()‘.‘.'l, to"

EMT-{07W} ‘.'.'i‘il‘ .'.'anfs i".

sou‘.e'i.i' :,7 the <i:<:, ant a taste of ‘i.'.'i‘.at var; ii‘iss;:2u ‘or‘ {t"‘.l;(,‘(i‘. rise. KO'M'“; i‘xiiiiiT'OS’IV'



The Free Association “2.5 Any» 0...

After :i r;;.i‘_r;l‘ of sets

Eiiii‘1lll53.i'i'l";li”'ttfiftliiii ".a', a'.'.a't: .',’ll‘lll'l(l essential ii =x that started it a“ oft. baud llo’n‘ris str- seer'is *‘iir‘igi'j, ‘0" ll")."(; as “i: tildes .wtit sl‘ar'k iike dil‘fii.

,. tit: liiif){1X/,{;l(,‘il

(ir;i)..’. "iélii‘fl'.

The sound is a chaotic but cathartic. the surreal. rottweiler-on— acid barks of rapper Sean Reveron and the sultry smooches of singer Petra Jean Phillipson rest easy beti.'-.'een tumbling chunks of breakbeat. rattling retro-funk and bubbly psychedelic pop

all the sounds Holmes has al\.'/ays held so precious. A collaboration perhaps. but he obx'iously has his hand on the sonic steerng wheel. guiding this baby acr iss the :lzincefloor and out into big. ‘.'.’l(i-I) world. iMark Robertso ti


SUM 41 Does This Look Infected? Mercury 0...

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.iii‘ '. tile. .’ liver:-

().:i".ariiai1 Lads :)Ia\,:ng at icing lg; buys .‘xrth f'neir geelars and {ME/19;; shorts. But somehow this ‘orii‘uia of ugly young lads crossed will 2171:;il'tifiliiDI‘,’ tip-beat punkatliczx singalongs féfztr’l‘fl to nave hit the .'“£tti<. 1hr», don't give a snt about pretensions and are tiiiasltai! ed of

their adoration of iron

Compilations for all the family


Pour yourself a large brandy, sit back, light up your pipe and permit us to unveil the perfect musical

pleasantries to spoil your kith and kin with this festive season.

proVing there's more to country than meets the ear.

I Star Gazer Harmless; Jazz

Ciao”? Here's nine cuts of' cosmic Ouaye. It in

I Mods Mayday Collection fSanctuary/ Give her ample opportunity to relive moments of sharp-dressed Mary Quantish, back-of-the-Lambretta action be it from 69 or 79 With this mammoth six pack of mod reVIval classics. I Comprehensive School Classics (Sanctuary) Mum wore a school tie once ino. don't think about Ii) so treat her to a deCidedIy old. old. old school night out Wliit Mungo Jerry. the Kinks and somewhat incredibly. Jilted John. I Further Beyond Nashville (Manteca) A colossal dOLible collection of everything from Lambchop and CaleXico to Charley Pride and Bob Dylan.

I All Time Classic Tearjearkers (Warner; All mammies love a blubber so give her plenty of impetus With everything from Rod Stewart to Finley c weeping in you for the wrong reasons however.

iax/ T'usion from the likes of

lvl ies Dames. Sun Ra and Dakar Axe‘rod. Just «eeo nim axaay "roin those herbal cigarettes. I Rough Trade Shops’ Rock and Roll 1 Rough Page. A truly exceptional r“'..s ca: history esson from l and t"c-i\/1C:": through the Cramps. Pussy Galore to the Vc" Beridies a"d the Hives. "7 I Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra ."/i‘ore Friends ".”;iri‘eri Bor‘o. Tom Jones and i3<3‘.-f}"(3\,' Ki‘igi‘t arefamong the scarves notwoogifi with the

H 'i‘nie f'"g(2re:i piano pixie.

I The Wire: 20 Years 1982-2002 *:"/i.i.‘el Save him Oi)- "-g (1" Hawaii

I T Break if Breaki Show the alteriiateens that Fred and Marilyn aren't everything .'.'it" this 7.7 track showcase of Jock rock and pop.

I Roots Manuva: BadMeaninGood iU/tiniate Dii’emmai A selection of key ii‘oiizents I" Hoots' 'l‘llSlCéli development including the Beat. Willie Hutch and NWA. I Home Sleep Home 2 I'HoriieS/eepi An exceptional collection With Britney. the /:>ii‘bies and even [Z lop getting covered by the cream of underground indie.

I Mr Nice: A Musical Trip with Howard Marks (So/iv; An epic cruise around the ili’ifhflllSiEC excesses from the moshpit and dancefloor. from Primal Scream to the Detroit Spinners. all interspersed ‘.‘.’lii‘. poetic ramblings from the spliffed-up

‘."‘.i’e‘:;l'i 'ita‘./ei':r:k.

I Boom Selection ll (Warner) A sexy. chunky urban SOiindtraCk courtesy of the Streets. Ja Rule and 37 other wide-trOiisered loons. I Spirit of India fWagram) More than just ethnic tokenism here With a tar-reaching double CD of electronic Indian Vibes.

I Bjork: Greatest Hits (One Little Indian) Retrospective proof that the Icelandic wonder is a complete law unto herself and a bloody genius.

I Panoptica: The Tijuana Remixes fCertificate 78) A smart and expanswe blend of Latin and electronica magic.

28 Nov-‘12 Dec 2002 THE LIST 109