Anyone who says that Christmas is all about Mr Claus and his pesky reindeers, or that New Year is merely about watching Scotch and Rye with your Ma and Pa, is a disillusioned little pixie. Or just being a

tad economical with the truth. Let’s be honest, the festive season isn’t about spending your hard-earned dosh on Auntie Jeanie’s must-have polka-dot scarf or your Dad’s new Clannad CD. Hell no. It’s the perfect excuse to make sure your social calendar is plentifully brimming and that your Christmas/New Year aperitif is always ‘half full’. We Scots know how to throw a party, so make sure your name’s on the guest list. Edinburgh and Glasgow have an abundance of epicurean delights just waiting to tantalise your festive taste buds. So don your party outfits people, stock up on Alka-Seltzer and Vitamin C and enjoy the ride. Just don’t forget to leave a wee dram for Santa. (Anna Millar)

B°asement MADOGS

bar and restaurant

380 George Street

no wise men Edinburgh no virgins Ol3l 225 3408 no angels START:

Lunch from lQQm


Drinks promos every Wednesday and Sunday from

5pm - 8pm KEEP GOING: Christmas Menus served from Live music & DJS 10th December from lOprn - 30m

3 course Christmas Lunch Mo": Mark MOWerV midday - 2.30pm £13.95 Tues: Guaranteed Pure 4 course Christmas Dinner , Wed: The Groove Train from 2‘30pm £1795 " Thurs: Guaranteed Pure

The pool room will be available from for Christmas :5 V. ’" p," Fri: Feel Good lunch, dinner and office a bookin s. , ' p “y g , - Sat: Guaranteed Pure

The back area is also available to book for drinks «I . parties and finger buffets. , Sun: Fuego Latino

mask-to I Open ‘till 3

200 Bath Street, Glasgow (52 4HG 0 l 3 l 5 5 7 0 0 9 7

T: 0141 331 1777, F: 0141 353 3851 100 - l2a broughton street

STOLICHNAYA oxygen bar : grill

Oxygen Festive Menu available till end of January. Book now 0131 557 9997

atst December 7pm-3am* Hogmanay Party. Tickets available in the bar.

Tst January 9pm-3am* Licenced trade party with funkeymagic boys and drinks promosll Invite Only

for info and promotions sent direct to your phone text ‘oxygen’ to 07718 933 866

' subject to llcence

3-5 infirmary street t: 0131 557 9997

114 THE LIST N'. in: .m