I Double room In shared West End flat for female n/s. Available now. £310 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 315 3545 or 07762 897 484.

I Large double room with double bed. £250 pcm all inclusive except for telephone use. n/s required. Tel: 0131 476 0637. I Barnton area. Single study bedroom in family home. Suit student/professional. n/s female. All facilities & no bills. £235 pcm. Tel: 0131 339 6558. I Lover double room in spacious flat. Share with n/s female mature student. Ideal for similar looking for quiet location. Available the 1st December. January considered. £190 pcm (no CT). Tel: 07905 747 375.

I Double room In spacious Leith flat for n/s professional female. £216 pcm. Tel: 0131 554 8309.

I Bright, spacious room in shared flat in Trinity /Newhaven area. Suit n/s. vegetarian professional. All mod cons. £220 pctn including CT + bills. Tel: 0131 552 4668 after 6pm.

I Central. Large double room available in Georgian Townhouse sharing with 3 adults & 2 children (aged 8 & 4 years). Would suit mature house trained person. All mod cons 8; garden. £250 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 554 7698.

I Flatmate required for flat share in Leith. One large double bedroom with own bathroom in fully furnished. all mod cons flat. £300 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07813 542 843.

I Bright double room available in friendly flat. sharing with 1 other. All mod cons. £230 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 553 1715.

I Attractive newly decorated large room in a quiet central flat with all mod cons. Suit professional n/s. Sharing with one other. Short term ( 3-6months ). Available now. £290 including bills but + tele hone. Tel: 0131 477 4072. I emale required to share with male & female in warm. spacious flat. Medium room with DC. GC H & adjoining box room. £195 pcm. Tel: 0131 553 7315.

I Leith. Large room in friendly flat with cat. GCH. all mod cons & good local amenities. £265 pcm including bills but + telephone bill. Tel: 0131 5540927.

I New Town. Rooms available in central flat with modern kitchen. wooden floor boards. GCH. WM. dryer & electric shower. Large room £240 pcm & small room £170 pcm. Available from the 9th December. Tel: 07932 784 125.

I Room available In top of ;

Easter Road flat. Well equipped kitchen. lounge with cable tv. bath & shower. The room has a double bed and desk. Would suit n/s female student to share with the same. £220 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 661 0508 or 07903 120 987.

I Single small room with excellent storage space in excellent executive flat. 5 minutes from City Centre. To share with 3 others. £250 pcm + bills + deposit but no CT. Available now. Tel: 07909 981 036.

I Spectacular flat with room available. near Broughton Street. To share with 2 professionals. £280 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07712 130081.

I Large friendly flat off Leith Walk. Available now for n/s. Ideal for foreign student wanting to practise English or working person. £65 pw including CT + bills. Tel: 0131 556 3504.

I Single room In fully furnished flat close to City Centre. Sharing with 2 final year students. £215 pcm. Tel: 0131478 5317.

I Brunswick Road. Large double room for professional female in 2 bedroom flat close to City Centre. Available immediately. n/s preferred. £325 pcm including CT. Tel: 0131 477 3610.

I Professional, n/s required to share 2 bedroom. Colony style flat in quiet street. Only a 15 minute walk to Princes Street. £250 + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 4770494.

I Young professional or postgraduate wanted to share friendly. modern Meadow-bank flat. Next to Sainsbury's & 15 tninutes walk from Princes Street. Private parking included. £250 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 652 0027.

I Win or double room in Central Edinburgh. Fully equipped with WM. colour tv. hi-fi & telephone etc. £40 - £45 per person per week inclusive of bills. Tel: 0131 657 5555.

I Bright, sunny double room in Central location on The Royal Mile. Suit male or female professional. £251 pcm + CT + bills + £280 deposit. Tel: 0131 556 3757.

I Newlngton. Newly decorated. large double room. Sharing with 1 other. Own bathroom & all mod cons. Would suit n/s professional. £330 pcm. Tel: 0131 662 0616 evenings.

I Flatmate wanted, male or female for n/s. spacious. bright flat in a great location. GC H. fridge/freezer & WM. Sharing with 3 others. £220 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 662 4203.

I Single room In 3 person top floor flat between Arthur's Seat & Meadows. Vegetarian female preferred. £200 pcm including CT. Tel: 0131 667 1527.

I Old Town. Large room available in attractive flat. Great views of Salisbury Crags. Suit n/s female professional or postgraduate student. £250 pcm + bills. Available now. Tel:

0131 556 4745.

I Lovely double room in Marchmont to share with 2 professional females. Available from the 10th December. Looking for professional n/s female. £215 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 446 9306 after 6pm.

I Country cottage. East Lothian. Lesbian preferred to share with one other and cats. Need own transport. No smoking indoors. great walks nearby. Rent £180 pcm. Tel: ()l368 840 382

124 THE LIST 28 Nov—12 Dec 2002

I Saw You


V I saw you Scottish Socialist outside Maryhill Lidls 08/ 1 1/02 wearing a black jacket. Girl in white hat. black coat wants to meet you for coffee. U/456/l

V I saw you and you saw tne. Oasis concert 14/1 1/02. You tall guy with the sexy smile. me curly girl who gave you a cigarette. You stuck in my mind gorgeous. lnteretsed'.’ U/456/2 V I saw you Oscar. from school in Brighton (dorothy stringer). You are cute! Love you loads Oscar! Sal. U/456/3 V I saw you Paul from the Arches looking fly from behind the bar. thanks for the best 9 days of our lives Sally + ce. U/456/4 V I saw you attractive female (30-40's) wearing red floppy hat (maybe dark hair under it) and pulling shopping trolley. You got on bus near Odeon. Renlield Street. We exchanged glances. Please contact. U/456/5

V I saw you in your purple trousers and I want you to know you looked awful. Don't wear them again. Sab. U/456/6

V I saw you in the Tinderbox with your cool hair style. your Omega watch and dark brown eyes. You were with a little girl. you had a reversible bag with a glittery chain on it. You are beautiful! U/456/7

V I saw you sexy French lad around Glasgow University campus. Fancy a conversation class? U/456/8

V I saw you in the Tinder. You were with a bunch of losers but you're a winner with your sexy beard and your sexy hair. Come and get tne tiger! U/456/9 V I saw you Poey in the cinema. in the basement. in Paris. in the toilets. in my dreams and on the 14th floor. if only I could see you more. Baa. U/456/10

V I saw you little red head. big voice. big personality. Maybe we'll meet on the X3 again? U/456/l l V I saw you Princess Badness. attending MAS and desperately saying your prayers whilst celebrating your birthday. Love to you and your tantalising moist thumb. From Queen Badness xxx. U/456/l2 VI saw you James H you sexy devil in Tron Theatre 12.1 1.02 at l 1.45. You are so sexy. Can I get sex ' with you? U/456/13

V I saw you Natalia G with your cute smile and sexy body shaking that ass! You'll definitely be a star! U/456/14 V I saw you Nikki. Angel of the CCA. You stole my heart at Annie Sprinkle. Love from John C. U/456/15

V I saw you Dudley B with your lovely sparkly eyes and your kissy. kissy lips. You are so yamy. I wonna wrap you up in Danish pastry and eat you up! Love Lena. U/456/l6

V I saw you looking cute - in the China Buffet King on Wed 13th afternoon. You dark hair and glasses. me behind you. red hair and glasses??? U/456/17

V I saw you in Tinderbox with a family. I hope you're

5 single coz I want your body

gazelle boy. Let's rub chins and

make sparks. U/456/19

V I saw you at Del's a while i ago and can't stop thinking

about you. You looked perfect

and 1 looked at you. Call me Chickpea x. U/456/20

V I saw you in your purple P reg fiesta all the way from

. Queen's Park to the expressway. ; You were lovely & i had to look

& smile: you were looking too but were you smiling back? I could only see your eyes in the mirror. U/456/22

V I saw you every day @ 5.30 walking on Woodlands road. You very tall hunky guy with a Beckham like haircut. Me too small to be in your visual field unfortunately!!


; HOW IO place an

I saw you

.. ......_

Only one Isaw , per person per _. 5?? will be published.

V I saw you Michael but i where are you now? We went looking for Ziggy together. Are you in a band? You're not at Uni...please get in touch. miss you. U/456/24

V I saw you at the party on Morrison St. You wanted to go for coffee in Partick. you wanted my number. Me. clever? . I lost your number. Please get in touch. U/456/46

V I saw you all mixsh'd up - | lady dude - voice of an angel. a ' talent that shines. U/456/18

V I saw you Mark in Dels about 3 months ago. you asked for my number and I gave you the wrong one by mistake.

Would like to give you the right one. U/456/21