EDINBURGH V I saw you you blond ringlet-haired image of mathematic genius. in the cameo and in berties - all the bloody time. say you'll be mine... U/456/39 V I saw you on Friday 16th Nov outside Pivo. You wore a puffy jacket and kissed me in the moonlight. 1 think you're really sexy. call me Gavin! Dont be shy. [1/456/40 V I saw you in Lava in Aberdeen on a friday night. You: tall. dark haired. denim jacket. shirt and jeans. Me: girl with shoulder-length dark hair. red and black top with glowing stars saying 'on the prowl'. U kept staring and smiling at me. wish i spoke to u but was too shy. Hope u remember. Maybe I'll see u again there. U/456/4l V I saw you life flying by us so quickly. like a beautiful shooting star.. i'm trying to keep u: with your dreams. U/456/42 I saw you bigger than Size 9s...sorry - to the woman with beautiful eyes. smile to match and blushing cheeks. wearing denim & suede jackets - for the bad timing (half way thro the film 2!) in the Filmhouse bar on 15/] I. Would love a 2nd chance. U/456/44

V I saw you in Flip. Edinburgh. Bobby? Robby? lobby? Would you like to spend seasons in my abyss? U/456/25 V I saw you my Turkish Delight. You spoke perfect French as we sipped Mojitos. Ou est que je met le Frijo? Fiona xx U/456/26

V I saw you on the Ghost Walk. Black Gowned Wonder. Amaze me with more ghoulish tales. we can even keep the light on! Belinda U/456/27

V I saw you in my living room. It stank of whisky and fags. Tidy up or I'll ping you on the head every Saturday. Kxx U/456/28

V I saw you Melboume's most gorgeous girl. Let's have a drink. Windsor or Pivo? U/456/45

V I saw you Super Hi-tops at the Venue. Dog body. legs. "the Drummer". Captain Crabtree and the bush. You rock my world.U/456/43

V I saw you Sexy Suzy in Peter Green Wine Shop. Queen of Marchmont. Join me for Flamenco on Saturday . . . love Monkey! U/456/29

V I saw you very sexy girl behind the bar. I think your name is Vicki. I‘d love you to serve me drinks all day. See , you in Bar Khol soon. Xx i U/456/30 l V I saw you cute. fuzzy i headed little blonde dude behind the bar at Bar Khol. l want you to rock my world!! Xx U/456/3l

V I saw you. you looked amazing. Blue moon Cafe. 9 5/1 1. Me. at the table opposite ; bar. You chatting with staff about your holiday. Let's meet. U/456/32

V I saw you 2 sexy girls at EHl on Sat night. I saw you drinking cranberry pitchers. You two are hot. Drive me wild Girls. Big tits and bunches. U/456/33

V I saw you...London Road bus-stop Sunday 17 Nov at lpm ;

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V Fun-Iovlng, tender. rich 40's guy seeks attractive. slim 30's girl for gentle. easy times together. Please reply with a

v photo. Box no: P/456/l

V 40a Edlnburgh male

looks for a fun loving female to

enjoy mUsic. cinema. drinks.

Listy things and the festive season. For loving relationship. Box no: P/456/2

I How to reply to a box number. All you have to do is send your letter to: The List Classifed. 14 High Street. Edinburgh. EH1 lTE or at the CCA. 350 Sauchiehall St Glasgow 02 MD and we will for- ward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the top left-hand comer.

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beside Spanish people filming the pavement! Me in black leather jacket and black jeans. You in black coat. denim skirt and boots with heels. We spoke. I wish I had given my number. Get in touch if you are also intrigued. U/456/34

V I saw you gorgeous Irish Gavin @ Beluga. Friday 8th November. It looked like you're taken. but if not. then let me be your Guardian angel.

: Lotnian Gay 8. Lesbian Swrtchboarc


V I saw you performing circus tricks with an armchair and a flask of whisky. Run away with me gorgeous girl. U/456/47

V I saw you"Horny?" Ross - met you at Underworld gig.

Advice on Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to the Gay and Lesbian Community

didn't have much time to talk (?!). wish I'd asked for your


number. Want to meet up? 5

W456,“ ; SWITCH BOARD V I saw you in Bar Kohl .

Euan. 24. Good looking . l was i in red top with low cut jeans... ; 7.30pm-10pm

I'm sorry for letting u go. Please 1 Every Night

hock up. soft skin and soft hair I x.x.x U/456/37 V I saw you Lachlan. I saw 5 u in every possible position i and she still believes u..poor girl... naughty . naughty... . U/456/38

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