Lovefine '

Creative man, 39. stocky btrild. n/s. (iSOH. enjoys the arts. cinema. music & good conversation. seeks similar petite woman. (‘all me on 09069 514265

Friendly guy, 35. 5'1 1". rnedittnt btlild. seeks attractive female. 18-35. any nationality. for friendship. ftrn perhaps tnore with time. (‘all tne on 09069 514330

Lost, eccentric male. 24. looking for urban. bohemian queen. 20-35. for fun. laughs. gigs. festivals. drinking 8; eventually ruling the world together. .\ be totally outrageous. know how to have a laugh 8; like everything cheesy. ('all the on 09069 514327 Male, 37, genuine. loving. (iSOll. likes art. cinema. humour. alternative & acoustic rock music. seeks very large. n/s. car driving fetnale with no dependants. Stirling area. ('all me on 09069 514328 Good looking guy, 3s. 5'8". medium bttild. dark hair. brown eyes. enjoys cinema. theatre & having fttn. l-‘ed up with the same. \Vlfl‘M someone for something a bit more special. (‘ttll me on 09069 514329 Happy guy, 35. seeks slitn female. 20-35. with beatttiful face & personality for loving. caring relationship. ('all me on 09069 514299

Culture loving Edinburgh guy. 40s. tall. slim. attractive. interesting bttt. single. Seeks younger female to share interests. (’all lite on 09069 51431 l

W" Fun loving, dependable. honest. caring. strong. passionate. sensitive d; witty. 6'. long fair hair. athletic bttiltl. good looking. lit. blue/green eyes. Seeks similar female. ('all me on 09069 514308

Male, 46, single. no children. n/s. likes taking photographs. reading. gardening. cats 84; driving. looking for similar woman fora committed relationship. ('all me on 09069 514316

Male, lives in lidinburgh. 35. single parent. working. evil S()ll. loves music. partying & generally having fun. seeking a Friday night companion for cltrbbing (Q causing a nuisance. ('all the on 09069 514317

"1W Tall, dark stereotype (ilasgow male. 26. seeks female for friendship d; company. 26- 30. Must not be mad! ('all me on 09069 5 H318

126 THE LIST 2a Nov 12 tht; 2002

W Male earth angel. 38. 5'7". medium build. blue eyes. seeks celestial girl angel. 30s. with a devilish side to help clean his wings. Enjoys live music. art & cinema. Call me on 09069 514290

w Sensitive, intelligent, attractive. 35yr old male. WLTM similar female for friendship & more. Call me on 09069 514291

Women seeking Men

at» Attractive, intelligent, caring 38yr old woman. looking for genuine. emotionally intelligent man to share some laughs & good times with. (‘all me on 09069 514336 Attractive blonde female. 40. 5'7". slim. seeks gentleman companion for walking. cinema. theatre. drinking & lots of fun. Call rne on 09069 514320

W Cute, clever, contrary female. 40. requires well-adjusted art lover who wants to holiday in Cuba. ('all rne on 09069 514324 W Lively, intelligent creative American woman. 38. seeks similar confident interesting man. 30-45. for adventure. culture. dinner dates. music & fun. (‘all me on 09069 514325

is” No foxy chicks. 5'9". seek two unattached professional happy & sociable guys. 28-38. for possibly something special. Call rne on 09069 514326

we Attractive female, mid 30s. (iSOH. likes pubs. cinema. WLTM man with GSOH 8-: similar interests. (‘all me on 09069514332

Wanted! A suitable man. Must be in his 30s & enjoy eating. breathing. sleeping & have respect for the social norms in the main! (‘all me on 09069 514297

W Curly haired elf, 28. seeks Strider to explore the wilderness with her! Loves mountains. live music. books. films. travel. talking & laughing. (‘all me on 09069 514298

"a" 25yr old female. likes music. dancing. nature & good times. seeks similar male. 25- 35. (‘all me on 09069 514302 "5?” Almost 30yr old woman who still feels like 19 btlt knows it's time to move on. Anyone understand'.’..... (‘all rne on 09069 514309

'14" Tall, slim, so not blottth 8; 33. needs to cure men phobia urgently. .\'o psycho babble bttt (iSOll required. (‘all me on 09069 514306

tr" Two sexy Edinburgh birds seek 2 unattached. easygoing. educated men. 24- 34. for excitement. Not too tntrch to ask for'.’!l (‘all me on 09069514323

W Foxy, funky female, 26. wants lit. confident male. 26- 36. for wining. dining & late night grooving. lidinburgh area. ('all the on 09069 514304

a“ Friendly, intelligent, caring female. 38. blue eyes. bright smile & positive attitude. seeks honest (ilasgow man to share laughter. nights in & nights out. Likes dancing. good conversation. long walks. travel 8.: adventure. ('all me on 09069 514292

v 26yr old female. dark hair & eyes. WLTM male. 26- 36. for friendship & more. Call me on 09069 514273

Men _ seeking Men

W Gay male, 39. 5'8". medium build. good fun. enjoys cinema. theatre. travel & eating out. WLTM caring guy to share the good & bad things in life. Call me on 09069 514337

“e Stocky build, 32yr old gay male. enjoys most things including socialising. reading & walking. seeking similar for 1- to-l relationship. Edinburgh area. Call me on 09069 514333 it“ Gay male, 40. looks younger. 5'1 1". slim. blond hair.

1 tatttX) & piercing. GSOH. seeks friendship & hopefully relationship. Likes wining & dining. nights in. clubbing once in a while. films. music & a lot of 1in tbs. Call rne on 09069 51430] W ttractive male, 50. Edinburgh professional. loyal. honest & attractive. WLTM similar genuine male. Interests are theatre. music. country walks. National Trust & holidays. Call me on 09069 514303

W Hatdsome, fit, atistic gay male. 37. young outlmk. 6'. slim. 7cm crop. tattooed & pierced. (iSOH. seeks soulmate. Likes wining & dining. gym. nights in. occasional clubbing. film. music. culture. laughs 8.: love. Edinburgh /l*ife. Call me on 09069 5143(X)

W Witty male, 37 going on 23. 5'8". medium build. blonde hair. blue eyes. likes football. tennis. cycling. reading & good times. WLTM a groovy gtty for sunny times. Call me on 09069 514312 W Handsome, masculine, 1“. professional male. 32. WLTM guy of similar age & attributes for life changing adventures. Call me on 09069 514274

Women seeking Women

it” Gay woman, 40, GSOH. likes cinema. theatre. music & walking. WLTM someone for friendship. Call me on 09069 514335

W Gay lady, 44. witty & intelligent. WLTM happy friend to share outings to cinema. theatre. art galleries. pubs. clubs. restaurants & other fun places. Call me on 09069 514319

W Attractive, professional gay lady. late 20s. boyish. into music. films. theatre. walking. swimming & good food. seeks woman to share interests. Call me on 09069 514321

W Gay lady, 32. loves outdoor life & playing saxophone. seeks fellow professional visionary lady for conversational wrestling & non-committed fun. Call me on 09069 514322

"W 37yr old gay entrepreneur seeks a mature woman with an adventurous spirit. Looking for someone to share life's adventures with. Call me on 09069 514331

W Gay woman 40. GSOH. likes cinema. theatre. music & eating out. WLTM a woman 30+. for friendship & maybe more. C all rne on 09069 514313

W Rich, gorgeous nymphomaniac. only kidding! Stylish. vain. extrovert. imaginative. adventurous. compassionate. talkative. comic & intellectual. some vices & skeletons. age 35. seeks tall. fit. boyish. non scene professionals with Bohemian instincts. Call me on 09069 514310

W Gay female, 35. likes a mixture of different things. seeks friendship. maybe more. Call me on 09069 514307

W Lesbian, 36, likes pubs. clubs. movies & theatre. WLTM someone similar for friendship. Call me on 09069 514305

U Attractive, professional gay female. 38. warm. funny. relaxed & outgoing. enjoys wining. dining & socialising. seeks similar for mutual laughter. Call me on 09069 514314

Seeking Ffiends

9 Genuine, caring female looking for new friends in the Edinburgh area. Likes clubbing. dancing & having fun. Call me on 09069 514334

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